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Margaret Louise (Christian) Koilpillai

August 23, 1929 - August 01, 2020

This memorial is to celebrate the life of Margaret Louise Koilpillai. Please share all your stories and memories here. Collecting and sharing them provides us with such great comfort. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this lasting memorial.

Margaret Louise (Christian) Koilpillai was born in Pune, India to Siromani and Job Christian. The daughter of a homemaker and a SDA publishing house worker, Margaret was described by childhood friends as shy, loyal, witty, energetic, sympathetic and generous. She doted on her mother, and often accompanied her as she visited neighbors and friends who needed help.She grew up in Salisbury Park together with her younger brothers Johnson...  see more
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  • Koilpillai Family
    The tribute I gave for my mother today.
  • Koilpillai Family
    Here is the program from today's service for my Mamma in Hosur. Thank you everyone for your support and love.
  • Joel Rao
    Our deepest condolences, Sam Thatha, Aunty Leela, Aunty Nalini, Aunty Mano & Aunty Jaya.

    Maggie Patti was a lovely person, such a joy to be around. I remember the countless Sabbath lunches that she hosted. There was always good food and delicious...  more
  • Joseph Rao
    She was a loving grandma to me whom I called Maggie Paati (grandma in Tamil). She always used to mention how cute I was and ask me how old i was. Her house was the scene of so many family get togethers and Sabbath lunches. My favourites from her kitchen...  more
  • Koilpillai Family
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