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Kristen Stevens Nelson

We created this "GatheringUs" virtual memorial site to celebrate the life of Kristen (Kris) Stevens Nelson. We will be holding a virtual "Celebration of Life" on Saturday, October 10 at 3pm central time. We invite you to join us then as well as share your stories and memories here. Thank you for being a part...  see more

Kristen's obituary can be found in the Chicago Tribune via this link:    
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  • Cecilia Brantley
    Oct. 05, 2020

    -Condolences to the Family

    My memory of Mrs. Nelson is uplifting.

    She and Mr. Nelson were one of those "Loving-Exercise Couples”. Of course, when I did not see them in class and the temperature is cold--winter in...  more
    Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: Community Fitness Pr
  • Cecilia Brantley
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