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Kevin Lynch

James B. Lynch

December 29, 1929 - May 04, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of James Lynch. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will post invites. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. You can also reach this page by going to

James B. Lynch passed away peacefully in his Yardley home on May 4, 2020, surrounded by his loving family. He was 90 years young. "Jim" was born in Pittsburgh. Pa to the late James J. and Mary (O'Connor) Lynch and preceded in death by his brother, Thomas "Herk" Lynch. Jim was married for 68 years to Joan Lorraine (Fricke), the love of his life. They met when they were teenagers in Pittsburgh, married in 1951 and created an amazing...  see more
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  • Larry Lynch
    Dad loved his family. As it grew so did his
    Smile 😊. He was so proud of his grandchildren and Great grandchildren
  • Brian Lynch
    Some more great pics from a great childhood spent with such amazing grandparents. So many fond memories filled with happiness and love! Love you so much Pop!
  • Brian Lynch
    This picture is Nanny and Pop sending me off to California after letting me live with them so I could finish middle school before moving. Pop drove me to and from school every day. I'm pretty sure that was the beginning of my love for sports talk radio...  more
  • Sal DiLisio
    More great memories from an incredible person. The last picture, was the day Kelly and I told Nanny and Pop we were moving to Virginia in 2014. Pop's first instinct was to pull out his maps and see where we'd be living/working. I can only assume he did...  more
  • Pam Lynch
    Pop deeply loved his family. I am going to miss watching his face light up as he entered a family party. You could tell how proud he was of each of us.
  • Kevin Lynch
    What a complete and wonderful life full of love. We'll miss you, Pop.
  • Michael Burns
    Pop was nothing short of an inspiration, and a great representation of character. You will be missed dearly, pop.
    Keep the family safe.
  • Sal DiLisio
    Pop was an incredible grandfather who was loving and supportive. More importantly he taught me what was really important in life, and showed all of us how to achieve that.
  • Colleen Guernsey
    What an amazing grandfather.. he would have done anything for anyone and had the kindest heart.. I will miss you pop
  • Megan Lynch
    Pop, the best man/grandfather/father/friend to all ❤️ I will miss you forever and may your memories and stories carry on for a lifetime
  • Katie Lynch-Papandrea
    Birthday buddy- Always there for everything. Soccer games, school plays, proms, graduations, engagements, weddings, babies, and everything in between Never missed a beat. Father #2. our hearts hurt, but you’re in our DNA, so we have you forever. ❤️
  • Kelly Lynch
    Was a second father figure to all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Love you pop!
  • Colleen Guernsey
    He was the anchor of this family and amazing man... he will be missed but wow all the amazing memories.. love you pop
  • Kasey Lynch
    No one loved coffee more than him
  • Erynn Lynch
    The nap king
  • Tim Lynch
    A genuine, caring man who loved his family and was respected by those who knew him.
  • Kevin Lynch
    Kevin Lynch added 2 photo(s) to the memorial James Lynch:
  • Heather Lynch