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Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo

Garrett Albert Duncan

February 01, 1961 - December 08, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Garett Albert Duncan, PhD. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Ron B
    On a whim, I looked Garrett up to see what he was up to. I had no idea that he'd passed away or been sick. I was a nobody really in the grand scheme of things; an active duty Airman taking a night class at Wash U. Garrett had to give me permission to...  more
  • Tina Evans
    When I think of what Professor Duncan meant to me, the first word that comes to mind is “mentor” because he was my trusted adviser. But, if I’m honest, he was more than that; much more. When I was at my most vulnerable after the loss of my mom, he...  more
  • Maria  Gadsden
    No one told me. I love Garrett.
    Maria Gadsden
  • Elie Zenner
    Professor Garrett Albert Duncan was a hero, a mentor, and friend. He was the single most important educator in my life, and he formed the person I am today. When I stumbled into his introductory AFAS class my sophomore year of college, I thought I...  more
  • Eve Graves
    I met Garrett several years ago at a job interview. I was immediately drawn to his passion for education and cultural curation. I quickly learned during that interview that Garrett was an extremely generous, kind, understanding, and brilliant educator. I...  more
  • Holly Machado
    I was raised in Hayward with Garrett. My mother and his mother were best friends. I'm sure it's just an oversight, but there is some family missing here. Garrett is also survived by his brother, David...his sister, Veronica...his sister, Dominique...and...  more
  • Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
    Posted with the permission of Garrett's high school football teammate Edwin.
    "Mt Eden High ! Hayward, California. Garrett was offensive tackle ! A team leader and when he spoke we listened !! A true leader at 17 years old our senior year !!
  • Leah Merrifield
    Garrett Duncan was such a great friend and colleague. You could rely on him for honest discourse, unwavering support for students, and a willingness to speak up and speak out! I will miss his style, his smile, and his love for all.
  • Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
    Professor Duncan was committed to student success.
  • Virginia Toliver
    Garrett had a special place in my life as my “son” and he always referred to me as Mother Toliver. I have so many fond memories of our times together. When Wilmetta and Samba were out of the country, I would frequently take him to physical therapy....  more
  • Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
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    Flag at half staff for Garrett Albert Duncan
  • Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo
    Wilmetta Toliver-Diallo added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Garett Albert Duncan:
    Welcome the Kenyan Ambassador to the US to Washington University