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    Aug 22, 2020, 2:00 PM US/Pacific

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Garnet Elizabeth Olson (Ties)

January 25, 1929 - July 16, 2020

Welcome to the memorial page for Garnet Olson. Please come in and share your memories, stories and photos you may have of this wonderful woman, mother, wife, friend, and neighbor. In lieu of flowers you may make a contribution to one of Garnet's favorite charities, Meals on Wheels, who deliver free meals to...  see more

Garnet Elizabeth Olson was born at home on January 25th, 1929 to Adele (Prigge) Ties and Oscar Ties in Norton Township, MN. She was the oldest of nine, and helped raise her younger siblings--and milk the cows. At 16 she "flew the coop" to Winona and worked at Ted Meyer Drugstore. A few years later, she moved to Minneapolis where she worked at Ewald Dairy and later attended beauty school while working at The Bridge Café in...  see more
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  • Liz Olson

    Thank you very much for having sent me details about the service for Garnet. It came through very well and was very special. It was a pleasure to join in song and prayer and to see her lovely family, hear memories down through the...  more
  • Gretchen Elliott
    Gretchen Elliott added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Garnet Elizabeth Olson (Ties):
  • Gretchen Elliott
    Remembrances from Garnet's youngest sister Susie:

    The history of the box
    I covered this box with fabric to celebrate Garnet and Cliff's 50th anniversary party in Lewiston. They had guests put well wishes and cards in it. Before that, it was the toy box...  more
  • Vikki McVean
    I knew Garnet at Grace Trinity Church, which is where I last saw her, last fall, I think. She came infrequently, when someone could bring her. I went over before the service and said how glad I was to see her. She said, "Well, I really wanted a...  more
  • rose zilber
    Some captured distant memories and recent memories from Garnets birthday bash a few years ago. A day filled with meeting, mingling, and some wise words from Garnet that I made sure to write down:

    One of the children (Liz, Steve or Chris) to Garnet:...  more
  • David Gedye
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  • Brad Blackett
    In the time of COVID19 I am so so sorry to learn of Garnet's passing. I just learned of this today Friday August 14th. Both Cliff and Garnet spent a number of 4th of July weekend (over two decades worth) at my parent's cabin near Split Rock Light...  more
  • Stephan Olson
    Stephan Olson added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Garnet Elizabeth Olson (Ties):
    • Stephan Olson
      Stephan Olson This is a photo from Kathy Ratican from 1993. L to R are Garnet, Ruth, Rosemary and Kathy.
      • July 26, 2020
  • Christine Gedye
    It’s hard to think of Mom without thinking of weeknight dinners with all five of us every night, Sunday dinners at the big dining room table, or just snacking with friends who’d show up at the back door to hang out around the kitchen table. In my...  more