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Sam Pham

Nicole Ly Pham

October 29, 2000 - September 01, 2020

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Nicole Ly Pham. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Lyly was born on October 29, 2000 and passed on September 1, 2020. She is survived by her parents, Lorena and Son; two sisters, Thy and Paulina; and two dogs, Russell and Percy. She graduated John Champe High School in 2019 and studied biology for two years at Virginia Commonwealth University. A funny, strong-willed, intelligent, and kind friend, girlfriend, daughter, and sister; she brought brightness into the room with her smile...  see more
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  • Kelly Houston
    Many of my fondest memories were made with Nicole. Words cannot justly explain how truly wonderful she was. Wicked smart and very witty, she was always ready for a debate- and when you inevitably lost that debate, she wouldn’t let you forget!!...  more
  • Milo Boyer
    I wasn't really one of Ly's closest friends, but I miss her presence every day nonetheless. Everytime we talked I enjoyed it, and I always loved listening to her talk about her interests and hearing her stories and all of that. She seriously was an...  more
  • Abel Concha
    Forever warm, bright and funny, Ly was easily the sweetest and loving person I've had the pleasure to have as part of my life. I only knew her online, and my heart is with everyone that knew that bright beautiful person in real life. Ever since meeting...  more
  • Naczely Franco
    The most amazing person I've ever had in my life. Always so kind so friendly so loving. When we first started dating I remember how happy I felt to have Ly as my girlfriend. and 2 years later I still felt so happy. Meeting Ly for the first time was...  more
  • Lee White
    I will never forget the time we got to spend together, her laughter, her voice. Thank you Ly for letting me be a part of your beautiful life and for filling mine with love and good memories. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being you. Always...  more
  • Cindy Vo
    Ly was an amazing person to be around. her smile was always so radiant and so was her personality. I was always intrigued by the things she would talk about and the things she would show me. I always thought it was cool how much she knew and how curious...  more
  • Rani Staksberg
    Ly was one of the sweetest and most loving people I have ever met and one of my closest friends over the past years, and while we never got to meet in person we would spend hours upon hours talking and playing games together into the early hours of the...  more
  • Mel Mena
    Words cannot explain how appreciative I am of Ly. While I may not have known her in person, we talked online too many times to count throughout the years. We would spend hours on end watching videos, watching movies, playing games, or sometimes just...  more
  • Vivien LeVere
    Ly was such an incredible friend. She was the sweetest, most funniest person you could ever meet. During this time of grief I like to reflect on the fond memories we spent playing online games together. Being long distances apart, we would sometimes hold...  more
  • erno h
    Ly was an extremely lovely person. Funny and charming, people were drawn to her warmth, kindness and wittiness. She was there for her friends and it was always a pleasure to talk about the most obscure things with her. And boy did Ly like obscure things,...  more
  • Sam Pham
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