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Hritik Sampat

We have created this GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Hritik: husband, son, brother, friend, educator, scientist, actor, animal-lover, and so many other things. A man of many talents. One who is so loved. While we are deeply appreciative of the various communities that want to honour Hritik,...  see more

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  • Sharo Costa
    Dear Subarna,

    My apologies for this seemingly out-of-the-blue message. I was on LinkedIn a few minutes ago when I came across a UWC-USA post honoring Hritik, and have just learned of his passing. Hritik was a wonderful, funny, genuine teacher and an...  more
  • Omer Shamir
    Dear Subarna,

    Living in your wada and sharing time with you and Hritik during my first project-week in Varanasi, I was able to observe the tenderness and love that you and Hritik share. There was a kindness in the way Hritik approach people; there was...  more
  • Jayanti Singh
    Sir taught us at Welham Girls in Dehradun, India - the best girls private boarding school in India. The Sampats were a very welcome addition to the faculty and they brought a fresh and very relevant perspective. Always engaged, always getting us to do...  more
  • Marek Kampa
    Dear Subarna,
    It is with deepest sorrow and grief to learn about Hritik. Experiencing the aura of positivity, laughter, and passion that he was sharing with his students could truly be the one moment when I realized how strongly education can act as the...  more
  • Rakesh Dhawan
    Dear Subarna,

    I am so emotional thinking about Hritik. He was such a gentle soul and the most amazing human being. I simply can't imagine how God can be so cruel? I am yet to come to terms with it. I still can't answer why? It makes me angry and...  more
  • Elisabete Silva
    Dear Subarna, for me, you and Hritik are not the teatchers but the toon parents at UWC Dilijan. I will always remember the kind way you have taken care of my son. You both have a special place in our hearts.
  • Yanna Yanna
    Dear Hritik,
    Thank you so much. I am so lucky to have been your student. I started MUWCI without any intention of studying a stem subject, yet I'm a civil engineer now. I hope you know what a positive role you have played in my and many students' lives....  more
  • Sabelo Zwane
    Subarna, Please accept my heartfelt condolences! Hritik is one of the great teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from. I always remember him smiling or laughing either in class or around campus. May the Almighty grant you strength in these trying times.
  • ajani
    Although I never knew Hritik personally, he seems like a very kind a genuine person. Please accept my deepest condolences
    Subarna. I hope you find peace and comfort in this time and my heart goes out to you.
  • Priscilla Lai
    Hritik will always be remembered as the kind, loving and caring advisor/teacher and father figure to many of us at MUWCI. Thank you very much for impacting my life, making a huge difference not only in my two years at MUWCI but for the rest of my life....  more
  • Peter Samaranayake
    Hritik has taught us all that: 'A body at rest remains at rest but a body in motion continues to move!" It is in that spirit that we should resolve to not remain at rest by being satisfied with the status quo but strive to continue to move higher...  more
    Subarna we cannot express our sorrow sufficiently or find the words to express our deepest condolences. We all have such wonderful memories of Hritik and we will never forget. He was an exceptional teacher and friend and he has touched so many lives....  more
  • Victoria Longhi
    Dear Hritik, even though I did not get to have you as a teacher then you were that elusive teacher on campus over whom my fellow peers would light up when they spoke about your lessons. Your classes had such an "air" around it that it (almost!)...  more
  • Tanmay Dubey

    Thank you for being a concerned and engaged Wada Parent, and a great teacher, during my time at MUWCI. You had a brilliant way of breaking down complex concepts in physics and explaining them so that anyone could understand. I will always...  more
  • Some Guy
    Hritik came to my UWC at a time when I was dangerously close to being disillusioned by the movement and its perceived effectiveness. His unexpected presence turned my classes from a mundane obligation into something to look forward to. He always left...  more
  • Andy Gorvetzian

    I will hold you in my memory as I strive to emulate your balance between intellect, thoughtfulness, and good humor, both as an educator and as a human being. Thank you for the many meals together, for the conversations, and for your friendship.

  • Jaimin Surani
    Dilijan 2016
  • Marie Assir
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Subarna and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know that the loss of Hritik will be felt by many across the UWC family and his contributions will be celebrated by all.
  • Vikas Shanbhogue
    Very sad to hear this news. As many others have said, Mr. Sampat was a pretty unique and incredible teacher/role model. I'm glad to have known him.

    My thoughts are with you Mrs. Sampat.
  • Hanna Karnei
    I couldn't have wished for a better, kinder, and more caring house parent during my time at UWC Dilijan. Hritik never failed to cheer me up with his brilliant sense of humor. And I will always cherish the moments spent at Hritik and Subarna's apartment,...  more
  • Maike Pfeiffer
  • Naomi Tjiang
    Dear Subarna,
    I am thinking of you and Hritik in these moments. I feel very grateful for your calm and unobtrusively caring presence on that hill and as wada parents. With much love, Naomi
  • Kadir Karaciga
    Dear Subarna,
    We are deeply sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you during these difficult times.
    Please, accept our condolences.
    Kadir and Seval
  • Anton Guertchev
    It is still so hard to come to terms with this tragic and sudden loss. For Dima and me Hritik will be always with us...
    We have just uploaded three photos that are dear to us - one from the last day we were together with Subarna and Hritik, 2 June...  more
  • Anton Guertchev
    Anton Guertchev added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Hritik Sampat:
  • Tapan Sampat
    Hritik was always a man of few words. But wise words. There was something very special and unique about him, right from childhood. A voracious reader, an animal lover, a foodie, nature lover, a poet, a great swimmer, a very gentle and determined...  more
  • Rigzin  Lhatoo
    Subarna, I am truly sorry for your loss. Hritik never taught me, albeit the mealtimes I spent with you both made it easy to understand why he was so beloved- his brilliant wit always put a smile on my face. And that is only a fraction of the positivity...  more
  • Andres Block Martinez
    Dear Hritik,
    You were one of the most passionate and fun teachers I ever met; I remember warmly the positive environment of your class, and how supportive you were with me and everybody else. I never told you how much it meant to me when you stayed after...  more
  • Qing Xu
    My deepest condolences Subarna. Still remember last we met at Changshu and listening to your stories about your struggle with getting a cab and navigating Taobao 😂. Sending prayers and lots of love.
  • Cristyn  Hughes
    My memories of Hritik are nothing but positive. Sharp wit and knowing smirks whenever his wife did something particularly badass. An amazing teacher and a core part of my UWC experience so far. Humour and wit and intelligence and compassion. Brilliant.
  • Melisa Tokmak
    Dear Hritik,

