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John Roger Oberriter (Obie)

January 20, 1934 - December 25, 2020

Welcome to John Roger "Obie" Oberriter's memorial webpage. We thought this would be a great spot to gather stories, memories and photos of everyone's time together with Obie.

Welcome to Obie's web page. John Roger "Obie" Oberriter passed away late on Christmas 2020. Obie will be missed by his wife - Natalie, sons - Jim and Carl as well as their wives Angel and Antonette respectively. Grandchildren Jessica Oliver, Marie Bruno, Julie Oberriter, Noah Oberriter and Nick Oberriter feel the emptiness in their hearts left by Obie's passing. Although great grandchildren Kennedy, Madison and soon to be baby Bruno...  see more
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  • Antoinette Oberriter
    " A Wealth of Information", that is how Carl and I always thought of Obie. Every time Carl and I needed financial advice, auto or home repair advice; Obie and Natalie would share their experiences and knowledge over the years with us.
    Skiing...  more
  • Bruce Ferris
    Obie and I met at the bottom of the old Alpine Bowl Chair lift at Alpine Meadows Ski Area, CA in February 1986. By the time we got to the top of that very slow moving lift, talking all the way, I felt that I wanted to spend time with this friendly skier....  more
  • nickolas oberriter
    Opa Obie was such a joyous man to be around. I’m truly grateful for all the knowledge that he has given me over the years. As I live in the “Green House” as we like to call it and I am constantly reminded of his craftsmanship and the love for...  more
  • Aaron Ivey
    Aaron and Melanie Ivey
    We have the pleasure of being Obie and Natalie's neighbors and have been for several years. We have enjoyed having them around and they always inspire us to get out and be active. They were always out walking around the...  more
  • Jessica Oliver
    I couldn’t be more thankful to have seen Grandpa in October, where he met Madison, his great grand daughter. Below is the video of him, greeting us at the car, making faces and being a goof to make her laugh.

    I loved to visit Roseville and hear his...  more
  • Julie Oberriter
    Grandpa Obie was such a fantastic man. The news of his passing has me in such a swirl of emotions. Devastated that the world will not be graced with his presence any longer. Sad that grandpa will not be around to see his great grandchildren grow up, that...  more
  • Angel Oberriter
    I am Angel, Obie's daughter-in-law. I will miss his smile and goofiness the most but he was so smart and knowledgable too. Obie and Natalie came out to Colorado to see where Jim had moved to but fell in love with the adventures here as well as enroute to...  more
  • Jim Oberriter
    I wanted to include one more photo many of you can probably relate to: Obie helping out. Here we are replacing our back deck in Dillon. Just one of many projects- rebuilding the deck and stairs at the old house, building a shed (still standing after 40...  more
  • Jim Oberriter
    Here’s some from recent visits. Hope you enjoy!
  • Jim Oberriter
    Here are some old photos I took pictures of. Sorry, none of the various Jaguars.
  • Jim Oberriter
  • Jim Oberriter
    Obviously, many great memories going back to growing up, their help and time in Colorado to visits recently. Many thanks for all the help and good vibes from everyone during this tough time. I’ll try to post some fun pictures from the archives. Feel...  more
  • Angel Oberriter
    Angel Oberriter added 5 photo(s) to the memorial John Roger Oberriter (Obie):
    Family pic at Sapphire Point - Summit County
    "I Love this lady"
    Grabbing a bit at Dillon Dam Brewery
  • Angel Oberriter
    Angel Oberriter added 1 photo(s) to the memorial John Roger Oberriter (Obie):
    Adventure at Lake Dillon
  • Marie Bruno
    Grandpa Obie was such a big part of my life. He was one of the smartest guys around and was able to build or fix anything. I remember walking around his tool shed (aka the whole garage) and showing me all the wood carving tools he used to make his art -...  more