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Ashwini Iyer

Kapil Ram

April 01, 1976 - April 25, 2020

It is with utmost sadness we announce the demise of Kapil Ram, 44 on April 25th at 5 pm. Kapil was a wonderful friend, volunteer, and loved being a part of this sangha. He would show up as a volunteer even when he was not on the list to help, and stay until the job is complete. Kapil will be dearly...  see more

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  • j ess
    I have a smile on my face when I think of Kapil because every interaction with him, even if it's just a quick chat in the office kitchen, had a warmth and depth to it that was comforting to me. We talked about meditation here and there and I can only...  more
  • Cliff Weiss
    I work at T-Mobile and was a great admirer of Kapil. I didn't work directly with Kapil. We were friends, but I wish I had gotten to know him better. Kapil was one of the kindest and most open people I have ever met. He was always there to help anyone...  more
  • linda wilson
    I've worked with Kapil at T-Mobile for a few years and we shared a love for our lifestyle of meditation and all the wonders, grace, and fulfillment it brings. We would stay late after work and discuss what our meditations had revealed and how we could...  more
  • Liz Martini
    Kapil was a great part of my introduction to the Happiness Program and AOL. I remember him telling me personally about Sri Sri. A sincere seeker indeed! I know your journey beyond will be ever more wondrous!
  • Ankit Mantri
    Kapil you will be dearly missed. I will always cherish the time we worked together. You played the role of a bog brother and always told me to take care of my health and prioritize it over work. I will never forget those words. I am so glad that I was...  more
  • Mike Bowers
    I feel very fortunate to have worked with and known Kapil these past few years. Each interaction showed how truly caring and compassionate a person he was, always beginning a conversation by asking how I was doing and ending it with a sincere "thank...  more
  • Tatiana Kuzmina
    Kapil was a person with a very warm personality. He was very attentive and caring. I had known Kapil for 3 years. We worked in the same company. We have not worked on the team, but we have had many conversations about different things, from meditation...  more
  • Pradnya Pathak
    Kapil is such a gentle and pure soul! He had so much surrender in his presence!
    His parents are so lucky to have had him as a son! He did seva, and it was humbling to see whole Sangha poured their hearts in chanting and praying and doing what they could...  more
  • Amber Carrasco
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  • Amber Carrasco
    I met Kapil through T-Mobile. He was one of the kindest people that I have ever met. He would stop by my office when were both working late to check in on me to ask how I was doing and to make sure I was remembering to take time for myself as well. He...  more
  • Manali Gortekar
  • Praveen Sattaru
    I know Kapil for the past 3 years. We worked together on and off different projects. Went for few lunch outings. He was always insightful and ready to help in any areas we asked. On and off work always great mastered the art of living. Having gone to the...  more
  • Vennila Megavannan
    Kapil has been a very kind and caring friend to me. Kapil is an epitome of service. He was always there to help anyone in need. I had once fallen down from the stairs and hurt my back. Kapil was very kind enough to help me out with my grocery shopping as...  more
  • Manali Gortekar
    Kapil is a beautiful and kind-hearted soul. He has helped me a few times without me even asking for it. Always cheerful and thoughtful. May he continue to spread peace and happiness wherever he goes. May he get all the love and blessings from everyone he...  more
  • Charuta Apte
    The memory I have of Kapil was when I assisted with him in a Happiness Program last September. Such humility, such grace and kindness. A truly selfless person who was unconditionally there for others. We'd never be able to forget a presence like his. I...  more
  • Divitha Nair
    From the first time I met Kapil he has been a true friend and brother to me. He would always provide support and still continues too I feel wherever he is. For all of us he has been the shoulder to lean on and tell life will be okay. His humility and...  more
  • Akshita Garg
    Kapil and I met in my first VTP program about 1.5 years back. He was one the most sincere and committed participant. We thereafter volunteered together for many courses. I never saw him in anger, anxiety or tension. He was always at peace and very sweet....  more
  • Taylor Yotz
    I work at T-Mobile in the same group as Kapil did. While he and I did not work on the same projects, our desks were near each other and we saw each other daily. During the year I had knowing Kapil, the biggest thing that stood out to me was that he...  more
  • Dinesh Natarajan Mohan
    I worked with Kapil for 3 years in the same team. I had the opportunity to have several conversations with him, mostly about Yoga and meditation. He was a very kind person who cared about others. It is shocking to learn that he is no more with us. I will...  more
  • eswara kunnisetty
    I had known Kapil for 3+ years. Met him at work and had an opportunity to participate with him on some charity events. He is a wonderful person, a person who wants to make a difference to humanity. As a meditation instructor, he encouraged me to take...  more
  • John Clemmons
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  • Mitree Perez
    I was honored to know and work with Kapil over the past several years. He was a deeply spiritual, kind and thoughtful person. His sudden loss was shocking to all of us. I will miss him and remember Kapil always.
  • Nina Katharina
    My deepest condolences to family and friends who knew Kapil. Kapil was a great neighbor. He was also a dedicated devotee of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He was always reliable as a neighbor, and he encouraged me to go deeper into my spirituality. Knowing...  more
  • Gary Robertson
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  • Gary Robertson
    Dear Family and Friends of Kapil, I am Gary Robertson a colleague and dear friend from T-Mobile. Not only was Kapil a close colleague but a good personal friend and we shared a lot. Our friendship was one that I looked forward to for a life time. I also...  more
  • Ashwini Iyer
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