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Lee Ann Hodo

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Lee Ann Hodo. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

(07 Dec 2020)  MEMORIAL SERVICE: After much discussion with family and friends, we have decided to go ahead with a celebration of Lee Ann's life sooner rather than later.  It will be held at 10am, Saturday 19 December, at First Baptist Church of Richardson, 1001 North Central Expressway.  Mask wearing and social distancing is required at all times, for everyone's safety.  However, if for whatever reason you do not feel comfortable...  see more
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  • Linda Tom-Quinn
    It has taken a long time for me to put into words what I’ve been thinking since I got the call that Friday that you were gone. Can I say “shocked” is an understatement!! We had just talked two days before and you were just fine. At least three...  more
  • Alessandra De Gaspari Russell
    Lee Ann, I miss you. Danny and I will miss you. I always loved our sharing stories, laughing about our pets, and our dinners with Danny at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Thank you for standing next to me as my maid of honor at my wedding. That is one...  more
  • Susan Hodo
    Susan Hodo added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Lee Ann Hodo:
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    • Susan Hodo
      Susan Hodo Don, Lee Ann had a lot of fun, the year you played Santa Claus!
      • November 27, 2020
  • Diana Byrd
    LeeAnn & I used to enjoy lunches together just to visit. I remember when she was just 1st diagnosed with West Nile I would go see her in the ICU during a break time at work & hold her hand. Then when she was moved to rehab all LeeAnn wanted was Puffs...  more
  • Darren Trammel
    I was sad to hear of the passing of Lee Ann! One of my most cherished memory was accompanying her church choir during last years Christmas musicals at several senior citizen nursing facilities. I have known Lee Ann for many years. I will miss her warm...  more
  • Don H.
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    New bike, No Teeth!   Tyler TX
  • Don H.
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    First Family Pic
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    • Don H.
      Don H. "demanding daughter" . . . ha!
    • Don H.
      Karen Davault My sweet cousin-how I will miss you! I remember when you were born and my Aunt Libby- your mom- laid you on the couch and I looked at this tiny little “doll”- I was 7- and I was thrilled! I will miss our lunches at our favorite Mexican restaurant and...  more
  • Don H.
    Don H. added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Lee Ann Hodo:
    Approx 1956
    Approx 1965, drawn on Jackson Square in New Orleans
  • Carrie Marshall
    Lee Ann, we will miss your sweet, smiling face so much! I still remember how you said at our dinner just last Tuesday before you went to see Jesus, how great you felt-so great in so many years! We promise to keep our monthly dinners going in your memory....  more
  • Susan Hodo
    Lee Ann, I miss you so much! Thank you for being an awesome sister to me all these years and welcoming me into the Hodo family! Thank you for your patience as I learned how to go from being an only child to an unselfish sibling! I don't know how we are...  more