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Breanna Ballman

Mike Turner

December 15, 1952 - September 19, 2020

I created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Mike Turner. Collecting your stories and memories here will be a great way to honor and remember my Dad. I was thinking we could celebrate his birthday by sharing our favorite stories and memories. We can also share some of our favorite things about...  see more

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  • Laura Lee Billings
    I didn’t know I had 3 brothers in the U.S. so finding them was a surreal experience. Andrew, my husband and I really enjoyed getting to know Mike through the experiences all of us enjoyed. Mike didn’t walk away from a challenge and hiking the Grand...  more
  • Laura Lee Billings
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  • Breanna Ballman
    Breanna Ballman is rememberring all of the happy times we've had together:
    My Dad would always be there to comfort me with a sandwhich and wise words when I was dealing with anything difficult. He always had my back even if I was wrong.
  • Lupita Haußmann
    Mike always had words of wisdom to share, in a way which didn't put himself above others, and were always worth listening too. He was a great storyteller and always positive and passionate about life.
    Also, I will never forget his amazing Donald Duck...  more
  • Bob Johnston
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    • Bob Johnston
      Bob Johnston Dear Mike, thanks for being a great teammate, trustworthy partner, and loyal friend! You will always be in our hearts and memories! -bob
    • Bob Johnston
      Breanna Ballman thanks Bob. I love it !
      • December 15, 2020