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Glenna Klein

Lawrence Klein

July 24, 1933 - July 17, 2020

Welcome! We created this memorial to celebrate the life of our beloved father, Lawrence Erwin Klein. Collecting your stories, photos and memories here will offer us all great comfort. Thank you for visiting and for contributing to our father’s memorial. To post something or to view others’ posts and you...  see more

  Lawrence Erwin Klein, aka Poppy, died peacefully on July 17, 2020 from COVID-19. He was 86 years old.  Larry was born in Brooklyn on July 24, 1933 and quickly moved to Texas where he acquired his signature southern drawl. Growing up in the hardscrabble Jewish section of South Dallas, Larry was determined to make something of himself after his father died before his thirteenth birthday.  Larry attended UT-Austin where he played on...  see more
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  • Hayden Yeany
    Pat Lueth's speech on how Lawrence Klein was a professional in his career, and a loving person to his friends and family.
  • John & Nicole  Conte
    Miss our trips to the ice cream parlor
    He loved his sweets 🍦🍦🍦
  • Karen  Benett
    Hal and I adored Poppy and we loved his extra long visits in NY. Hal always looked forward to sharing a meal and some good wine with him when he was out West. From many dinners at the Bernsteins to favorite local restaurants, we were always taken by his...  more
  • Natalie Silverstein
    Jonathan and I will always remember Larry's kindness and his 1000-watt smile. He was always so warm to Archie when he would spend time with Zach and the Bernstein Family. Larry made you feel like you were the most important person in the room, and his...  more
  • Archie Silverstein
    The last time I saw Larry I went over to the Bernstein's to watch the Bear's game. The positive energy and the love of football emanating off of him were infectious. The Bernsteins pre-record their games to fast-forward through the commercials and didn't...  more
  • Dina and Evan Bakst
    Larry was an amazing man. He truly did make everybody feel special. He is a role model for all of us. We will miss him!!!
  • Robin Kranich
    Larry was an effervescent presence. His smile reached from ear to ear. He was curious, adventurous and an easy companion and friend to all. His legacy is that his spirit lives on in all of us. Rest in peace - my deepest condolences to the Klein family.
  • Stacy Yeany
    Missing someone can be shown in many ways
  • Keri Bernstein
    There will be an online memorial service for our father on Sunday, August 16th at 5 pm EST/ 2 PM PST. We expect the service will last approximately an hour. Please use the below zoom link to join us in honoring Larry’s life and legacy....  more
    Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting
  • Keri Bernstein
    In memoriam: Dr. Larry Klein, 86, dies of COVID-19 in the same h
  • Kit Burbank Taylor
    I am so sorry you all lost your Dad. He had such a beautiful smile. It just lit his whole face up. I met him when we were teenagers. He was very kind to me. My heart goes out to all of you. Love, Kit
  • Larry always had the best stories and the biggest smile. We are so very sorry for your loss and hope that your wonderful memories help sustain you through this difficult time.
  • Roger Thomas MD
    I brought my then 10 year old daughter over to Larry’s home. I told her that she was about to meet tmost important doctor in the world. She asked why was he that important. JuSt as the door opened I was answering “because he delivered you”. The...  more
  • Lynn Rothwell Sullivan
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. He was my doctor and I also knew him at the hospital as I worked at Hoag for 20 years. He was a great doctor and always had a big smile. When I went to his office for a check-up, he would walk through the...  more
  • Kay Anderson
    It was 1975 and my roommates worked at Hoag. It was very hard to embarrasse Dr. KLEIN, but when my roommates had an opportunity they grab it. Dr. KLEIN with an associate entered the hospital elevator at the same time my roommates did. He said; Hello...  more
  • Carol Burton
    I am so sorry to hear of Dr Klein’s passing.. He delivered my daughter 46 years ago. Also delivered my 2 nieces. I have thought of him often!!! He was one of a kind. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. C Burton
  • Ashley Eskew
    I've been hovering over this page for days, trying to find a story to honor Poppy but... when I was with Larry he always TOLD the stories. He brought people together- in his home or out of it and reading his obituary, his life wasn't spent on the...  more
  • John & Nicole  Conte
    Infectious & Generous... 😃
    May his memory be a blessing.

    Much love & light,

    The Contes
    Infectious & Generous... May his memory be a blessing :)
  • Shari Ben-Shabat
    Hopefully y'all are hanging out in heaven together.
    You may have lost your battles to cancer and Covid, but you're still my heroes.
    Missing you both.
  • John & Nicole  Conte
    Balboa Duffy cruise too
    Backyard BBQs
    We always enjoyed our visits
    with Larry in Southern California
    Bob & Julie Conte
  • Stacy Yeany
    Stacy Yeany added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Lawrence Klein:
  • John & Nicole  Conte
    Best friend and culinary buddy, always a blast to be with!!!
    John & Nicole Conte
    we simply loved him ❤
  • Ron Bernstein
    Don’t let Poppy hold your ice cream!
  • Glenna Klein
  • Glenna Klein
  • Glenna Klein
  • Keri Bernstein
    Larry was ALWAYS up for a good time!!!!
  • Valerie Gerstein
    We just may have seen each other in New York City as often as Larry’s neighbors saw him in California. I always admired how much time your family spent together. I remember when your parents would come to New York City together, Keri. Your Mom was in...  more
  • Diane Dake Auerbach
    • Diane Dake Auerbach
      Keri Bernstein Hard to believe he is no longer with us. Going" home" will be incredibly hard. Glad you will be nearby. xo
      • July 25, 2020
  • Roya Young
    I’ll always remember the filter fun at dinner always a good sport.❤️
  • Ron Bernstein
    Ron Bernstein added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Lawrence "Larry" Erwin Klein:
  • Stacy Yeany
  • Stacy Yeany
  • Stacy Yeany
  • Ron Bernstein
    Best Father-in-Law you could ever wish for!
  • Ron Bernstein
    Ron Bernstein added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Lawrence "Larry" Erwin Klein:
  • Stacy Yeany
  • Stacy Yeany