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Cass Elliott

Inus Goussard

June 16, 1983 - September 24, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Inus Goussard. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

With great shock and deep sadness we share with you that September 24th Inus passed away unexpectedly. His death is a tremendous tragedy and loss to this world. We all loved Inus, and are heartbroken. Our love is with Adrian (his partner), Lizel (his beloved sister), and Elizabeth (his mother and friend).  His memorial will take place on October 5th for close friends and family. Inus was a true global citizen, and touched the lives of...  see more
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  • Luc Bouliane
  • Luc Bouliane
  • Luc Bouliane
    Inus worked closely with each of us in our tight-knit studio up until his sudden departure - and he is tremendously missed. His passion for design was infectious. And his love of colour and plants brought much joy to our design work. We wanted to share...  more
  • Pauline Petit
    Pauline Petit added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Inus Goussard:
  • Pauline Petit
    I only had the chance to meet Inus in person once, but even in this brief encounter and through the video call cameos, it was obvious how well suited he and Adrian were to each other: how many adventures they've gone on together, how many bike rides and...  more
  • Chloe Hamza
  • Sariena Keuler-Venter
    Sariena Keuler-Venter added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Inus Goussard:
  • Sariena Keuler-Venter
    Haai Schmien, you were such a big part of my life. It really was a privilege to have known you. You made an impression from the first time we met. I remember our discussions about Kurt Vonnegut and your latest obsession with an architect. When you heard...  more
  • Sariena Keuler-Venter
  • Kim Stockton
    Inus left a very big impression on this earth in his short time with us - his zest for life, adventure and curiosity; not to mention his crazy wardrobe and sometimes colourful hair! So glad I was able to introduce him to his first game of basketball at...  more
  • Michelle Martin
    Miss you cuz, we are heartbroken. I will remember your smile and warmth always, all my love, Michelle xxx
  • Leray Parsons
    My dearest uncle,
    You left this earth way too soon. You will be dearly missed💛
  • Jennifer Huynh
    I am so sad to hear about Inus' passing. I will always remember Inus' uplifting spirit, and always colourful hair and attire. We worked together in the same office for about a year, and he'd always come over and show off his pink flamingo shirt or...  more
  • Clare Comins
    Our cycling tour guide- showing us all the beautiful sides of Toronto and surrounds. Inus made us at home in this huge city, in what would otherwise have been the weirdest year to relocate we were welcomed with open arms. We’ll miss him dearly.
  • Ariel Heiblum
    Adrian I am so sorry for your loss. I would have loved to meet Inus someday. Sending my deepest condolences to you and his family.
  • Chloe Hamza
    Sending all my love to you Adrian, and family!! I so enjoyed getting to know Inus, and I will miss our nature bathing, vegan brunching, and plant chats! Thinking of you all! xoxo
  • Thea-Mari Franken
    I am happy that I have had the privilege of meeting you…on a rainy day…20 years ago.
    I am sad that my son will never have the privilege of meeting you.
    I am happy that you were happy.
    Adrian, Bets and Lizel, my thoughts are with you.

    Inus was...  more
  • Liahn Nortjé
    These photos were taken in July 2007. He is looking quite dapper in his dad's suit at this event!
    Feels like a lifetime ago but I still remember it like yesterday. Inus was a great friend and housemate, I have fond memories that I'll carry with me...  more
  • Mayela Romo
  • Mayela Romo
    Inus a pleasant, restless, sensitive person that we met as part of Adrian's life and ours, very soon you left with many plans for the future. You leave Adrian very sad but surely everything they lived together will strengthen him to move on. Rest in...  more
  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Inus Goussard:
  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Inus Goussard:
  • Adrian Diaz
    My dove, I have never met anyone so full of life and energy. We resonated on the same frequency and could understand each other so well. Our memories will be a glimmering consolation for the pain and sadness of your sudden departure. Even while my heart...  more