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Ted Le Vine

Nathalie Jeanne C. Le Vine

July 21, 1929 - February 27, 2021

I've created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Nathalie Jeanne C. Le Vine. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Nathalie was born in Las Animas, Colorado to Jean (Juanita) and Fleming Christian and moved to Los Angeles at the age of eight. Her love of ballet quickly grew into a professional soloist career after starting dance lessons to overcome the disabilities associated with childhood Polio. Her performing career began at Radio City Music Hall and included film and television productions as well as, musical theater in Los Angeles. Her...  see more
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  • Ted Le Vine
    from Alexandra Zaharias:

    Nathalie and I go way back and we were good friends. I met Nathalie when along with Marjorie Mendolia, Sally Duncan, Michael Simms, Nathalie and I formed St. Louis Dance Theater. This was an unique company, for we joined...  more
  • Spencer Hurst
  • Melinda Lackey
    Nathalie LeVine has long been an angel-person to me. She has made me who I am.

    I could never have even started ballet classes if not for her creative ways of making the dancer’s life affordable for my family.

    She didn’t just teach steps. She...  more
  • Katharine Ampomah (Quist)
    Aunt Nathalie and Uncle Victor have been a part of my life since I was 4 or 5. I so loved brown, lithe Nikki and blond, blue eyed Teddy as a very little girl in Accra, Ghana. In the summer of 1973 we visited the LeVines, and mum and I danced ballet and...  more
  • Sorelle Peat
    Thank you, Ted, for hosting such a lovely memorial. As many people said, being a student of Nathalie’s was an immersive experience (never limited to just the classroom), and I learned so much from her. I was her ballet student in the 2000s. One...  more
  • Debbie  Williams
  • Sydney Hitchell
    Sending prayers to the family and loved ones of Mrs. LeVine.

    It was a joy to learn from Mrs. LeVine. I always loved her stories about dancing and traveling the world with Victor. I was a student when she started the process of cleaning her house, so I...  more
  • Leslie  Shampaine
    Nathalie was my first ballet teacher and the most memorable. We eventually moved away from St Louis and I became a professional dancer in the US and Europe and always always remember the years with her. And the Le Vine's were our family friends. We spend...  more
  • Lexie Funke
    Truly a One in a Million Lady!
  • Ted Le Vine
    91st Birthday celebration with Micheline and Doyle Edwards
  • Ted Le Vine
  • Lori  Morefield-Berg
    Nathalie asked me to take the cast pictures for a special performance of the Nutcracker in 1997 when we had 2 Russian guest dancers. All of the girls were sick before, during, and after the performance but still danced their hearts out. It was the most...  more
  • Lori  Morefield-Berg
  • Lexie Funke
    My Aunt Kat will always be one of my best friends, confidant, and best Mentor any little girl could ever ask for. To me? She was Aunt Kat, to others? So many heartfelt posts? She was addressed so much formally. And she deserved that, formal respectful,...  more
  • Lauren Conner
  • Valerie Miller
    My condolences to Ted, Nikki and the many family members, students and friends whom Nathalie influenced. She was a major influence in my life and I appreciate many of the things she taught me, as well as the friendships that blossomed under her...  more
  • Laura Van Horn
  • Laura Van Horn
    I have so many fond memories of Mrs. LeVine that it is hard to know where to start. I danced with MBSL and took classes from the age of 5 until I graduated from high school (1968-1981). I learned so much about dance, of course, but what I really...  more
  • Claire Lisker
    It was a privilege to learn ballet technique from the legendary Miss Le Vine. I recall my first lessons with her in which she quizzed us on ballet-vocabulary, taught us how to hold our hands with grace, and told us not to "guzzle" water. She...  more
  • Jim Vizcarra
  • Jim Vizcarra
    We sure do miss Grandma.
  • Mary Lou Henderson
    Ted and family. I am so sorry for your loss. I have known your mom since 1965, I guess, when I started ballet classes with her all those years ago. (I, too, like Dina mentioned, remember the house on Ballas Road.) I also performed under her in MBSL. I am...  more
  • GatheringUs Support Team
    Video via Ted Levine:
    MS Rotterdam Cruise, April 2009
  • Mandy Patt
  • Mandy Patt
  • Mandy Patt
  • Mandy Patt
  • Mandy Patt
    To our beautiful Grandma, we love and miss you so much! I wish we had more time together. We will always cherish the memories and will forever miss you. I know you are with Grandpa and pain free and I thank God for that. Love all of us.
  • Nathalie (or Ms. LeVine, as she'll always be to me) was like a grandmother to me when I was in St. Louis for school, and I have such vivid and lovely memories of her. When I began school at Wash U in 2002, I couldn't fit ballet into my full course load...  more
  • Deni Roman
    I have so many great memories with Nathalie. I rented space at the Ballet Conservatory for my yoga program. It was a perfect fit! She was always complimentary and kind. Her enthusiasm and support as I decided to leave St. Louis and move to Maui was...  more
  • Valerie Ratts
  • Marcia Lisker
  • Ted Le Vine
    Ted Le Vine added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Nathalie Jeanne C. Le Vine:
    Dianne Kesslinger, 12/2019
  • Marilyn Coates
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    • Marilyn Coates
      Marilyn Coates Ted I have such fond memories of your mom. She will truly be missed.
    • Marilyn Coates
      Valerie Ratts I began studying ballet at 4 years of age under Nathalie LeVine. Her love of the arts influenced my own appreciation and love of the arts. She also taught me through dance the characteristics that have helped me in my life outside of dance as a...  more
  • Ted Le Vine
    Condolence from Dina Duckworth

    I took from your mom from 1968 - 1977. I performed in MBSL when it started. I remember when the studio was on Ballas Rd. in a house. The main studio was in the garage. We used to wear scarves on our heads to make us...  more
  • Ted Le Vine
    Condolence from Sandy Haggerty

    Nathalie came into our family when I was in the third/fourth grade in St. Gregory’s Catholic school in mid L.A. The Holy Name nuns, especially the Principal, hired a ballet teacher for each grade through six. The...  more
  • Karen Stern
    I first met Nathalie in 1988 when my husband, Mike, and I moved to St. Louis. I had a career in dance and musical theatre before beginning a new chapter in my life here in St. Louis.
    I soon began looking to continue teaching ballet and with my...  more
  • Karen Stern
  • Ted Le Vine
    Ted Le Vine added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Nathalie Jeanne C. Le Vine:
    Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery - St. Louis
  • Karyn Lisker
  • Sophie Aroesty
  • Lynnette  Khoo-Summers
  • Ted Le Vine