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Guram Mamphoria

Levan Alexidze

July 05, 1926 - July 31, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Levan Alexidze, renowned international scholar, professor of International Law, eminent public figure, member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, and founder of the Georgian International Law School – in short, let us remember a truly exceptional human being. Contribute...  see more

Professor Alexidze’s contributions to the development of the doctrine of International Law and research of history have become indispensable tools for the conduct of public affairs worldwide. Official documents, drafted by Professor Alexidze or with his co-authorship, have been of immense importance for the statehood of contemporary Georgia. He played a crucial role during the restoration of sovereignty to, and in the drafting of the...  see more
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  • Stephanos Stavros
    Levan Alexidze's contribution to the work of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) was greatly appreciated by everyone involved therein: Council of Europe governments, civil society, fellow ECRI members and secretariat alike....  more
  • Oleg Tortladze
    On behalf of University of Groningen- Faculty of Law:
  • Marcel Brus
    Marcel Brus added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Levan Alexidze:
  • Guram Mamphoria
    On behalf of Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio:

    With prof. Levan Aleksidze we shared the same passion – the passion for the work with young, bright students. We both believed that there is no future without the past, and that the trans-generation transfer of...  more
  • Guram Mamphoria
    On behalf of Lauri Hannikainen:

    It was in the early 1980's when Uncle Levan lectured on jus cogens in the Hague Summer Academy. I was in the process of writing a dissertation on jus cogens in Helsinki and traveled to the Hague to listen to the lectures...  more
  • Guram Mamphoria
    On behalf of Gr. Baldur Kristjánsson:

    Levan was one of the wisest man in ECRI, defintely a brilliant intrnational legal mind. He was always very friendly and we had often small talk on the way out or to the bus. ( He was pretty old and walked slowly)....  more
  • Guram Mamphoria
    On behalf of Dr. Maurizio Ragazzi:

    I was deeply sorry to receive the news of Prof. Alexidze's death. I had the privilege of meeting him (and enjoying his unmatchable hospitality) in Tbilisi in 1981, and then again at The Hague during the summer of that...  more
  • Violeta Wagner
    Professor Levan Aleksidze, you were the engine behind ICMPD academic activities in Georgia - we received support, advise, and feedback - and all of this combined with your endless optimism, smile, and hope which motivated us to do more, go further and...  more
  • Oleg Tortladze
    This photo shows the closing dinner of RUG-TSU workshops. Professor Aleksidze was the spirt of of all RUG-TSU events, organized since 2017.

    The tremendous gap that his death left in Georgian International Law will never be filled.

    I was honored to...  more