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    Jan 21, 2021, 1:00 PM Asia/Dubai


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Indu Mayilsamy

Thank you for joining us in this memorial where we want to take the opportunity to celebrate the life of Indu Mayilsamy. We welcome to share your most special memories and pictures here, contributing to this lasting memorial, which will offer great comfort to all of us. As we plan a virtual gathering...  see more

With this memory journal we want to honor Indu - by profoundly feeling and expressing our loss, but mostly by remembering her as an amazing person who has played a unique and special role in all our lives. Indu joined the Maersk Group end 2005 as member of the Finance GSC team in Chennai, India. Many of us know her already from this time because as she developed throughout the years holding various positions, she really left a mark by...  see more
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  • Puneet Agarwal
    Sorrow fills our hearts this sad moment, a sorrow that is deep and personal. Indu has silently closed the door of life and departed from us. Our lives will be empty in the areas that she had brightened for us.
    Indu always believed in “The value of a...  more
  • Arjan Oudshoorn
    On moments like these, we realize how poor our words and expressions are. Too poor to embrace our feelings and emotions. Too poor to even come close to that. The language of words only reaches the ears. Though a mis of feelings of grieving pain and deep...  more
  • Aruna Hussain
    I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Indu from 2016 to 2019. Over those 3 years our association grew from professional to a very warm and friendly relationship - I always popped by her desk to say hello whenever I visited Dubai post SA1.0....  more
  • Sunil Gehi
  • Jeeva Gilbert
    You have left behind a legacy of courage, care and composure. We grieve your loss with pain and sadness and will miss you immensely. RIP
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