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Matt Alexander

LizAnn Alexander

August 08, 1954 - August 07, 2019

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LizAnn Alexander was a mother of two boys with her husband, Steve, of 40 years. She passed on August 7, 2019, a day short of her 65th birthday. She was a wonderful mother and wife that left us too soon but gave all she had to her friends and family.She was born in Tiffin, Ohio and grew up in Huron County, with her parents, Mary and Floren James, and her brother, David. She moved to California and met Steven Alexander, whom she married...  see more
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  • Matt Alexander
    Last times I spent with Mom at my wedding. Just got the photos back. I have some other older ones I'll put up too, when I scrabble them together. I miss you Mom
  • Barbara McKee
    My heart is broken - gone way too soon. So many childhood memories of growing up as cousins in the Brechmacher family - Thanksgiving dinners at Grandma B's, summer days at the beach in Huron, jumping off cliffs at Kelley's Island; and so many adult...  more
  • Regina Yeh
  • Mary Liu
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  • Debra MAuser
    Debra MAuser is custom missing someone:
    My heart is breaking. 💔 The Dodger's will WIN the World Series
    and She will cheer from Above
  • Nmvbk Veronica
    She could make laughter come when you think nothing but sadness was left. I thank God to have known her.
  • Tyler Alexander
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  • Tyler Alexander
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  • Cathy Brickey
    I have lost something precious. So grateful for having known and loved her. We share a special bond and I will cherish the memories.
  • Leslie Chase
    I met LizAnn in 2008. She absolutely changed my life...
    I hold back tears now, and remember in her words "tears are nature's valium"...
    I love her more than words can say. My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers are with her family now...
    I am...  more
  • Kelley  Johns
    My sweet Aunty Ann. I can’t even believe the news. My heart is broken. You have such a special place in my heart. All the beautiful memories will be with me forever. I find comfort in knowing the welcoming party that greeted you when you left us. I...  more
  • Matt Alexander
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  • Mary Liu
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    Thanksgiving 2018