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    Jul 26, 2020, 2:00 PM US/Central

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    Jul 11, 2020, 10:30 AM US/Central


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Ryan Keller

Edwin Roy Keller

August 04, 1940 - March 25, 2020

We created a memorial to celebrate the life of Edwin Roy Keller. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. You can find the information for both memorial services here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. To receive info on how to view services virtually or...  see more

Dr. Edwin Roy Keller passed away in the early morning hours of March 25th, in his home in Columbia, Missouri, where he resided with his wife, Kathy, ending his two and a half-year struggle with brain cancer. His family is forever grateful for the extraordinary medical care provided by Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at University Hospital and the caring nurses and personnel of Compassus Hospice. Roy was born in 1940 in Memphis, Tennessee,...  see more
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  • Ryan Keller
    Dear family and friends of Dr. Roy Keller,

    Roy’s family thanks you for contributing your memories of Roy and your condolences to Roy’s memorial website Edwin Roy Keller - GatheringUs Online Memorial. We also intended the website to be a...  more
    Local News: Roy Keller Scholarship established for future Arrow
  • Ryan Keller
    Dr. Tamara Zellars Buck Letter:
  • Ryan Keller
    Donation Form for the Dr. Roy Keller News Media Scholarship:
    email for this form
  • Ryan Keller
    Arrow Article:
  • Ryan Keller
    Eulogy & Service Message by Kathy Keller & Mark Briley:

    Celebration of Life
    Edwin Roy Keller, Jr.
    July 11, 2020
    10:30 AM
    Broadway Christian Church
    Outdoor Worship Space
    Rev. Mark P. Briley, Officiating

    The Apostle Paul, among the most persuasive...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    John & Linda Poehlmann Memory:
    My friendship with Roy was through Broadway Christian Church. Roy was a member in the “Sunshine Class”, an adult Sunday School class that studied books of the Bible or books on varied subjects of Christian faith. I...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Chuck Miller Memory:
    Not only was Dr. Roy Keller the professor who introduced me to the
    study and application of journalism, he was a mentor and inspired me
    and many others to produce some of our best efforts on a university
    campus and in life. To me,...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Norma Beitler Memory:
    I mostly enjoyed having conversations with Roy. We enjoyed discussing the Bible, and Roy was really interested in learning about my father’s family that came from a part of Germany that used to be in Russian territory. He enjoyed...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Don and Fran Day Memory:
    Roy attended the Sunshine Class at Broadway Christian Church. We always enjoyed seeing him there. Roy added much to our discussions. He was well read on scriptures and raised many interesting things in our discussions. We miss him.
  • Ryan Keller
    Nancy Welty Memory:
    I always enjoyed Roy in Sunday School class and his knowledge and insight. It was a blessing. I especially remember when we were studying the book of Revelation that Roy provided us the historical perspective at the time the book was...  more
  • Dustin Michael
    Dr. Keller was a professor of journalism who served as the faculty advisor to the student newspaper at Southeast Missouri State when I met him. He was thoughtful, modest, and unassuming in his habits and demeanor--a careful observer who chose his words...  more
  • James Samons
    When I showed up on SEMO's campus in 2003, I had no idea what I wanted to do in life or what major to choose. After one class with Dr. Roy Keller, I knew journalism was the answer to both. I had never written before, and hated reading books. This came...  more
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  • Ryan Keller
    Robert Lewis Memory:

    I know Dr. Keller as Dr. Keller. Even after we became friends during my time at SEMO (from 2000-2004), and after I got my PhD in 2012, I never quite transitioned to calling him Roy. Despite that formality, Dr. Keller and I were...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    A Tribute to Roy Keller
    By Fran Reynolds
    There we were– in a MU classroom! Roy and I with our 2018 MU Asian Affairs Center
    LEAD class. Undergrads from Korea and Japan were our “charges” for a semester. Our task was to teach them the principles of...  more
  • Nicole Caldwell
    I have so many wonderful and funny memories of Dr. Keller. Through attending his classes and working at the Capaha Arrow, I got to hear so many stories of Dr. Keller's life and his beloved Jonesboro, Arkansas. I remember him talking about his dad being a...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Samantha Quint Memory:
    Dr. Keller was a once in a lifetime professor. The type of educator that if you’re lucky, and I was, you encounter in your formative years. I was a know-it-all 17 year old with a passion for writing and a desire to be the real...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Kristine Gruver Memory:
    He made a difference to so many students—patient, kind, and with a quiet, dry wit. I'm privileged to have worked for him at the Arrow all those years ago.
  • Ryan Keller
    Bob Doak Memory:
    My friendship with Roy Keller is a supreme highlight of my life. We were classmates and both opponents and teammates on the basketball court. Roy was in my wedding; he dated my sister, and we shared our thoughts and feelings over many...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Chad Stebbins Memory:
    I advised the student newspaper, The Chart, at Missouri Southern State University in Joplin at the same time Roy Keller advised the Capaha Arrow. Our two newspapers competed every year for best in class and best in state honors, but...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Edwin Roy Keller:
  • Ryan Keller
    Tammy Baldwin (Sessoms) and Henry Sessoms Memory:
    Henry and I were so very sorry to learn of Roy’s passing. He was a dear friend and colleague for so many years. He was also one of the best storytellers I have ever known. It was a privilege to have...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Pat Pratt Memory:
    Dr. Keller was my journalism professor at Southeast Missouri State University and taught me many of the techniques I use today. He gave me a firm grasp of the principles and ethics of reporting and was a kind and patient man who was...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Doug Crews Memory:
    I was saddened to read of Roy's passing in The Columbia Missourian.
    I've known Roy for many years, having attended the Southeast Missouri
    Press Association's annual meeting for some three decades or more.
    During his time as...  more
  • Ryan Keller
    Elaine Martin Memory:
    "I had many engaging conversations with Roy. I admired his intellect and his compassion. I would sometimes see him at music shows. He nearly always had something to teach me about music that I was glad to learn. He will be...  more
  • Ryan Keller
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  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Edwin Roy Keller: