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John Thomas Seay

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of John (Johnny) Thomas Seay. Collecting stories and memories here can help us spread love, show support, and remember the life of this incredible man. This site will serve as a virtual memorial for all family and friends. Given the threat of COVID-19, the...  see more

John (Johnny) Thomas Seay of Canton, GA, born February 12, 1947, died August 22, 2020. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Gail Bell Seay; 2 daughters Suzanne Holloway (Sam) and Stephanie Barron (Terrell); 3 brothers Robert, Charlie (Jane), and Billy Seay and sister Martha Seay Todd; 4 grandchildren Samantha, Sydney, and Seth Holloway, and Tyson Barron; Aunt Helen Wilson; Uncle Horace Darby; and several nieces, nephews, and...  see more
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  • Patty Turner
    I spent a lot of time in the home of Johnny and Gail Seay growing up because Suzanne was one of my best and dearest friends starting in Kindergarten and continuing through our lifetimes. Their place was a very "cool" hangout because they were so young...  more
  • Meredith Chupp
    We knew him through Seth and Suzanne. He was always at every birthday party, events, and many practices for Seth over the years. He was one of the kindest people I have met, and had a warmth that made anyone feel welcome and comfortable around him. My daughter,
  • Jasmine Brown
    I knew I Johnny through his granddaughter, Samantha. After countless visits, events, and holidays spent with their family, Johnny was someone I always looked forward to seeing. He welcomed everyone he met with open arms and brought so much joy to...  more
  • A'aliya Myles
    I had the honor of meeting John John a few times over the past years. He welcomed me into his home and into his family with no hesitation. To have my own family more than 400 miles away, holidays can be very hard. I can remember Steph telling me, you...  more
  • Karen Bennett
    I only met John John a few times over the years. See i only knew him as John John because that’s what Steph would call him. I’ve worked with Steph for over 20 years. Her family is her everything and John John was her rock. I always enjoyed hearing...  more
  • Stephanie  Barron
    You always made me feel loved. You always made me feel safe. You would do anything for anybody no matter the time of day. You helped me so many times with my car, our yard, and even taking me to doctor appointments. You were teaching Tyson to drive, the...  more
  • Ramona Bassett
    Stephanie, I never got to meet your dad but for him to have raised such a caring daughter as you I have no doubt that he was a wonderful man! I know you, your mom & sister will miss him terribly. My heart hurts for you all and I will continue...  more
  • Sam Derochers
    I was lucky to know Johnny through the generosity and friendship of his grandchildren. He was a kind and hilarious man who treated everyone he met as if they were family. I’ll cherish the memories I have of him, especially like the time pictured below...  more
  • Kelleye Greene
    Johnny was such an inspiration and role model for our family. He did everything with love and with all his heart. One only has to look to his family to know what a wonderful man he was! He even took Kyle in when Snowmageddon hit, and he couldn't get home!
  • Melissa Auringer
    Johnny was one of the nicest people I have ever met, and he had the greatest sense of humor. I remember one time he prank called me and left a funny voicemail! I totally fell for it! Hahaha! He was such a devoted family man, and you could count on him...  more
  • Martha Todd
  • Britni Bassett
    I had never met Johnny personally but I felt as though I knew him just by the kind words his daughter Stephanie spoke. He was such a wonderful family man and raised two perfect daughters. He was fighter and never gave up. He will always be someone I...  more
  • Angie Brill
    Oh your dad and that smile of his! I remember him very fondly from going to your home in HS. He was always making jokes and laughing...being the super sweet man that he was! Your whole family is a blessing and I know you all will cherish the many...  more
  • Shanna Pitts-Giddens
    There are many childhood memories of the Seay family and Mr. Johnny is central in all of them. They have always made me feel welcome. He loved his girls and his family, mightily. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time.
  • Lynne Rollins
    I had not seen Johnny in many years, but during Raymond's illness, I had several late night grocery runs to Ingles and ran into Johnny again. I told him about Raymond that first time and he always asked me about him. Johnny was always friendly and...  more
  • Marie Turner
    What an awesome man Johnny was. Him and Gail always made me feel welcome in their home and treated me like family. He was always smiling. He was such a kind gentle kind man. I am thankful to have been able to know him. My husband just cut his hair about...  more
  • Beverly  Grimm
    Johnny always had a smile on his face! He treated me and my family like part of his family. I am so blessed to have known him!
  • Diana  Vasquez
    I have so many fond memories of my time in Georgia and time spent with y'all. Y'all took me in and made me feel like I belonged. I remember going to Panama City with y'all on vacation, spending contless nights with Stephanie. Johnny helped get my...  more
  • Jory Cannon
    I didn’t know a lot about him
    Personally, but I know what an exceptional dad he must have been because he raised some exceptional girls. Love y’all!
  • Suzanne Holloway
  • Samantha Holloway
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