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Gene Young

August 23, 1938 - June 19, 2018

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  • Charlie  Schlueter
    I met Gene in 1967 when I joined the Cleveland Orchestra. He of course was already on the faculty of Oberlin. I had known of Gene for many years because of a mutual friend, Bob Weber, with whom I had played a tour with American Ballet Theatre and who had...  more
  • Lisa Cella
    Fierce, dedicated, intense. These are the first words I think of when I think of Gene Young. Loving contemporary music, I was thrilled to have found a home in the Camarata. I was so taken and inspired with his passion and it was Gene and this ensemble...  more
  • Daniel Crozier
    Gene was a simply remarkable musician, one of the truly amazing ones that I have encountered. I had attended lots of his concerts beforehand, but the preparation of "With Blood, With Ink" was something quite different. It was an intense process that...  more
  • Michael Delfin
    I met Gene Young at the beginning of my sophomore year at Peabody a decade ago. I wanted to try out for the Peabody Camerata, and at my audition, Gene greeted me warmly and just as warmly invited me to join the ensemble. In the two or three years I took...  more
  • Caleb Johnson
    Gene was such a wonderful, kind, and encouraging conductor. Gene actually made me excited to get up early on Saturday mornings to come to rehearsals. You always, *always* felt like he was happy that you - specifically you - were there. I’m not sure...  more
  • Nicholas Bentz
    I played under Gene Young for his final couple years as the director of the Peabody Camerata. I have such countless memories of those Saturday morning rehearsals - a rarity at Peabody. Gene was uncompromising with his programming and his search for...  more
  • Lewis Krauthamer
    Gene Young’s impact on my life

    I was 16 when I first sat in on a rehearsal with the Peabody Prep Orchestra under Gene Young’s direction. As I came in, they were rehearsing the third movement (“Melody”) from Bartók’s Hungarian Sketches. The...  more
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    • Lewis Krauthamer
      Caleb Johnson Thanks for sharing this, Lewis. It was fun imagining these conversations and interactions that you described. I miss Gene a lot.
      • January 11, 2020
  • Brad Goldstein
    Concert Program, May 1980
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Page 1
  • Brad Goldstein
    Concert Program, May 1980
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Page 2
  • Lydia Seifter
    Gene Young Biography. Courtesy of Peabody Archives.
  • Lydia Seifter
    Posted by Jack Cortner, Oberlin '60:

    When Gene and I arrived at Oberlin in the fall of 1956 (both trumpet majors in the freshman class) we did not know that we would eventually become best of friends for over sixty years. I admired his talent,...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    Gene with William Vacchiano, 2004
  • Paul Sundberg
    From Paul Sundberg
    Williams College, retired

    During a visit to Oberlin a few weeks ago, memories of my three years with Gene as my trumpet teacher were reawakened. I was a Sophomore when Gene returned to Oberlin in 1966 to begin his term as Assoc....  more
  • Robert Charles
    Robert Charles added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Gene Young:
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    Tribute from Marvin Stamm
    Jack Cortner introduced me to Gene Young sometime in the early 1980’s. He brought Gene to a recording session upon which I was performing as a soloist on a recording project. Jack wanted Gene to hear the session and, in...  more
  • Roger Brunyate
    Gene's time as conductor of the Peabody Camerata pretty much coincided with my own as Director of Opera. We collaborated on at least three productions that showed his special gifts in modern music: a TURN OF THE SCREW, and two premieres: WITH BLOOD, WITH...  more
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    • Roger Brunyate
      Caleb Johnson Ha! I love this! I can totally imagine him saying that about the roles. This is great.
      • January 11, 2020
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    Posted by Robert Carl
    Professor/Chair of Composition
    The Hartt School
    University of Hartford

    I remain forever indebted to Gene Young, as a selfless advocate of my work. He premiered and recorded an electric cello concerto of mine at the Hartt School in...  more
  • Justin Bird
    I also had the privilege and honor of working with Gene on a few Peabody Camerata performances, the highlight of which was the Manuel de Falla Concerto which he encouraged me to play, and can be seen on Youtube. Gene was such a gold mine of stories and...  more
  • Brian Shook
    I had the privilege and honor of getting to know Gene through my research on William Vacchiano, one of his trumpet teachers. Our phone conversations and email exchanges soon grew into lengthy visits at Donna’s Coffee Shop in Baltimore (or,...  more
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    From Mitch Gershenfeld
    President and CEO ( retired)
    McCallum Theatre
    Palm Desert, California

    Gene Young was an extraordinary musician. He had the rare gift of being able to explain complex ideas in language simple enough for a tuba player to understand....  more
  • Russell Nadel
    I was fortunate enough to have my first and only twelve-tone composition, "Dodici," selected by Gene as the winning piece of the 2003 Peabody Camerata Student Composer Contest. It was an enormous thrill to have the chance to work with him as a...  more
  • Peg (Algar) Aaron
    I went to a Wind Ensemble concert at the new UW Madison Hamel Music Center today. It reminded me of the wonderful experience I had as a student many years ago playing in the Symphonic Band under Gene. I googled his name and was sad to hear of his...  more
  • Martin Shultz
    Gene led the Peabody Camerata while I was there as a graduate student from 2004-2008. He gave us exposure to music I had never heard of before, and he became a role model through his dedication to both the craft and discipline of performing and to the...  more
  • Larry Williams
    I had the pleasure of playing in Gene's Camerata (wind) Ensemble while doing undergraduate studies in the Peabody Conservatory many years ago. To this day, I have never been required to play more challenging or complex music. Ever. In addition to being a...  more
  • Saar Ahuvia
    Heartbroken to hear of the passing of Gene Young. Both Stephanie and I worked with Gene as pianists for the Peabody Camerata while graduate students. Gene was a wonderful conductor and a powerful voice for new music. I will never forget rehearsing with...  more
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    Tribute to Gene Young from Vicki Nonn, past Music Director, Wisconsin Public Radio's NPR and Classical Music Service:

