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Mary Havemann

September 22, 1936 - February 28, 2019

Mary Havemann, a beloved mother, wife and devoted 3rd grade teacher, passed away from cancer-related complications in February 2019. We'll never forget how she touched the lives of student and parent. Feel free to share any memory, photo or story below! Mary's family has generously created a fund to...  see more

 After 82 years of joy-filled life, Mary Ann Havemann (or, as many knew her, Mere-Mere) died on February 28, 2019. She had been battling cancer with the same pragmatic approach she had to her life: get through the treatments so she could get to her book clubs, ballets, coffees and travels with friends and to her visits with family across the country. She leaves a huge hole in our hearts, but we are thankful to have loved her and been...  see more
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  • Edith Morrow
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  • Alexis King
    3rd grade was by far my favorite year of elementary school, largely because I had Mary as a teacher. I loved reading and Mary made me love it even more. She was the first person to read parts of Harry Potter out loud to me and my classmates and is...  more
  • Mindy Longinotti
    Somewhere around high school people begin to ask the question, who is your favorite teacher? My answer has always been Mary. As others have said, every moment in Mary's classroom was an exciting one. How many people look back on learning the...  more
  • Sharon Jacobs (Bogas)
    Third grade will always stand out in my memory as the most precious and valuable year of elementary school. This was entirely due to Mary. Life in her class was adventure and poetry. On the first day of class, she wrote two long strings of numbers on the...  more
  • Mei-Lin Ha Byers
    I can vividly remember sitting on the floor of Mary's classroom, while she perched on a stool and read us the story of Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back, by Shel Silverstein, in her wonderful accent (us kids especially loved the way she always pronounced...  more