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Kevin Daniels

Friends, our dear friend Kevin Daniels was found in his home last Monday, June 3. He had passed away in his sleep, probably on Sunday morning. A Celebration of Life will be held on: Saturday, August 10 4pm - 10pm Cambridge Masonic Hall 1950 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140. We will have a...  see more

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  • Alla Bushoy
    Kevin - Your travel stories and culinary experiments were an inspiration to me. You were always a great listener. I was always excited to hear your predictions on the next Game of Thrones controversy. I was always looking for your suggestions for the...  more
  • Ajit Acharya
    The first time Kevin showed me this picture 10 years ago, I squinted and asked him if he auditioned for the part of the kid from "The Omen." He laughed hard and immediately started chanting in Latin. Oh man... that laugh. That unforgettable laugh. I got...  more
  • Tania Ballantine
    Again with the food! Here he is on our trip to the US with our eldest daughter Lettie, showing her how to make fresh pasta from scratch.... she had the best time...
  • Tricia Brannan
    This is one of my favorite trips with Kevin and friends. Japan - we stayed in Kyoto and Tokyo. Nothing but food and site seeing for 10 days.
  • Allison Choy
    My deepest sympathies to Kevin's family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss. I worked with Kevin for 8 years at AZ. Kevin and I both loved watching sports and trash talking about each other's teams. With Kevin being an Ohio State fan and me a...  more
  • Michael Kato
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  • Michael Kato
    Michael Kato added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Kevin Daniels:
  • Kelli Olsen
    I will miss many things about Kevin, but the biggest thing I will dread is the start of football season. For me, Kevin and football came hand in hand. Being a Giants fan he loved teasing me about our horrible season or recently our mind boggling QB draft...  more
  • Anthony  Daniels
    Here are some some pics of Kevin when he was young. From left to right Kevin with his Mum, Brother and sister Tania. Kevin at the postgraduate party at Imperial college London after receiving his Doctorate ( at 24 years old ). Kevin and brother...  more
  • Vince Ryan
    Kevin and friends played countless games of Settlers of Catan back in the day. I think he even won sometimes.
  • Vince Ryan
    Kevin, I'm going to miss you man. I spent the last couple days filing through thousands of photos looking that one. That one of you and your yard glass with the cute bartender who sold it to you in Las Vegas. I swear I just saw it. Then, I realized I did...  more
  • April Blodgett
    Here at a party in Davis Square, the 40 somethings were appreciating the '80s music in Hot Tub Time Machine, tunes that the 20 somethings were sadly missing. A great night of laughter!
  • April Blodgett
    Kevin brought tulips all the way back from Amsterdam. They were stunning! and so appreciated.
  • Joanna Pineda
    Kevin was Uncle Kevin to my boys. He loved them and they loved him. Here's a photo of my oldest, CJ, when he was 2 1/2, during a cruise to Alaska. There were 16 of us on this trip and we had a blast. Kevin and CJ, the biggest foodies in the group,...  more
  • Joanna Pineda
    This photo of Maki and Kevin is from November 2003, when a bunch of us traveled to Prague and Budapest. We did a lot of trips with Kevin and other friends during Thanksgiving because it was low season in most places and we could get away from work....  more
  • Jacqueline Macia
    Jacqueline Macia added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Kevin Daniels:
  • Denise Oakes
    As I sit here and plan our AstraZeneca team Spring event next week I am so saddened that I can't bounce ideas off of Kevin and get his feedback on food and wine choices. He will be greatly missed next week. Our last event was the Foodie Tour in the...  more
  • Joanna Pineda
    The photo on the home page is from Thanksgiving 2018. Kevin often spent Thanksgiving with me and my husband, Maki. Kevin and Maki went to high school together in Singapore and they've been best friends ever since. When Kevin last came to visit, he helped...  more