    You touched so many lives including mine. Thank you for everything you have done for us, for being a kind soul and a fantastic teacher. Rest In Peace.

  • Brian Wright
    I can’t imagine our time in Dilijan without you and Subarna, and of course, Pipin. Your humor, perspective, wisdom, indignance all enriched and often mirrored so much of what Liz and I were experiencing. You were our constant companions through...  more
  • Liz Drotos
    Hritik, I'm am so grateful that you were a part of our lives. You were an inspiring mentor, and such a thoughtful friend. I watched you give so much to so many students and colleagues, without a second thought. And Subarna, I am devastated for your loss....  more
  • Nandini Rathi
    Dear Subarna, I am so, so sorry and cannot believe it. While I was only taught by you, it was more than obvious how much both you and Hritik were loved and appreciated in MUWCI. I remember and associated his smile with all the wonderful qualities that my...  more
  • Luhang Sun
    Dear Subarna,

    I'm very very sorry to hear about your loss. I did not officially take a class with Hritik during my time at UWC-USA but I've always seen Hritik volunteering in our physics class, and remembered his positive attitude, humor and passion...  more
  • Aaron S Yang
    Dear Subarna,
    It’s terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family. I am deeply saddened by the loss that you have encountered. My condolences. Hritik is going to be deeply missed. I remembered visiting your...  more
  • John Carpenter
    Subarna, what a lovely life Hritik and you have shared together. In the time I've known you, I've been so impressed with the way you both care deeply about people, and the goodness of Hritik--and his humor, his positive attitude, his strong work...  more
  • Karolina Maria Szewczyk
    Dear Subarna,

    First of all, I am very sorry for your loss. I wish I had the right words, I wish the right words existed, but just know that I care.
    My favorite memory of Hritik is his encouragement and the positive lighthearted attitude. I will always...  more
  • Sindhu Ramchandran Clark
    Hritik, Subarna, Pipin - you will always had a very special place in our hearts.
    Hritik - Ben and I are devastated. You have gone too soon. RIP!
    Strength and prayers to Subarna and the entire family.
  • Cyrus Vakil
    "A teacher affects eternity; one can never tell where his influence stops," wrote Adams. For no one was this truer than Hritik. Hritik lives on.
    He spoke little, did much, and when he spoke he said it like it was. All of us members of the UWC...  more
  • Selena Sermeno
    Dear Subarna:
    I have such wonderfully vivid memories of Hritik and you every time I came to campus, calmly and so lovingly present on your afternoon walks. Please know I will do my best to honor the values and causes which were so important to Hritik,...  more
  • Divya Mehrotra
    Hritik, you didn't teach me but you you were a fantastic wada parent, and I was lucky to have to you. We all were. I have fond memories of your caring soul and your kind heart. I am heartbroken and shocked to hear this news. I hope you know just how many...  more
  • Tameen Khan
    Tameen Khan added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Hritik Sampat:
  • Eyad Shabaneh
    Dear Subarna,
    My family and I express our deepest condolences for your and our loss of Hritik. He was an incredible, loving person and an outstanding member to the UWC family. I believed he touched all of our lives here at the UWC. He is truly going to be missed.
  • Cecilia Perez Gago
    I just want to say thank you. I hope you know what an enormous impact you had on my life. I hope that through my transparent facial expressions I was able to communicate with you how much I admired and still admire you - even though you always looked at...  more
  • Momin Javed
    My Physics HL teacher,

    You are an incredible human being, exemplary in every regard. I will never forget you and your love for tabakh maaz, walking up to the MUWCI internet hill telescope and listening to you talk about the stars, designing my self...  more
  • Alex Bavalsky
    Dear Subarna,

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. Our loss, really -- although I primarily knew Hritik through the tennis ExEd, I and everyone else hold him in the highest possible regard as a physics teacher, tennis coach, and most importantly, as an...  more
  • Grace B.  Wacuka

    So sorry for your loss. Hritik, thank you for teaching me physics and being my wada parent. Rest In Peace. ~formerly Brenda wacuka
  • Marguerite Lucinda
    Dear Mrs. Subarna,

    I didn't know your husband personally, but my heart goes out to you during this time. I've prayed for you. I've cried for your loss.
    It always brought me so much joy to see you both go on walks with y'all's dog or see y'all together...  more
  • Alex Curtiss
    Dear Subarna,
    Hritik will be greatly missed and has made a large impact on my life here at UWC USA. I share all my love with and your loved ones during this time. Please know that our community will pull together for you. I will never forget our SWS...  more