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Christina Oliva

Elizabeth Anne Oliva

May 01, 1993 - September 26, 2020

This online memorial page was created to celebrate the life of Elizabeth Anne Oliva. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. For details on her visitation and service please use the link below or see the events on this...  see more

Elizabeth Anne Oliva passed away on September 26, 2020 at the age of 26. Elizabeth was cherished by her parents, Lynne DeLisi and Vincent Oliva, and was the youngest daughter in her family of four children. She was tenacious yet humble, generous of spirit, wittingly smart, kind and her heart was full of compassion. Elizabeth was deeply loved by her siblings Victoria (Oliva) Parris & Joshua Parris, Christina Oliva, and Joe Oliva. She...  see more
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  • Fionn Downhill
    Dearest Liz, it has taken me some time to write this because there are still times I cant believe its true. You came into my life and the whirlwind of knowing you started. The first time we met you were so sad, then 5 minutes later we were laughing out...  more
  • Mercedes Perez Whitman
    Liiiiiiz! It’s taken me some time to process the weight of your passing, as the world I grew close to you in differs so much from where I’m at today. Memories of that world have flooded my mind since you’ve been gone and I’m reminded that you...  more
  • Madeleine Chone
    My beautiful Liz Hole -

    Picking one moment or story you feels impossible because choosing just one feels like de-valuing the others. I can’t count the tear-streaming-down-my-face-gasping-for-breath laughs you gave me. After some inner debates, I’ve...  more
  • Jaclyn Mullen Lieberman
    These words are so hard to type, this news has rocked myself and my friend Alice today. We communicated with Liz frequently in a text group between the 3 of us sharing hope, jokes, prayers, gratitude. We were worried since she hadn't replied and wanted...  more
  • Grace Migliorelli
    One thing I can always count on is for you to make me laugh. Even as I sat down to write this I could not stop laughing at the absurd antics we got ourselves into over the 20 years we knew each other.

    I'm thankful that during the past few years you...  more
  • Amy McBrayer
    Dearest Liz, Lizhole, Lizard, Bess (yes, I know you'd be mad about this one.) One of my oldest and first friends.

    It's hard to know where to begin. When my parents moved out of Ridgewood this summer, we found the beanie babies you and I had colored all...  more
  • Andina Toscano
    I have to admit that I have been wondering what I would write in something like this for the last two weeks. How can you put a life, a laugh or a heart like Liz's down in just a few sentences and do the justice it deserves? The answer is that you simply...  more
  • Jenna Carson
    Liz, I will forever cherish our memories from growing up together as neighbors on Ridgewood Ave. When I think back to all of our times together I am constantly laughing with you. You always lit up the room the second you entered it and your laugh was...  more
  • Sawyer Barclay
    Your friendship is one that I will always cherish... Top of mind, I think of your contagious laugh and the passion you put towards everything you did. Your ability to light up a room was so special and so constant. You will be missed by so many. My...  more
  • Margaret Lefanowicz
    Sweet Liz - you are a human one doesn't easily forget. A compelling character: fearless, brave, and witty - charming, clever and caring; full of the most delightful surprises! You took me on some unexpected adventures throughout our time at Michigan....  more
  • Phoebe Anstett
    My Liz. You were so unapologetically yourself with the kindest and most selfless heart and soul. I can confidently say I’ve never laughed harder in my life with anyone else, and you were always a sounding board for me when life was feeling a bit tough....  more
  • Sloane Forbush
    I love you dear Liz. Thank you for inspiring us all to do better, work for what's right and just, live authentically, and always find time to share infectious laughter and enjoy. You have had such a profound impact on my life and the lives of so many...  more
  • Catherine DeLisi
    I don't even have words for the immeasurable loss the world has suffered in losing you. Never in my life have I seen one person work so hard to help others... be so sensitive to struggles they may never have experienced... all while fighting some very...  more
  • Hannah Sheppard
    Liz was the type of friend that you could share the good, the bad and the ugly with. She was supportive no matter the circumstance and listened sincerely when you needed a friend. She was the softest place to land and the best person to laugh with. There...  more
  • Alec Cohen
    Liz was a unique and spectacular person. Just when you felt you knew her, she revealed another layer of herself. Her complexity made her an expert friend. She knew how to make you feel comforted and understood all in one joke. You could be your authentic...  more
  • Wendy Jorgensen
    In March I read Liz’s honest and brave post about her struggles with addiction and depression. I said back then that I know in her raw bravery she has saved the lives of others who too struggle. I believe that today and always will. I have the blessing...  more
  • Rebecca Gott
    Liz was a force. She was a deeply loving and dedicated friend. I will cherish our memories forever. Sending my deepest sympathies and love to the Oliva family today and always.
  • Lauren Dato
    There are moments that the words don't reach
    There is suffering too terrible to name
    You hold your child as tight as you can
    And push away the unimaginable...

    Elizabeth and I didn't get to see each other as often as we would have liked. Holidays were...  more
  • Connor Moran
    Wherever she went, Liz brought joy and light. When spending time with her, you couldn't help but smile - her sense of humor and infectious laugh could brighten up the darkest of rooms. She was kind, caring, and thoughtful, always thinking of others and...  more
  • Andrea Safirstein
    You were such a light and one of the funniest, kindest, smartest people I have ever known. Our friendship began when Victoria and Pam decided that we needed to be friends and took us on a tour of RHS the summer before freshman year, and the rest is...  more
  • Pamela Safirstein
    I will always remember Liz’s contagious laugh, adventurous spirit, and the fun she brought with her wherever she went. I got to know Liz in high school, where she was a lively member of New Players and good friends with my younger sister, Andrea. A...  more
  • Grace Barclay
    Liz was one of a kind. I have so many wonderful memories that we shared, including countless slumber parties during our Somerville/BF days and clowning our way through years of French class together. I’ve been looking at old photos and messages and...  more
  • Emily Voigt
    To the entire Oliva family, sending my most sincere condolences and heartfelt prayers. Liz was a beam of light and joy during the time I knew her in high school. Our paths crossed over and over again, first in working at color me mine, then in mock...  more
  • Julianne Saltalamacchia
    To the Oliva family,
    I am so heartbroken for each of you. Liz was such a light in my life for the brief time that I knew her. We met in New Players and we also worked together at Color Me Mine!! I loved having her around, and I can remember her laugh so...  more
  • Moira Sharkey
    Sweet Elizabeth, you were such a light in this world. You worked hard, loved fiercely, and supported our family through our worst moments. We will remember you always and channel your spirit to tackle the hard, important issues of this world. All our love.
  • Maggie Elizabeth
    While I have so many memories of Elizabeth, all of which speak so perfectly to her resilience, patience, and ability to love so deeply (i.e. her continuing to love me and go along with my “fun ideas” despite the fact that .... they were never really...  more
  • Haley Wodenshek
    When I think of auntie Lizhole, I can’t help but think of laughing so hard to Josh Groban singing Donald Trump tweets including “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke”, or us scream signing “the dog days are over” driving around in...  more
  • Kristen Smaila
    Liz, I can’t even express how much your friendship meant to me. Your spirit, your smile, your passion for a better world, your humor, your immense love for your family and friends will always stay with us. Throughout the years I’ve watched you mature...  more
  • Mary and John Oliva
    Words cannot express the sorrow we feel on the passing of our niece Elizabeth. Elizabeth spent Christmas Eve at our house each year and will be remembered for her big beautiful eyes, her brilliant smile and tremendous heart. Rest sweet girl.
  • Jessica Oliva
    For me, memories of Elizabeth consist of being gathered around the table for Christmas, a time we all truly looked forward too. Christmas Eve’s would be full of food, family and music blasting too loudly and yet through it all Elizabeth’s infectious...  more
  • Michael Goldman
    Our deepest condolences. May her memory be a blessing. To honor Elizabeth's work we have made a donation in her memory to the International Rescue Committee.
  • Kristen Megargee
    Liz, you have had me laughing hysterically, learning with you, and leaning on you since the beginning of time (or what feels like it). Through life’s ups and downs we would share great memories of playing the part of a tree in 5th grade or rapping...  more
  • Emily Schlaeger
    Liz, my angel, you were larger than life. My best friend, my home away from home. My heart is broken but our sisterhood is forever and I will carry you with me no matter where I go. I love you endlessly and I’m so proud to be your best friend. And...  more
  • Nicole Pugliese
    This is how I’ll greet you when I see you again. I love you, sis.
  • Deborah DeLisi
    Nothing compares to you.
  • Christina Oliva
    I’m at a loss for words, but I do know Leila gained the most amazing and perfect guardian angel and fairy Godmother. She may not get to meet her again in her lifetime, but she will know the love Elizabeth had for her and what a resilient, loving and...  more