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Christine Bullen

Jeff Bullen

October 17, 1946 - March 28, 2020

On Saturday March 28th, Jeff Bullen passed away from the Coronavirus in Greenwich CT. Due to the current state of affairs, we will not be able to hold a traditional memorial service for him, at least for the time being. Though this has been an incredibly painful time, we've been overwhelmed by the...  see more

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  • Chris Houghton
    Jeff AKA Bull-Man will be remembered as a great friend with a heart, a brilliant and at times a very absent mind, a sense of humor accompanied by a hearty laugh, and a fortunate member of a terrific family. A few stories come to mind, though there are...  more
  • Lisa Higbie
    When I think of Jeff I remember laughter. Genuine laughter that comes from deep in the belly. The kind of laughter that might make you pee your pants. His jovial laugh is a cherished sound from my childhood and adolescence. I have very fond memories from...  more
  • Alan & Jane Higbie
    To the Bullens - a few recollections from the Higbies:

    We first met Jeff & Ginny in 1985 a few months before Christine was born. The occasion was our first La Maze class.

    Our daughters (Christine & Lisa) were born almost simultaneously - and were -...  more
  • Amy Collins
    Dear Bullen family,

    As we all have tried to capture Jeff's personality in words, you realize it is impossible because he was such a unique legend of a character.

    Easter was yesterday and I thought a lot about your family, because some of my best...  more
  • Alan & Jane Higbie
  • Alan & Jane Higbie
  • Abigail DeLaney
    Dear Tyler and Christine,

    I am so sorry about the passing of your father. The circumstances could not be more difficult. My hope is that Jeff is at peace, resting; maybe he's camping, and maybe he's even taking the occasional sip from the infamous...  more
  • Emily Howell
    I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. I've been struggling to find the words to say but know that I have been thinking about you guys. Jeff was larger than life and all of my memories of him involve lots of laughter.

    Someone else may have told this...  more
  • Kelly Coleman
    Posting for my mom Ann Bullen Fanoe:

    My brother had a nickname for everyone...mine was “Dolly”! When we were little (around 6 & 8), early on Saturday mornings we would watch cartoons and play poker. Yes, Jeff taught me poker, gin rummy, hearts,...  more
  • GatheringUs Support
    Christine and Tyler,

    My husband Gary and I met your dad soon after he moved to Pueblo. Your mother and mine became fast friends. I remember the house in which your grandparents lived. Jeff broke his back and was in traction in the family room of the...  more
  • Kliegerman & Joseph
    Jeff's smile and laugh were the best and were continuous.It is hard to tell stories about Jeff because he was the story.Time with Jeff was always a good time; he made it so. The response from our class of 1964 (Edgemont !!!!!) shows that opinion is...  more
  • Aileen Williams
    My wife is the one on facebook so I'm using her sight to offer my condolences. Along with Ralph Penny, I was co-pledge chairman for our Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity when we pledged Jeff and 32 others into the best pledge class of 1964. We had some great...  more
  • One of my earliest memories of my Uncle Jeff consists of him swooping me up in his arms, placing me on his shoulders and running around the yard as the sprinkler sprayed both of us. It was always so much fun to have him visit when I was young especially...  more
  • Michael Kurtz
    My favorite memory of Jeff took place in Tyler's hot tub. The whole family had been soaking, but now it was just Jeff, TyIer, and me. I was hoping Tyler would leave, not because I didn't enjoy his company, but so I could get Jeff alone for the first time...  more
  • Christine Bullen
    Christine Bullen added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Jeff Bullen:
  • Christine Bullen
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