    I just watched the video of Gene Young leading PICO in the Finale from Mozart's "Jupiter" Symphony.
    Maestro Young inspired...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    From Leon Fleisher
    Professor of Piano, the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins:

    Gene Young was that true rarity amongst musicians... someone with an authentic passion and gift for the music of his time.
    How fortunate was Peabody to have...  more
  • Roxanne Rea
    These two wonderful performances led by Gene Young
    show his great gifts as a conductor as well as the range and depth of his musical understanding. We can only imagine how much he will be missed by his students, colleagues and audiences. We hope that...  more
  • Roxanne Rea
    These two wonderful performances led by Gene Young:

    show his great gifts as a conductor as well as the range and depth of his musical understanding. We can...  more
    Gustav Mahler -- Symphony No. 4: III. Ruhevoll, poco adagio Peabody Symphony Orchestra Gene Young, conductor
    • Roxanne Rea
      Edward Smaldone What a beautifully balanced performance. Vale Gene Young!
      • October 27, 2019
  • GatheringUs Support
    Tribute to Gene from Dr. William Richardson, Emeritus Professor of Music, UW- Madison:

    We are all very saddened by the passing of Gene Young. As I recall, Gene came to the UW School of Music in the fall of 1979, to conduct the Wind Ensemble and...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    From Richard Davis, Emeritus Professor
    of Bass, UW-Madison:

    A person like Gene comes along only once in a great while. Most universities are
    not ready for him yet!
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    From Dr. Michael Landrum, after viewing Gene's YouTube performance of Mozart:

    Gene Young leads the student orchestra from Peabody in an exuberant and poised performance of the Finale from Mozart's Symphony no41 ("Jupiter"). His rapport with the ensemble...  more
  • Sally Rossmiller
    I watched the Youtube video of Gene Young conducting PICO in the Finale from Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony. What amazing energy! He elicited a remarkable and professional performance from the student group. Truly he must have been a great motivator and...  more
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    Tribute from Douglas Hill, Emeritus Professor of Horn, UW-Madison

    Gene Young was a good friend and colleague and a musical inspiration while here at the
    University of Wisconsin School of Music. It was a time when many of the most advanced wind
    students...  more
  • Mary Fink
    I remember Gene Young from my first two undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He was a demanding and inspirational conductor. Working with him in the Wind Ensemble was a little scary as a freshman, but he managed to get us to...  more
  • Grant Manhart
    I was fortunate to play principal trumpet under his baton while he was at Wisconsin. Memorable: 8 of us undergrads performed Stravinsky's Octet for Winds live on Wisconsin Public Radio among other performances. He pushed and deepened our young...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    From Joseph Schwartz, Emeritus Professor of Pianoforte, Oberlin Conservatory

    I remember Gene Young as an intelligent, gifted musician and conductor. He was an avid advocate for 20th Century music and contributed greatly to the music scene at Oberlin. We...  more
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    Tribute to Gene Young By:
    Gary J. Malvern
    OCCM ’80.
    Professor of Music
    Furman University
    Greenville, South Carolina

    I arrived at Oberlin in the fall of 1976 intending to pursue a double degree in music and biology. Gene Young, my trumpet teacher, was...  more
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    Tribute to Gene by Robert Austin Boudreau, director of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra.

    Gene Young’s association with the American Wind Symphony Orchestra goes way back to its first season in 1957. Still a student at Oberlin, Gene performed in...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    From Pianist/teacher Irmgard Bittar:

    Gene had such a wonderful influence on young people. My son, Eddie, so admired him. Gene was a great teacher and musician. May he rest in peace.
  • Lydia Seifter
    From Eddie Bittar, Gene's trumpet student:
    Gene Young was my best trumpet teacher. He taught what he learned from William Vacchiano, 1st trumpet of the NY Philharmonic (under Bruno Walter and Leonard Bernstein). Gene helped many trumpet players have the...  more
  • Marc Fink
    Gene Young was truly an exceptionable musician and teacher! At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I had the opportunity to see how he could communicate with student (and faculty) musicians in a very understandable and inspiring way. His programs with...  more
  • kevin stalheim
    i first met gene when i auditioned to be a trumpet major at oberlin. i played a few things and then he preceded to give me an amazing hour long trumpet lesson. my auditions at other places were nothing like this. choosing oberlin was easy after that...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    Dear friends, I received this beautiful tribute to Gene from Jim Latimer, Professor Emeritus, UW-Madison:
    "Gene loved what he did and brought his talents and expertise to our students with ease and professionalism. Gene was an asset to the music...  more
  • Nick Photinos
    Gene was an important force in the very early days of Eighth Blackbird, at a time when most of the group were still undergraduates at Oberlin, and our future was entirely uncertain. We were working (for the very first time) on Schonberg's First Chamber...  more
  • Lydia Seifter
    Allueberall und Ewig...
    --- L.S.