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Lalage Bown

Our family would like to celebrate the extraordinary life of Lalage Bown. Lalage died peacefully on December 17th in Shrewsbury Hospital as a result of a fall. Her nephew Jonathan Bown was with her. The purpose of this page is to share memories , please join us in adding your photos and messages or...  see more

Lalage Jean Bown OBE FRSE FAcSS has been described as a giant amongst women. She was an Oxford undergraduate; a friend and mentor of UK and international students; a campaigner for liberal causes, an African university leader and pioneer in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia, a Scottish adult educator, a community builder in Shrewsbury, a pioneer of women's development, an academic author on education and development; a promoter of...  see more
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  • Rachel Dale
    For interest here is a lovely video of Lalages clothes exhibited in the V and A in London
    Join Curator Elisabeth Murray as she examines an embroidered 'grand boubou' and velvet dress from the wardrobe of adult education specialist and women's literacy advocate – Professor Lalage Jean Bown OBE (1927 – 2021). Lalage Bown spent her career worki...
  • Rachel Dale
    From : Sally Nyandiya-Bundy

    A few weeks after Lalage’s passing and before her funeral service, I googled her. Seeing the date on which she died, now as internet history, I cried, more than I had cried when I initially heard news of her passing.

    I...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    " Bown wasn’t just a university person, but an engaged, warm-hearted, full of passion person with empathy for the participants and partners in the working field of adult education."
  • Opeyemi Ariba
  • Sian Hughes
    Sian Hughes

    I heard belatedly of Lalage’s death from a friend. Another sent the Guardian obituary, and I recalled the many and different ways we had met since I was 6! It also brought back memories of my father Ieuan Williams Hughes, a close associate...  more
  • Rachel Dale
  • Rachel Dale
    From Colin Kirkwood, nicely said
    What enjoyable conversations we had! The spoken contributions on Friday morning were very moving, heartfelt and comprehensive. But nothing (except Lalage’s life itself) could have prepared us for the quality of emotion...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Jean Barr - Professor Emeritus, University of Glasgow
    Thank you Rachel for leading such a wonderful funeral service and after-event. I was so glad to be able to attend in person and to receive such a warm welcome from you and other members of your...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    From : Professor Elaine Unterhalter FBA

    I think accepting mortality is particularly hard when someone expressed vitality so fully , as Lalage did. She lived so well to a great age. It is still hard to think her brilliant twinkling eyes, her...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    If you, like me enjoyed Lalage's humour, story telling and deep knowledge of a country and its politicians... I would recommend this short video. (7 mins)

    Hannah was at the funeral with us, she had a close affection for Lalage and a shared love of Ghana.
    Learning about the early years of my country from Professor Lalage Bown who came to Ghana in 1949. What a privilege it was to travel down memory lane with her. I was invited to speak about growing up in a village in Ghana at the Rotary Club in Shrewsbury.
  • Rachel Dale
    Remembering Lalage, Rosemary Preston, Oxford
    I crossed paths with Lalage from the late 1980s, initially at conferences promoting the interests of the UK and global communities committed to education for international well-being and development. By the...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Flowers at Dogpole today
  • Jonathan Bown
    Many thanks owed to friends and family who came together today to say good bye to Aunty Lala. I was in Warlingham watching with my dad, Hugh. Thanks to Rachel for leading the funeral so well. I was glad to see local friends present as well as...  more
  • Caroline Udenyi

    Aunty Lalage will be greatly missed by those of us who were like her children. Her love, wise counsel, and motherly care cannot be forgotten. She nurtured us in many aspects of life. She encouraged us to be ourselves and to stand up...  more
  • Jonathan Bown
  • Rachel Dale
    On the eve of Lalages funeral, I wanted to share two photographs that really show who she was. We miss her, but we will celebrate her tomorrow. Thank you for all the amazing tributes.
  • Rachel Dale
    From Chie Takahashi :

    I would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Lalage. Like so many people around the world, I am deeply saddened by her departure.

    I met Lalage while I was a doctoral student at the University of...  more
  • Dave Rado
    Lalage first worked with our father, Emil Rado, in the University of Ghana, Accra, in the 1950s, where they became close friends. They subsequently worked together in Makerere University in Uganda; and from 1981 until shortly before Emil’s death in 1993,...  more
  • Malcolm Mercer
    Malcolm Mercer and Oili Hedman write
    As with so many, many other people throughout the world, Lalage has been for several decades a very special, inspirational friend to us. We will miss her but remember her with love always.

    The first photo below is...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Lalage by Ada Fordham

    I am lucky to have spent time with Lalage in many different places over the last 50+ years. We first met in Southampton. My husband, Paul Fordham, and Lalage had become "professional allies" working in Adult Education in...  more
  • Mary Anderson
  • Damilola Lalage Akinyede
    Dear Gramma,

    You were special to us and to humanity. You showed empathy, care and always wanted to know how we progressed in our career and life in general. I have not come across anyone as kind hearted as you were. You may have passed on but your...  more
  • Paul Higgins
    Here is Lalage reciting a poem. The Youtube video is unlisted and so can only be viewed through the link. Please circulate it if you wish.
    Professor Lalage Bown recites a poem at a party in July 2015.
  • Paul Higgins

    Here is a Radio Shropshire interview with Lalage from 2016.
  • Mary Rose  Bone
    Lalage was the guest speaker at the 2018 Guest Night of Shrewsbury Drapers Company, an ancient Guild whose modern role is to provide homes for the vulnerable elderly. I was Master that year, the same year as the centinary of women getting the vote, so it...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Some early photos of Lalage in Nigeria and Zambia
  • Rachel Dale
    Guardian Obituary - Written by Catherine Innes, Guardian writer.
  • Sandie O'Brien
    Shaughn and I lived next to Lalage for nearly 20 years. I have never met anyone like Lalage she was in my mind, a truly amazing woman! We didn’t live in each other’s pockets but we helped each other on all levels, she was a true neighbour.

