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Tessa Santiago

Hazel Tawney

March 29, 1918 - July 16, 2020

In memory of Hazel Tawney, this page is for family, friends and students who want to share their love and appreciation for the beautiful life she lived. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you...  see more

Hazel Nielsen-Tawney passed away Thursday morning July 16, 2020 in Walnut Creek, at the age of 102. She was born in Seattle, but soon moved back to California to settle in Point Richmond, where she graduated from Richmond High School in 1936. She worked her way through the University of California at Berkeley, graduating in 1940. She worked in a number of jobs and positions to help the war effort in the early 40’s, married Clarence...  see more
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  • Billy Mitchell
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    • Billy Mitchell
      Billy Mitchell The fact that a crowd of "70- somethings" arrive to celebrate the 100th birthday of their 5th grade teacher - somehow speaks of more than just great memories of school days gone by. It shows the lasting effect of an enthusiastic teacher/friend who...  more
      • September 2, 2020
  • London Krupski
    London Krupski added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Hazel Tawney:
  • London Krupski
    London Krupski added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Hazel Tawney:
  • London Krupski
    I love this photo of White Grandma eating brunch at Cafeteria in NYC, super trendy place and she loved the fast pace energy. Grandma was taking foodie pics before it was even a thing! ;) 💖💖💖
  • London Krupski
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  • David Nielsen
    On October 31st, 1965, (a Saturday night) I was TRICK-OR-TREATING FOR UNICEF. It was the first and only time I ever did it. I was going door-to-door with a young girl one grade younger. We did it with VERY MINIMAL results and we returned to the...  more
  • Tessa Santiago
    Love you, Grandma <3
  • Tessa Santiago
    Grandma and Jerry about to ride a camel. Looks like the one in the back is giving Jerry a kiss! 😚
  • Tessa Santiago
    Grandma has always been stylish! Look at those two hippie kids in the back!
  • Tessa Santiago
    Tessa Santiago added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Hazel Tawney:
  • Tessa Santiago
    My college graduation was set for May 1st in Northridge, CA. I was so excited that my Grandma was going to watch me walk across the outdoor stage on that special day, but I was also SO worried about the epic heat that we usually experience in the San...  more
  • Tessa Santiago
    One of my very favorite childhood memories was driving down to surprise Grandma for Christmas. We rang her doorbell and pretended to be carolers... this is the pic of the very moment she realized it was us! If that's not a surprised look, I don't know what is! :)
  • Virginia Dubois
    Aunt Hazel was an shining example of a life well lived and someone who made this world a better place. I admired her for so many reasons—her intelligence, inner strength, graciousness, positivity, and her steadfast love of family. She was pure class...  more