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S Ferr

Maruf Siddiquee

May 01, 1968 - October 02, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Maruf Siddiquee. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Maruf was a much loved friend, colleague, mentor, family member, brother and partner. Maruf, we cherished you and learnt from you. Your kindness, consideration, humour, knowledge. The most honourable of men and most beautiful soul. You will always be with us.    
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  • Raddy Juna
  • Cathy Gibson
    Hi All, I am sure Maruf is still very much in our hearts and thoughts, for those who are London Based, I thought it might be nice to meet to mark his anniversary, in one of his locals, The Phoenix, 14 Palace St, London SW1E 5JA, on October 2nd, between...  more
  • Chris Rose
    Miss you mate
  • Camila Detomi
    I tried to contact him last December. Last time he have talked was in September last year. It is too sad to find out today he has left us. A dearest friend. We met in 2002 in Sao Paulo. And no matter how long we've stayed without talking when we met or...  more
  • Vanessa  Detomi
  • Camila Detomi
  • Benjamin Mehouas
    Maruf you were this fun, down to earth and yet amazing mentor I have had the luck to meet. You genuinely were a great man who always truly enjoyed speaking with anyone of us, no matter what the corporate title was. I am very happy to have had the chance...  more
  • Tobias Braun
    I was deeply saddened when learning about Maruf's unexpected passing. At the same time, the collective memories shared on this site are a testament of the lasting and inspiring influence he has left with all his dedication on so many of us - be it his...  more
  • Felicita Fiala
    Hi Maruf, there is still so much more I want to say to you.
    If I knew that the phone call the night before would be our last, I would want nothing more then tell you how much our friendship meant to me. You never let me down. You were always there for...  more
  • Pannior Fiba
    Grande Maruf it’s been a big pleasure to share some joyful moments with you at DWS and in London 😎❤️ Hope you are in a wonderful place now 🙏🏻 please, play some tennis there so that you can beat me at our next encounter 😊🎾
  • Chiara Merighi
    As much sad I am from the news, reading this wall made me smile...It’s so clear how much Maruf’s energy has influenced all of us at DWS. His passion for EMs, his energy in and out of the office, his interest and availability to anyone - junior and...  more
  • Bue Gaston
    I am very sad to hear about Maruf‘s untimely passing - definitely too early. I have to got him to know as a very dedicated person with a lot of passion - but never without a smile.
    My thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest in peace, Maruf!
  • Sebastian Kahlfeld
    Maruf - you will be missed. Your endless energy captured everyone, in work and in private endeavours, and your sudden passing leaves a big gap. So many but still too few moments I was able to share with you - I remember them well. Rest in peace!
  • Alvin Burgos
    My sincere condolences to all of Maruf's family, friends and colleagues. May we all learn from his vibrant personality and passion for all aspects of life. As I said before, there was never a dull conversation with him!!!
  • Marita Barth
    I am very sad about Maruf’s passing – way too early. We have worked together many years at DWS. Maruf was extremely enthusiastic about his work and life in general. I have got to know him as a kind-hearted person, very joyful and with a great smile...  more
  • Mishal Kumar
    Maruf was a kind, genuine and generous soul whose passion for emerging markets was infectious and his love for life always made him the life of the room. For all these reasons and more, I was extremely saddened by his sudden passing - it was too soon.
    I...  more
  • Guo Gigi Ge
    I am deeply saddened by Maruf's passing. I used to work with Maruf in the EM team for three years and he was the one who brought me into this EM world as a supervisor, a mentor, a friend and a big brother. He was such a passionate, humorous, generous and...  more
  • Rafael Madrid
    Very sad to hear about Maruf’s untimely passing. Met him more than 10 years ago through work and we stayed in contact throughout the years. So many fun memories! He was such a kind hearted, genuine person, always looking to help everybody and striving...  more
  • Marco Conti
    Maruf, it has been my absolute pleasure to share so many joyful memories with you, both at work and outside work. Memories that I still cherish to this day and I will always keep with me. Same goes to your many NY quotes that I try to re-enact from time...  more
  • Benjamin Schmitt
    I have been introduced to Maruf when he worked at DWS in London and was immediately touched by his kindness, joyful personality and generosity. He was always keen to share his abundance of knowledge on finance and life in general and to offer advise to...  more
  • Tarek Chebbi
    I first met Maruf few years ago when I worked at Deutsche Bank in London. Our relationship was professional but quickly turned into a friendship. Maruf was incredibly smart, positive and inspirational. We had such a good time going out in London and we...  more
  • Jelena Spasojevic
    Maruf will be much missed. It is with great sadness that I learned about his passing. We knew each other via Emerging Markets for more than 10 years and became friends over a year ago in London. I would have never imagined that our good bye before his...  more
  • Skander C
    Maruf was always genuine and a never ending talker with interests, it seemed, in everything. We met while starting jobs in Germany a few years ago and stuck together as we adapted to our new environment. He was always at 1000% and a real friend. He will...  more
  • Torsten Harig
    Maruf is someone I got to know at work - and he soon became one of the persons I will always remember. Warm-hearted, crazy, spontaneous, helpful. Anytime. He had this great ability to argue and forget all the tough stuff afterwards. A true friend, a very...  more
  • Vivek Abhinav
    Maruf would be always remembered as a genuine, kind-hearted, fun-loving person whose positive attitude went way beyond professional realm. As a newcomer in the financial industry, I was fortunate to work with him. His passion for emerging markets and...  more
  • Pranav Daryanani
    Maruf was one of a kind. I first met Maruf as an 18-year old intern and was amazed at his humility, intelligence, and work ethic. As many of you know, it was also a lot of fun to be around him.

    For all those reasons and more, I made it a point to start...  more
  • Chris Rose
    I met Maruf in 2017 and he quickly became a good friend. We spent many nights exploring London after work.

    Maruf was as dedicated to his friends and the people around him and he was to his work and always made himself available for a chat. Maruf's...  more
  • Mesbah  Ahmed
    Maruf had been living at our place, his home away from home, for almost two months until this business trip in UK. I believe that fate had him spend his last days together with my family and many other loved ones here in NY, where we relished every...  more
  • Tim Cao
    I met maruf in Frankfurt in 2010 and he quickly became a great mentor and friend. We had many amazing nights out together and stayed in close touch. We connected again in London and shared many great evenings. He was one of the most genuine, loyal and...  more
  • S Ferr
    Maruf, I love you so very much. You were the very best of men. Thank you for your love, your sweetness and your care. You know how much we adored you and always will. We were blessed with you and carry you forward in our hearts forever.
  • Cathy Gibson
    Maruf will be missed. First and foremost Maruf was a trusted friend. He was kind of spirit and had an enthusiasm for all things in his life, there were no half measures with Maruf.

    I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Maruf for a...  more