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Amanda Miller

John C Miller

September 11, 1937 - April 01, 2020

This page was created to celebrate the remarkable life of Dr. John C. Miller. By collecting your stories and remembrances of John here, those offerings will bring us comfort, warmth, laughter & peace. Thank you for contributing to this lasting tribute for our father, husband, brother, friend, mentor, uncle,...  see more

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  • Dawn Wilkins
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  • Mary Mikulski
    A Poem for Brother

    You showed me a lot of things.
    I learned a lot I didn't know,
    But you forgot to teach me one last thing -
    How to let you go.
    I know you didn't mean to leave me;
    Sometimes we have no choice.
    I miss being your little sister,
    Hearing my...  more
  • Anne-Claude Cotty
    As my Allegheny College Class of '70 marks its 50th reunion this spring (postponed till next year), my fondest memories are of John, my teacher and friend. In class, we read of course the canon of Spanish and Latin American literature, but also works by...  more