    We...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    For anyone who hasnt hear it, this a powerful and very human interview with Lalage on Radio 4's womans hour.
  • Christie Ade-Ajayi

    I am deeply saddened at the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Emeritus Professor Lalage Bown.
    The news came to me as a shock; only a month ago while I was visiting family...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    "Tributes pour in for Shrewsbury education 'icon and trailblazer' after death aged 94"
  • Avis Patience
    When Gavin and I moved to Dogpole about 15 years ago, we were quickly recruited to the Town Centre Residents' Association by our neighbour Lalage. I last saw Lalage in the Summer. She called to see if I could help her measure a dress that was going on...  more
  • Rosemary Thornes
    Lalage has been an important part of my life since I arrived in Shrewsbury 21 years ago. I had not been here long before I discovered the Shrewsbury Town Centre Residents’ Association (STCRA), of which she was Chair. I joined the committee and through...  more
  • Rachael Akinyede
    My first conscious memory of Granny, as a 4-year old child, was the play-house gift she got for me. The play-house had six windows carved in “A, B, C,” on one side and “1, 2, 3” on the other side. It was a colourful house and I had the keys to...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    A happy memory from Lalages family - The inaugauration lecture of her Nephew - Professor Matthew Bown - Vascular surgery. The next generation of professor.
    From Left to Right
    Raymond Watkin, Patricia Watkin, Prof. Lalage Bown, Dr Jonathan Bown, Dr Emma...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Lalage – an indomitable spirit
    From Angela Little and Keith Lewin

    Lalage was our professional colleague who became a great friend.

    Angela first met Lalage in 1979 when, as a very young researcher, she was a member of International Labour Organisation...  more
  • Joseph Akinyede
    Joseph Akinyede
    I first met Aunty Lala, as I used to call her, in December, 1979 at her resident in the University of Lagos, on invitation by her foster daughter, Miss Kehinde Ipaye, during the early part of our courtship. I was already offered a seat...  more
  • Kehinde Akinyede
    This tribute is written in memory of our late foster mother Emeritus Prof. Lalage Bown (OBE). Having lived with her from the age of 5 years in 1962. Aunty Lala, as we usually called her, was a mother personified....  more
  • Samuel Akinyede
    She was about to meet Jonathan for the first time and just a few hours before our scheduled zoom meeting, Granny sent me this email;
    "Excellent – I have the invitation on Gmail as well and will use that one. I see you haven’t given a time, but am...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    From: David Waterhouse
    Although Lalage's reputation preceded her I did not meet her until the late 1980s when she was a member of the board of the British Council. I was working for the Council in Nigeria at the time and Lalage came to have a look at...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    Published in Guardian - Nigeria. With thanks to Michael Omolewa, OON, FCOL Emeritus Professor, University of Ibadan.

    “She was a gentle feminist who believed that women should under no circumstance be...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    From Professor Maria Slowey AcSS
    Indominable, intrepid, dedicated, engaging, inclusive, imaginative, radical...these are all terms which come to mind when thinking about Lalage. However, there is a phrase which, in other circumstances may seem something...  more
  • Budd Hall
    When I was a student of education and African studies at UCLA in California in the 1960s, I learned of Lalage Bown's work at the time in Zambia. I was looking for a place to do my PhD studies. I almost went to Zambia, but at the last minute found a...  more
  • Gareth Williams
    I had the privilege and the joy to be Lalage's neighbour in Dogpole and continued to enjoy her friendship after moving. She was always interested in everything that went on around her and, when in conversation, her eyes would grow as her interest was...  more
  • Ruth Mainwaring
    I have been so interested to read the recollections on this site, learning more about Lalage’s inspiring life and at last understanding where her name came from and what it meant! I only met her a handful of times but it seemed like so much more. This...  more
  • Rachel Dale
  • Rachel Dale
    Written by : Peter Williams
    (formerly at University of London Institute of Education and the Commonwealth Secretariat)

    There is universal sadness at Lalage's death. Everyone who met her personally remembers the impact she made on them, the interest she...  more
  • Shaughn  O'Brien
    Shrewsbury has been a town with only a small number of professors and two of these lived next door to each other for 20 years. We enjoyed being April fools and celebrated that paradox almost every April 1st together - usually with a little champagne -...  more
  • Rachel Dale
    On behalf of the University of Glasgow, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to you and your family on the death of your aunt, Professor Lalage Bown. In 1981, Lalage became Professor and Director of the Department of Adult and Continuing...  more
  • sarah chapman
    Lala was always exotic to her American relatives. I remember as a child she would swoop in from Africa or a foreign business trip and would teach us how to make origami birds and other designs. As a child, I visited her home and she had poofs and art...  more