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Eric Shine

Kathleen Patrick

Due to the terribly unfortunate times we're in, I wanted to make sure our beloved Aunt Kathy had a place for all of us to share and pay our respects. While I'm hopeful we can all be with one another in the future to celebrate Aunt Kathy, for now a memorial we can all share is the next best bet. Stay...  see more

We all have a memory of Aunt Kathy being there right when we needed it most. Be it in a moment of celebration, tragedy, or even just popping up on your caller ID or on your front door step one special holiday to turn your kitchen into a small Nabsico Factory.Kathy enabled all of us to feel loved, together, and special in our own way. We're more than lucky to have shared her wonderful soul amongst our family. 
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  • Allison Pittman
  • Allison Pittman
    The last time I got to see aunt Kathy was also the first time she got to meet Sylvie. I told her no kisses for the baby because it’s flu season and within seconds she kissed Sylvie and yelled “oops I forgot! I kissed her!” she did this multiple...  more
  • Allison Pittman
    I love these pictures from my wedding. Aunt Kathy’s expression melts my heart ❤️
  • Bridget Ortlieb
    She and Aunt Sue came to my parents' house in November to celebrate Evelyn's 75th birthday even though Ev (my Grandma) has said she didn't want to make it a big party. I'm so glad they did because she was then able to meet my little one, Emma, and that...  more
  • Eric Shine
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