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Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC)

In Memory of Louise McDonald

July 28, 1957 - April 28, 2021

Dear friends, We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Louise McDonald. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Maria, Sara and Deirdre

Our dearly loved friend and colleague, Louise, passed away last month following a brief illness, definitely way too soon. Louise will be sorely missed by her beloved family and the numerous friends and loved ones who were fortunate to know her during the busy and exciting life she led.We met Louise when she joined IFAD and she immediately introduced us to her friends at the 'Ferretella' Club which was only the start of a long social...  see more
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  • Kerry
    Dear friends of Louise. I have just seen this page with much shock and sadness. Having not heard from Louise for some time and thinking she had decided to not retire I went searching for her, only to pick up this page. Louise and I became instant friends...  more
  • Kerry
  • SaraAnn Bridges
  • Allan Whyte
  • marie-aude Even
    Dear Louise
    The news of your passing broke our heart and you will be dearly missed; It was a pleasure to have you in Delhi, always ready to listen and provide advise to any professional or personal issues or to joke and laugh and join celebrations such...  more
  • Karen Clarkson
    I bet Louise at an IFAD beach party in the summer of 1994. We instantly bonded. It was so easy to do so with Louise. She was so open, honest and funny. We started going out for lunch/dinner, were even roommates for a time. Whenever friends or family...  more
  • Jill Baskins
  • SaraAnn Bridges
    It was with great sadness that I heard of the passing of our friend and colleague Louise. She will be remembered for her dedication and passion for her work and the responsibilities she took on in IFAD. I recall her regular travels to South Africa,...  more
  • branka vukadin
  • Cecile Berthaud
    I had the privilege to work with Louise when she was seconded to evaluation in IFAD. We were close colleagues for about a year and went on mission to the Gambia together back in 2015. I am sorry I could not find a nice picture to share from that mission...  more
  • branka vukadin
    Louise truly was one of a kind, dearest friend for almost half my life and the sister I never had. I still can't believe we will never again talk and laugh over a coffee or glass of something but there is some small comfort in the fact she was where she...  more
  • Kathy Zissimopoulos
    I was thinking about our morning coffee group the other day. Every morning at 7.30am us "early birds" would sit in the caffeteria outside area for coffee. Its how I met Louise. She would practically open IFAD every morning, getting in around 6am to start...  more
  • Monica  Donisi
  • marie-aude Even
  • Nancy Kaawe
  • SaraAnn Bridges
    • SaraAnn Bridges
      Kathy Zissimopoulos I was with Louise during this wonderful evening in Swaziland (Eswatini). This was a video taken during Louise's last mission as Country Programme Manager for Swaziland. The project team put together a touching farewell to thank her for her amazing work....  more
  • Mari Herrera
    I so clearly remember your face when I first met you in your office and after admiring some pictures I asked "Are you from Australia?"... it was as I had said Alaska... Very proudly you clarified that it was New Zealand... always passionate about...  more
  • Mari Herrera
  • Debbie Harvey
    I met Louise through a mutual friend and colleague before she joined IFAD. I was drawn to her cynical humour and grounded common sense and we became fast friends as we spent time together in Rome over meals, at social gatherings and events. A moment that...  more
  • Herma Majoor
    Dear Louise, it is so sad and shocking to hear that you have passed away. I have many great memories of being with you, working and having fun. Our time in the Gambia is one to never forget and I am happy that we could also spend time together in Delhi....  more
  • Kisa Mfalila
    I was new to IFAD and to the Delhi Country Office. Louise was putting together a programme for the South Asia Hub retreat. She walked into my office, sat down and told me that she has put my name down as a facilitator for a session during the retreat. I...  more
  • Clare Bishop
    Dear Louise, I was so very sorry to hear this news. I enjoyed your humour and valued your technical expertise which was based on your substantial and varied field experience. You were truly committed to improving the lives of poor rural women and men....  more
  • Tiziana Galloni
    Ci mancherai tua risata contagiosa, il tuo humour brillante e pungente...un abbraccio, ovunque tu sia. <3
  • Rahel Getachew
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  • Kim Harvey
    So sad... Louise I can't believe it. So many memories, laughs, chats, dinners/drinks, sounding off, support ... you know how much you helped me! I am forever grateful. I just thought there would be more time.. to video "spritz ", and to...  more
  • Daniela De Petro
  • Linda Orebi
    Way too soon girl! You will be missed. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
  • Carla  Ferreira
  • Maurizio Navarra
    Years ago, dinner at my place with some colleagues, you were there, and we got into a big argument when you complained that, during your early years in Italy, you were not happy with Italian food 'cause you could not find peanut butter, anywhere in Rome!...  more
  • Elena Bertusi
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  • Luca Rotondo
  • Luca Rotondo
    May your soul rest in peace Louise. You spent your life dedicating yourself to what you loved and just deserved more time πŸ’”
  • Elena Bertusi
    Dear Louise, you will be greatly missed. We still remember our mission to Mozambique in 2017, how much you taught us and how much you made us laugh! May you rest in peace <3. Elena and Monica
  • Elena Bertusi
  • Monica de Vito
  • Alessandro Lembo
    Dear Louise, I'm at loss for words. One of the first persons I met when I joined IFAD almost 20 years ago. I must confess at the beginning I was kind of intimidated! Your loud voice, your strange accent! Just to then find out you were the nicest, fun...  more
  • Bob and Helen Creswell
    So sorry to hear this terrible news. We count ourselves fortunate to have shared some great times together, both at work around the world and socially. Your strong voice will continue to sound out Louise. Bob and Helen
  • Bob and Helen Creswell
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  • Silvia Sperandini
  • Mehry Ismaili
    • Mehry Ismaili
      Mehry Ismaili An amazing person. I will miss you and your sense of humour. The news in April that you were hospitalized left me with no words. you were planning a visit for me in New Zealand and visit the vineyards together. i will miss you and will miss your lessons...  more
  • Kathy Zissimopoulos
    What an amazing person you were Louise, I'm so grateful and honoured to have had the opportunity to get to know you. You put your heart and soul into everything you did. Your amazing sense of humour and that contagious laugh of yours will live in my mind...  more
  • Giulio Martinez
  • mrijavec68
  • Louise doing her good work, in 2001, in Tanzania with then Minister of Agriculture and Food Secutiry of Tanzania, Hon Charles Keenja and the Permanent Secretary of Agriculture, Mr Wilfred Ngirwa
  • Laura Ziankowicz
  • H Z
    H Z
  • Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC)
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  • Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC)
    Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC) added 1 photo(s) to the memorial In Memory of Louise McDonald:
  • Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC)
    Maria, Sara, Deirdre (FLCC) added 1 photo(s) to the memorial In Memory of Louise McDonald:
    Sailing in Sydney Harbour