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Stephanie Oleksyn

Jennifer Mihailedes-Jones

August 10, 1984 - June 14, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Jennifer Mihailedes-Jones. We're spread from one side of the country to the other and wanted a place where Jenn's family and friends could come together to share stories, photos and memories. We are not currently able to have a celebration of Jenn's...  see more

Born in Edmonton, Alberta on August 10, 1984, Jenn passed away unexpectedly on June 14, 2020.  Jenn had an extremely close relationship with her family and will be missed not only by her parents, Leaha and Brian Bednar, and her step-brother Chase Bednar, but also by her aunts, Sofia Oleksyn (Danny), Christine Mihailedes (Peter Ruptash) and Kathee Mihailedes.  In her youth, Jennifer was often mistaken as sister to her cousins, Pam...  see more
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  • Aleyda Tuazon
    I have to be ten million times tougher than ever to accept the fact that, the important person in my life Jenn Mihailedes-Jones has passed away and the saddest part, I will never ever have a chance to see her again.

    She was my most awesome Supervisor...  more
  • Susan Bertolin
    Jenn was a light in this world. I will always remember her smile, her beautiful sparkling chocolate eyes and a laugh that made you want to laugh with her when you heard it. Like most kids of Shoppers Drug Mart employees, whether they want to or not, they...  more
  • Jenn Paaku
    My Friend!!My Mentor!!My Sister!! I am sad, broken-hearted, and devastated. Your love and support was impeccable!! You believed in me when I didn’t even think I was capable!! Your push, your drive, your encouragement, Jenn you uplifted me and so many...  more
  • Leaha Bednar
    The Last Cast

    Written by Ashley Macdonald
    In dedication and memory of Jenn Mihailedes-Jones

    Green is the grass that keeps on growing
    Gone is the dawn that keeps on recurring
    Bright as the sun that keeps on burning
    True as a tear that will...  more
  • Danielle Hargreaves
    Thank you, Jenn for everything you gave VON. You left a lasting impact in your short time with us and led your team with passion and integrity through incredibly difficult time. We will miss you.
  • Lindsey Taylor
    I will remember Jenn’s dry sense of humour most of all, her slow smile and hearty contagious laugh. I am so happy to hear that she realized her dream of moving to Nova Scotia this year. And so sad to hear that she has passed. Rest In Peace, Jenn.
  • Penny Mills
    Dear Leaha and Brian, we will always remember Jenn. Jenn was the one you called, who got out of bed to drive us home from a late gourmet night when we were unable to get a taxi. She arrived at Viv and Leon's door with a sleepy smile and willingly...  more
  • Sofia Oleksyn
    Looking back through pictures, our family has shared a lot of fun times at the zoos in Edmonton and Calgary.
    I think this might have been Olivia's first trip to the zoo and of course Auntie Jenn was there to enjoy the day with us.
  • Andrea Palichuk
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  • Andrea Palichuk
    So much of our formative years were spent together that we really were like sisters. You always took such good care of me. At summer camp when I was homesick, it was you who helped me feel better... same when I was afraid of lightning. I feel like...  more
  • Carla Wilding
    Sending my condolences. I met Jennifer when my Uncle Brian married Leaha. I remember them coming to visit us in Winnipeg and Jennifer was a beautiful, sweet girl. She will be missed.