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Gregory Alvin Howell

February 03, 1943 - June 15, 2020

We are saddened to share that Greg Howell passed away peacefully on June 15, 2020. At this time there is no plan for a service. We are hoping to have a celebration of life at some point in the future. Please email to share condolences as well as memories, pictures and...  see more

He  is survived by his wife of 30 plus years, Dana Langhorne Howell, his daughter Emily Thomsen, son-in-law Ian Thomsen, 3 grandchildren, his brother Kenneth Howell (Kris Slentz) and his two favorite dogs, Chispa and Furgus.  He will be remembered for his sense of humor and story telling, caring and big-hearted nature and his willingness to help all animals and people, his ingenuity and creativity in dreaming up and physically...  see more
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  • Joseph Hart
    Gregory Howell my friend.... You saved my life... and you taught me so very much !! In 2006 I picked up a magazine called "Target Magazine" it was the first in a 2 part series that Doc Hall wrote on Greg and the Lean Construction Institute....  more
  • Colbert Iglesias
    Gracias Gregg por tus contribuciones y enseñanzas sobre Lean Construction. Siempre te recordaremos y mucha fortaleza para la familia Howell.
    I Seminario Internacional - Innovación en Gestión de la Construcción Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Kaezad Karanjawala
    Dear Mrs Howell & family,

    We are deeply grieved to learn about the sad news of the demise of Mr Greg Howell, former founder and managing director of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) of USA and a highly distinguished personality in the field of...  more
  • Kathy Burgardt
    Greg Howell was my personal Halley’s comet. We both attended William Chrisman High School in Independence, Missouri, and I greatly admired him. I think it was around the end of our sophomore year that he came by my house for a visit to talk about his...  more
  • nancy steele
    Those of us who were lucky enough to know Greg will always treasure his memory, remembering his keen intellect, his sense of humor, his sense of adventure, his energy, and his kindness.
    As a seventh-grader in a class of hundreds, his personality...  more
  • Monica Kovaci Thomas
    I remember that Greg always had a story to tell and a conversation with him was never boring or very short. He was one of the nicest people and was so kind hearted. I remember when I first moved to Colorado, Greg and Dana made me feel like their second...  more
  • Melissa Corley Carter
    I remember Greg telling us we weren't real Stanford students unless we could transfer the milkshake at the Peninsula Creamery from the metal cup to the glass without using the spoon and without making a mess. I guess I wasn't a real Stanford student. My...  more
  • Emily Thomsen
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