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Michael Fletcher FLETCH

January 10, 1964 - July 09, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Michael Louis Fletcher (Fletch). Please feel free to make an account and share a story (under the “memories and condolences” tab), so we can remember the impact he made on his family and friends. Please note that, per his wishes, we will not be having a memorial service.

What do Jerry Garcia and Michael Fletcher have in common? They both performed their final show on this planet on July 9th - Jerry in 1995 and Fletch in 2019.    With bravery and confidence, Fletch left this world on his own terms, and with a few loved ones by his side. After three years of struggling with ALS, he’s finally at peace - and probably mountain biking at this very moment (with Sophie running up the trail behind...  see more
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  • Donna Hardwick
    Dr. Fletcher was a great orthodontist, biker, rafter, house boater and friend. We will be missed by so many people. Susanne and Sarah, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • Susan Cerny
    Dear Susanne,
    Though miles and time have kept us distant from each other the place you hold in my heart has always remained filled with fond memories and love. You have been on my mind continually and as my heart breaks for you, I pray for hope and...  more
  • James Eich
    We were heartbroken to hear of Fletch's illness. More so to hear of his passing...And your loss, Suse and Sarah! He was an amazing orthodontist who raised the bar in our town. And an amazing athlete: I still remember him passing me riding up Coal...  more
  • Val Haley
    I have been reading all of these beautiful posts over the last week trying to collect my thoughts and memories into something that could be put into words but I'm still struggling to make sense of it all. When I think of all that Sus and Sarah have been...  more
  • Lordog & Jamey Kirby
    We have lots of wonderful memories of "Sketch and Fluzanne" as we fondly called them. I will miss Fletch and will always remember his grin, his constant energy, his love for life, laughter, fun and his family. Susanne & Sarah - We are...  more
  • Ron and Amy Kruske
    When Fletcher and I first met, he was on a mission. It was the end of the summer of 1985. We were both newly enrolled freshman in graduate school and after a week of ”meet and greet events” and I was cautiously making new acquaintances. I believe it...  more
  • Pam Leder
    Fletch became part of our family in 1994 when we moved to Durango. Our love for him started with our daughter Lindseys wonderful braces experience. What a professional and meticulous orthodontist he was (he later put them on both myself and my mom), but...  more
    • Pam Leder
      sarah bee we love you so and cherish our many memories together. more to come!
      • July 16, 2019
  • Rick Schroth
    I didn’t know Mike was suffering from ALS. This came as a great surprise. We were friends in Junior high and hung out together a bit in high school. Great memories of hangin out near the islands of Lake Erie on his Dad’s calledthe Pep. Sea. He...  more
  • steven fletcher
    The brothers and I remember The times on Lake Erie with Your mom and Dad and our Father and mother
    Good times so far gone
    Fifi was our dog away from home
    We've all lost touch but the memories never wane
    God Bless you Michael
    May you forever have...  more
  • Terye Penrod
    I worked for Fletch and Susanne for almost 16 years. I Didn’t know anything about dentistry or orthodontics. Fletch trained me not only how to be a great assistant but a dedicated hard working employee. He was a perfectionist, it took me several years...  more
    • Terye Penrod
      sarah bee love you, terye! my father always loved and respected you.
      • July 16, 2019
  • Jerome  Fletcher
    Remembering my brother Micheal I may ramble a bit but here we go,

    I grew up with my brother Micheal along with my brother Bill in Parma and Olmstead falls, Ohio. We all attended Berea high school. The memories I remember the most about that involve my...  more
  • Ingrid Martin
    Susanne and Sarah, I'm so very sorry for your loss. I'm shocked and saddened that you've had to go through this. I've missed your posts Sue, but I understand the need for privacy. RIP Mike and I pray for healing for the entire family as you struggle to...  more
  • Karen Croy Alicino
    Friends since junior high school who lost touch, but reconnected many years later. Lucky for us, your love of and many trips to San Francisco allowed us to create a new bond that will be always in our minds and hearts. We think of you all the time here....  more
  • Julie Arnold
    I was 18, Michael around 13 when we first met. He and Susanne were ‘going steady’ and was at our house often. Okay, it was really all the time through Jr and Sr High School. This was the norm, welcomed, came to be expected, meant to be.
    So, in 1982...  more
  • Sue Walka
  • Sue Walka
  • Sue Walka
    From the first moment I met Fletch at the Dry Dock, I knew he was a special and unique person. He made me smile, laugh a lot, and sometimes cuss.
    I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories of time spent together. From floating on the San Juan river...  more
  • Susanne Fletcher
    Thank you all so much for your kind donations to the ALS Association. There are many trials currently being conducted in the hopes of finding a treatment for this horrible disease and every $ donated will help them get closer to finding a cure.

    We would...  more
  • sarah  bee
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