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Kelly Brown

Norma Cobourne (nee Brown)

September 16, 1957 - March 28, 2020

As you know mum sadly passed away on the morning of 28th March 2020 at the Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham My sister and I thought it appropriate to create a memorial page for our mum, Norma for you to share your thoughts, memories and photographs. We will also use this space to upload a recording of...  see more

Despite already being extremely ill, mum had already shown incredible strength and determination just to get here. Travelling alone from Jamaica to the UK and meeting my sister at the airport, a fraction of herself, but strongly declaring “I made it” This strength and determination continued throughout her short but courageous battle, she held on for as long as she could. Whilst mum’s passing is a shock and oftentimes unbelievable, the...  see more
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  • Ebony Gayle
    This is a tribute to my beautiful, awesome and wonderful sister Routon, from your loving sister Mackie. Very few understand these nicknames, our grandparents used since our childhood and they can only be used by those that truly knew, loved and looked...  more
  • Ebony Gayle
    This poem I have written is called Home

    My child, you're in shock, despair...  more
  • Kelly  Brown
    Apologies for the wait, the upload took a long time. Below is the second part of the funeral. Kelly x
  • Chloe Johnson
  • Chloe Johnson
  • Chloe Johnson
    Rip Auntie Norma, what a woman, kind caring, with an amazing personality, and an amazing cook always trying to give us loads of food to take home at whits bbqs! Everytime I saw her she kept saying she would get me to do her hair and now she's gone, it's...  more
  • Michael Round
    Norma and I go back, one side or the other of forty years. I say ‘I’ but I mean ‘we’ – Barbara and Michael. Whit and Norma had their wedding breakfast at our house. We took Kelly under our wing when Norma went to sea with Whitmore. We helped...  more
  • Kelly  Brown
    My apologies but I am struggling to upload the video of the funeral due to its size. It is in two 7 minute and 15 minute blocks. The 7 minutes I has just downloaded please see below. Kelly
  • Shereen Parker
    Every time I came you would say Shereen how long you staying for? I'd say 2wks. You'd fall into fit's of laughter with the amount of stuff that I had.
    Nothing has changed.
    We used to have so much fun.
    We went on many shopping trips. Always when we went...  more
  • Lauren Hibbert
    Auntie Norma the best cook, a great hostess,creative and always ready to throw a hand at something new. I have fond memories of christmases at your house in Chelmsford when i was small. In my teenage years I loved to watch you cook and asked so many...  more
  • Shereen Parker
    Sorry it broke off
    My first memories of you was when
    you and whit used to come visit us.
    You used to always bring a photo of little Kelly modelling in her little fur coat and minnie hair.
    I used to wish when I grew up, that I would have a little girl...  more
  • Shereen Parker
    My sincere condolences go out to Whitmore, Kelly and kimberley.
    I am still in shock after hearing of the passing of my beautiful cousin.
    The day I heard I was in disbelief and I can't express the pain that I felt.
    I cried so much.
    The last, time that I...  more
  • Junior Pencil
    Last blessing of your presence was at uncle Whit aka Boy Brown Birthday BBQ.
    Gathered in the kitchen. Loud sharp laughter's, animated passion on discussion, debate's. Joyfully debating. In a moment declaration of self awareness of life . Who's in ,...  more
  • Faye Watson
    Aunty Norma, my last memory of you was at Uncle Whit's BBQ a couple of years ago, where you were standing in the kitchen laughing hard and chatting animatedly as you poured a glass of wine. It was as if time had turned back as you looked so comfortable...  more
  • julet brown
    It breaks my heart to be writing this knowing I won’t ever see you in this life, my sadness can not be expressed it hurts alot Norm my sweet sweet sister-in-law, why I ask? Early February 2020 you came to see me as we planned.
    The night before your...  more
  • Claudette Whittick Reid
    Hi Kimberley and Kelly just wishing you both the best for tomorrow under the circumstances. I'll be thinking of you both. Don't forget before your mom passed she told me that she don't know what she would do without her two daughters, so please be of...  more
  • Nathan  Foster
    Life is a blessing but can be so unfair at times. I only had the pleasure of meeting you on one occasion, but we often exchanged messages, usually you checking in on how your girls were. Your beautiful smile will stay with me forever & I'll always be...  more
  • Jamile,Mikhail,Imarni,Shellyann Brown
    To Aunty Norma,
    We love you and will miss you,
    summer BBQ’s won’t be the same without you,
    Your fritters were the best!!
    Your smile and laugh were infectious
    We will never forget your positive vibes..
    You were on loan to us God missed you so took...  more
  • Whitmore Brown
    What can I say!
    As teenagers and later young adults we met and fell in love, we had dreams and aspirations for the future.
    We achieved most of those dreams in the time we had.
    Two beautiful daughters and a place we called home. At times we shared...  more
  • Seveline Collins
    Norma, "What joy t'will be when we get over yonder and joined the throng across the glassy sea; We will great loved ones and crown Christ, King forever; Cause this is just wha Heaven means to me"
    So until then, my niece. Sleep in Peace.
  • Seveline Collins
    My nieces decision to reside in Ja. allowed us to develop such close relationship. Like my sister, her mom, she epitomises love, cheerfulness, strength and great tenacity. I will certainly miss her but is comforted by the hope to see her again. RIP Norms!!!
  • Muriel Brown
    Norma “B” (this was my nickname for her) Sister-in-law, friend and dedicated mother to her two beautiful daughters. Norma was always full of life, extremely motivated, nothing phased her. She was kind, a good listener, fun to be with we always had...  more
  • Wayne McDonald
    My beautiful Auntie who we were blessed to have in our lives and taken from us too soon. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss you or wish you were here with us continuing to bring joy light, laughter and happiness into our lives. I never...  more
  • Kikina Brown
    She's in the sun, the wind, the rain, she's in the air you breathe with every breath you take. She sings a song of hope and cheer, there's no more pain, no more fear. You'll see her in the clouds above, hear her whisper words of love, we will be together...  more
  • Esther Whittaker
    I will always remember my days spent with Norma at Strathleven Rd in our late teens. I loved to rave and so did Norma, that you all must know. I spent most of my weekends there, chatting, cooking and preparing to rave. Norma was a very good friend, she...  more
  • Beverly McKenzie
    Norma was the sun that shines in the morning.
    That ray of light that gives you hope.
    Her smile and laughter was an unforgettable presence.
    That made you happy even if you were sad.
    Norma the day the angels came for you
    Broke many hearts and many tears...  more
  • Helen Smith
    I have worked with Norma for about ten years and she became a very dear and trusted friend of mine , I loved her energy , her positivity , her honesty and her presence was always appreciated , we shared loving eating a lot , joking around and doing...  more
  • Karina Rozevska
    Sometimes you meet someone in your life and then they became part of your life .
    I called Norma -Mummy ,she was my everything and she will stay that way forever .she is most dearest person I ever had .Time we had together was the best ,restaurants...  more
  • Kelly  Brown
    Kelly Brown added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Norma Cobourne (nee Brown) :
  • Kelly  Brown
    Kelly Brown added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Norma Cobourne (nee Brown) :