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Murray Frank

February 17, 1927 - January 03, 2020

We created a collaborative page to celebrate the life of Murray Frank. Feel free to add memories, stories, and pictures.

Murray Walter Frank, 93, died peacefully at his home in Jamaica Plain on January 3, 2020, surrounded by loving family. Murray lived a long life in many chapters, and all his endeavors were unified by a belief in a more just society. Successes were hard won, and he regretted that so much of the progress he imagined remained unrealized. His greatest joy was his wife Joanna Gilman, until her death in 2012. More recently, his life was...  see more
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  • Diane Littlefield Ritsher
    I actually met Murray decades ago, with Jeremiah and Nathanial running by I think, at Smith, where they were spending the summer while Peg was teaching there - I was a Masters student. Then some years later my dear friend Joanna Gilman began telling me...  more
  • Henry Allen
    I first met Murray in1983 when he was a Dean at UMASS Boston and I was a Dean at Roxbury Community College. We worked together to establish the Adult Literacy Resource Institute as a collaborative project between our two colleges. The ALRI emerged as...  more
  • Annie Meyer
    I met Murray close to ten years ago. He was a frequent visitor of a small farm store that I managed close to his South End home. We got to know each other better when we both happened to enroll in the same woodworking workshop at the North Bennet Street...  more
  • Caroline Korves
    I met Murray in 2008 just before I moved to Boston to join my fiancé and now husband, Guillermo. I recall the first time I spoke with Murray and Joanna it was on the phone – Guillermo was at their apartment and they were watching the vice presidential...  more
  • Karen Garvin
    I knew Murray for a far shorter period than many of his friends and family. But I felt as if we had known each other forever! We met as members of Beacon Hill Village and shared many committees, Board, events, etc. In that time, I grew to know Murray, a...  more
  • Guillermo Franco
    I met Murray in 2006. I had just arrived in Boston and was renting at 75 Rutland Street. Joanna and Murray moved into the condo shortly after. We became neighbors first and then, very quickly, friends. We shared many wonderful evenings and conversations....  more
  • Kathryn Gilman
    Murray has long been a treasured member of our family. At first, we were simply delighted that he and Joanna were so happy together, but we soon realized that Murray was himself a brilliant, fascinating, caring man who had led an amazingly interesting...  more
  • Donna Friedman
    Murray was a long-standing friend to the Center for Social Policy at UMass Boston, indeed, it's first director. I learned so much from him about standing up to powerful forces with integrity, courage, and strategic intelligence. His generosity and...  more
  • Amy Gilman Ariagno
    My aunt, Joanna Gilman, caught the bouquet at my wedding. Her “plus one” at that event was Murray. Knowing just enough at the time about Murray to like him, I was hopeful for the omen. In the early years, I knew how happy Murray made Joanna, which...  more
  • David Rosen
    In 1986, shortly after Murray and Henry Allen hired me to be the Executive Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute (ALRI), sponsored by UMass Boston and Roxbury Community College, their respective institutions, Murray invited me to the UMass...  more
  • Francoise Carre
    (Memory is submitted on behalf of my brother Jean-Dominique whom Murray met in Paris several years ago and remained a generous friend to over time, visiting with and keeping in touch.
    With sadness, Francoise)


    All these last months, I wanted...  more
  • Mary Grant
    It is hard to conceive of a world without Murray in it – but aren’t we so fortunate that he was and that he made such an impact. What a gift to know him as a mentor and a teacher, but most of all, for so many years as friend and family. We will miss...  more
  • Richard Feins
    With Cole on the Vineyard.
  • Abigail Frank
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  • Erica Bernstein
    I met Murray when he joined the Patient and Family Advisory Council at Dana Farber. In our short time working together he gave me many gifts: perspective, sharing of values, and the search for meaning. My deep sympathy to those who loved and were loved...  more
  • Susan Crandall
    I am sending my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Murray Frank. Murray was a founding director of the Center for Social Policy at McCormack Graduate School UMass Boston . His legacy lives on in our work researching and developing policy...  more
  • Lisa  Frank Scarsella
    Dad included this poem in his Life Story book that he wrote and gave to his grandchildren a few years ago.

    Poem For A Funeral

    The morning you wake to bury me you will look in the mirror - in disbelief and you won't believe that this is the morning...  more
  • Peter Frank
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  • Frank  Peter
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