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Leila (Lee) Botts, a pioneering and globally recognized American environmentalist most strongly associated with efforts to protect and restore the Great Lakes, died of natural causes on October 5, 2019 in Oak Park, Illinois. She was 91. UPDATE: Gatherings to celebrate her life will be held Saturday, November 16 at 2:00 at Cliff Dwellers Club in Chicago (sponsored by the Alliance for the Great Lakes), and on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at...  see more
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  • Kim Swift
    Lee took me under her strong wing when I came back to work at Indiana Dunes National Park (then Lakeshore) in 1998 to help get the Dunes Learning Center started. She taught me the true meaning of partnership and collaboration. She taught me how to pitch...  more
  • Stephanie Smith
    Lee was such an inspirational Great Lakes leader for me, in her determination, resilience and fierce commitment to the lakes, and all who depend on them. I've always especially appreciated her deep passion for education and youth. When I first met her...  more
  • Jo-Elle Mogerman
    Lee taught me how a woman should lead. She led with her head, her heart and her hands. Our region and the lakes are better because of her. I am grateful to have known her.
  • Dennis Byrne
    As a young reporter in the early 1970s at the Chicago Daily News, I learned that Lee was a reliable, honest and knowledge source. She was well respected throughout the newsroom, not just for helping out on stories, but for the wonderful work that she was...  more
  • Dorreen Carey
    Lee will be remembered for her many accomplishments, her commitment to the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, and our Northwest Indiana region. Always a Big Idea person, one of her best was the establishment of the Indiana Dunes Learning Center in what is now...  more
  • Beth Botts
    With her permission, I'm copying this from an email sent to me by Mary Ann Smith. Mary Ann worked for Mom at the Lake Michigan Federation and went on to become an environmental activist in her own right, longtime alderman of the 48th Ward in Chicago and...  more
  • Beth Botts
    While I was collecting obituaries, I ran across this Chicago Sun-Times article from 2016 about the premiere of the "Shifting Sands: On the Way to Sustainability"...  more
    Shifting Sands: Documentary rocks Indiana Dunes area
  • Beth Botts
    Lee Botts' children reflect on her life as pioneering environmen
  • Beth Botts
    Obituary in the Wednesday Journal (Oak Park, IL).,-91/
    Lee Botts, 91
  • Beth Botts
    Environmentalist and former Herald editor Leila “Lee” Botts dies
  • Beth Botts
    Lee Botts, Champion of the Great Lakes, Is Dead at 91
  • Beth Botts
    I'm posting links to obituaries that have been printed about Mom. Apparently I have to do each link in a separate post. Beth Botts

    Chicago Tribune:...  more
    Environmentalist, journalist and documentarian Lee Botts of Gary
  • Mark Bouman
    Just this past Saturday I said a few words in remembrance of Lee's impact at the 20th annual Calumet Heritage Conference of the Calumet Heritage Partnership. In that day and at that conference, even before I spoke, the group had already touched on: 1.)...  more
  • Paul Botts
    Paul Culhane, a longtime board member of the Lake Michigan Federation/Alliance for the Great Lakes, is away from home and having trouble logging in, but asked me to post this memory:

    In the early 1970s, Lee Botts secured a major start-up grant for...  more
  • Stephen Packard
    I remember Lee as smart, generous, hard-working, down to earth, and friendly. She became an important and powerful person who was also a regular person – comfortable having a meaningful conversation with anyone. Openlands helped her get started, and...  more
  • Dan Plath
    Lee has been an extremely powerful force for the good of the environment in NW Indiana, Chicago, as well as nationally. She has been a great mentor to many, and I always considered myself extremely fortunate to be what she would call one of her...  more
  • Howard Learner
    Lee was a leader, mentor and inspirer to many of us. Lee made clear that we can almost never be effective enough or strong enough when it comes to protecting the Great Lakes. Lee set the bar high, which is where it should be. We'll all greatly miss...  more
  • Geof Benson
    Interview segment about Lee Botts as broadcast on Lakeshore Public Radio in Northwest Indiana on October 11, 2019. Hosted by Michael Puente, who interviewed Kay Nelson and Dan Plath. Audio file with some graphics/photos added for YouTube. Video length...  more
    Interview segment hosted by Michael Puente, including Dan Plath and Kay Nelson. Broadcast October 11, 2019.
  • Paul Botts
    Gatherings to celebrate Lee's life will be held Saturday, November 16 in Chicago (sponsored by the Alliance for the Great Lakes), and on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at the Dunes Learning Center in Chesterton, Indiana. RSVPs for the first event, in Chicago on...  more
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  • Paul Botts

    This feature story was broadcast on Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ-FM 91.5) on October 8, 2019. Reporter: Michael Puente. (Photos from family archives serve as a backdrop to the audio file.)
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