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william Walsh


April 19, 1958 - January 01, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of LORNA JEAN ROBERTA WALSH. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. We are heartbroken to...  see more

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  • Susann Hunt
  • Susann Hunt
    Written by Tom Petty

    You belong among the wildflowers
    You belong in a boat out at sea
    Sail away, kill off the hours
    You belong somewhere you feel free
    Run away, find you a lover
    Go away somewhere all bright and new
    I have seen no other
    Who...  more
    • Susann Hunt
      Terry Hale What a perfect song choice & tribute to Lorna. We'll have to learn it now, accompanied by guitar & ukulele. - Terry & Carol
  • Pat-Peter Munro-Chataway
    Peter Kerr ...Kelowna
    Thank you very much for sharing the moving memouries of Lorna including some of the very funny parts. I last saw her when 3 others and myself had supper outside with her in October at the Joe Rich Cabin. I hadn't seen her for a...  more
  • Terry Hale
    Thank you family & friends of Lorna, for sharing such engaging stories yesterday. I learned so much more about her remarkable life. We met at Strathcona Park Lodge in the 80s, where we worked as outdoor leaders. Over several years we shared paddling,...  more
  • Pat-Peter Munro-Chataway
    I am a limited (time -wise compared to family & long-time friends) friend of Lorna's from Kelowna and wondered how/when we met (because like so many of her friends it was like we were instant blood sisters...time had no barriers). I think it was a...  more
  • Dianne and Kim Martin
    We first met Lorna when we gave her a lift to the blues festival in Bridgetown, about 100km south of us here in Bunbury, Western Australia, soon after she moved to Bunbury, and had wonderful and warm friendship with her the years she was here. Many the...  more
  • David  Walsh
    Hello Y'all, emanating from diverse compass points, notably BC and 'down unda.' It was great to see so many (over 100) in attendance for tonight's (or this morning's) 'celebration of life'. I had to join the 'reunion' about 45 minutes late but,...  more
  • Brenda Wemp
    To Bill and all of Lorna's family and friends, the celebration of Lorna's life was very moving and a lovely tribute to her. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful thoughts and memories, my sincere condolences to all of you, Brenda Wemp
  • Jacqueline Murphy
    I love that Lorna was a true Free Spirit, connecting myriads of people in many ways, always non-judging and holding true.
    Her social conscience was expressed in many ways.
    The Adventures, well, that's another story! Game, Lorna was game for pretty much...  more
  • Ken and Lindsay Wood
    To me Lorna was so special because everyone she came in contact with was made to feel special.

    The last time we saw Lorna was in August at the Joe Rich. We got together for an outdoor breakfast and visit. After breakfast we drank coffee and talked...  more
  • Terry Hale
    Lorna's passion for the outdoors knew no bounds! Her life was well lived. I was so lucky to share adventures with her. These words make me think of her: "Walk on a rainbow trail, walk on a trail of song. All about you will be beauty. There is a way out...  more
  • Terry Hale
    So many trips, so many memories. Really miss you Lorna. Your friend, Terry
  • Chantal Cooper
    Beautiful memories.
  • Chantal Cooper
  • Chantal Cooper
    Wonderful memories
  • Chantal Cooper
    I wrote this poem for Lorna.
  • Chantal Cooper
    Our time at the cabin this past summer and a sunny day in White Rock,
  • Chantal Cooper
    A few pictures of beautiful Lorna.
  • Catherine Veitch
    Lovely memories of Lorna and my trip to Ladakh ,Northern India
  • Catherine Veitch
  • Holly
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