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Pamela Brown

We are offering this space as a community to celebrate the life of Pamela Brown. It is our hope that collecting everyone's stories and memories here will offer great comfort and carry forward her legacy of the purposeful life that she lived. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Pamela Mary Brown, born October 6, 1943, breathed her last breath on June 12, 2020. While her time on this earth was way too short, her years were full. Pamela, always a lover of nature and animals, devoted her life to being a teacher and educator of the importance of respect of all life through her role as “Wolf Teacher.” A gypsy at heart, Pamela’s life was lived fully expressed and always in motion. From her whimsical paintings to...  see more
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  • Serena Marrero
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    Serena and Angelo
    Angelo and wolf puppy
  • Serena Marrero
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    Janette and Maggie
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    The granddaughters
    The Granddaughters
  • Francis Lynx
    I want to say a few words about my friend Pam. In 1986 I met Pam through Janet who brought me to Pam and Serena and the children. It is one of the luckiest times in my life and has stayed that way ever since--and includes the thrill of having a young...  more
  • Wayne Cadden
    Pam's was a true wandering spirit as I found out shortly after meetng her. I assisted her at times at her little table that was set up at pow wows and other nature or Native American gatherings. Her traveling partner was always in attendence also, a bust...  more
  • Serena Marrero
  • Beth Hathaway
    I knew Pam and Marge as far back as Oldtown in the late 90's. Pam was a caring, kind, and creative woman with a passion for conservation and the preservation of wolves, her life's passion. I'm so glad to have had the chance to know such a special person...  more
  • Ramona Mobley
    I met Pam and John in the early 80s, along with wolf
    friends Claire and Nahani, who I howled with.
    Pam was always s free spirit and I'm sure she is still
    breezing along in her afterlife. You are missed my friend.
    I'm going to add photos from my visit in...  more
  • Emily Casey
    I knew Pamela was a special, wonderful woman when I met her many years ago with her father, and would listen with great interest as she would tell me stories of her interactions with wolves and her love of nature. Little did I know I would be blessed to...  more
  • Serena Marrero
    Serena Marrero added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Pamela Brown: