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Leroy Alvares

Effie Alvares

August 26, 1942 - August 30, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Effie Alvares. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

A life that touches others goes on forever.   Effie was a loving mother to Lynette & her husband Gavin, Leroy and his wife Sharmila. A loving grandmother to Daryll, Kenneth, Crystal and Angelina. A loving sister to her brother Toony. Her love extended to a very large family - the Alvares', D'souza's, Fernandes', Martin's.., her teacher colleagues, friends and students. Effie the teacher lit up her students mind. Her values brought...  see more
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  • Leroy Alvares
    Leroy Alvares added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Effie Alvares:
  • Leander Corrie
    Nana was one of the most kind and caring persons I`ve ever come across. She was always full of life and had a ear for any problems of whosoever. For uncle Gavin`s birthday we sat and laughed about how nana was a very strong woman who gave back all her...  more
  • Srinivas Nidadhavolu
    Like the thousands of people whose lives you touched in your role as a teacher for many years, I too am finding it incredibly hard to process this loss. While, I was not directly taught by you at school, I had the blessing of knowing you as Raju’s and...  more
  • Lynette  Alvares
    Effulu I love you and miss you .when I left you at the the entrance of RICU my last words to you were .""Mum this time you're going in all alone no Raju nor me nor Gav"" little did I think these words would come true . You went in and never came back to...  more
  • Crystal Corrie
  • Crystal Corrie
    Nana or Nom Nom as I called her, was definitely the happiest soul in a room full of people.
    Nana always stood by me in right or wrong. Right from fighting with mamma for my sake to correcting me when alone. She was my best friend to whom I could open...  more
  • Kenneth Alvares
    Grandma has always been there for me right from the start and thanks to her my childhood memories are fun. I was her favorite and I remember her welcoming smile and hug every time, especially when I used to come home from the hostel. I cherish all the...  more
  • Angelina Alvares
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  • Angelina Alvares
    Grandma was a very loving woman with strong beliefs and an extremely tidy room. She was the perfect mix of strict and fun . Grandma was also a wonderful and strong woman who was very confident and helped others gain confidence and made them feel...  more
  • Angela Rowland
    It was a sudden parting
    Too bitter to forget
    Those who loved you dearly
    Are the ones who can't forget
    You'll stay within the heart's of all your loved
    Ones guiding like an angel....
    For love is lasting and so are memories...

    PRAYER : Heavenly Father,...  more
  • Royden D'Souza
    Effie was my only sister-in-law and on occasions we met, I can remember her to be a happy jovial lady, with that unique smile on her face which I can even now see. She enjoyed a joke or a funny situation thoroughly and she traversed life completely...  more
  • Margret Alvares
    Memories of a Loved One.

    My first real encounter with my brother Louis' wife Effie, was in February, 1967. I was in the Berhampur Bus stand, sitting in the bus going to Raikia. Sr. Julia and two more young girls like me, were going to begin our first...  more
  • Veronica Valderhaug
    Your contagious laughter brightened our family get-togethers. Hearing you sing Mandos with Lazarus was a delight.
  • Darell Corrie
    Nana as I've always called her, she's definitely been one of the strongest characters I've seen in my life. Not being in a world where she exists is tough but it's humbling at the same time, as she would want that.
    She's definitely been one of the...  more
  • Leroy Alvares
    The last party that mummy went out for @ Lorraine's & Everton's home.
  • Leroy Alvares
    Photo shared by Lorraine Gavin's sister. Remembering all the god times in her place.
  • Iola Menezes
    We will miss you Aunty Effie.
  • Leroy Alvares
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    Effie Alvares
    Effie Alvares
    Effie Alvares
  • Valarmathi Rajan
    Valarmathi Rajan added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Effie Alvares:
  • Valarmathi Rajan
    Valarmathi Rajan added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Effie Alvares:
  • Cherry D'Souza
    One of my most favorite person in the world.. I miss you more as each day goes by..

    “My aunt was a woman who made you feel good with her praise
    Her smile was made of sunshine,And her heart was solid gold
    I could have hugged you one more time before...  more
  • Leroy Alvares
    Remenbering St Anthony's Feast day celebrations in the building . Pics sent by Veera 3rd floor Jer Mahal Annexe
  • Leroy Alvares
    Leroy Alvares added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Effie Alvares:
  • Leroy Alvares
    Leroy Alvares added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Effie Alvares: