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Louise Waters

Duane Lewis Bay

August 26, 1926 - October 21, 2020

Sunday, November 15, we gathered on line to celebrate Duane L. Bay’s (Dad's) 94-year life and the many people he touched. Dad was born in Kansas City, Missouri August 26,1926 to Nettie Fae Wendell and Estel Adolphus Bay. He died peacefully the morning of October 21, 2020, overlapping by one day in this...  see more

WE KIDS WERE NEVER AS YOUNG AS THEY WERE(to Duane L. Bay) from nephew Geoff GarwickThey raised such serious children,These Next-Ken-Gens who were busyGamboling about with their sibs,Introducing people around,Dating, going to folks' weddings---Too post-war to do much sedate.When I first remember Unc Duane,He's driving a jeep, lightly armed,With Bowie knife and revolverAgainst the Ozark's feral pigsAnd venomous snakes--runner...  see more
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  • Louise Waters
    (to Duane L. Bay)

    They raised such serious children,
    These Next-Ken-Gens who were busy
    Gamboling about with their sibs,
    Introducing people around,
    Dating, going to folks' weddings---
    Too post-war to do much...  more
  • Linnea Wickstrom
    Some months after Mary's passing, I visited Duane. We sat in the big recliners in the living room and he regaled me with stories, all focused on how lucky he had been in life. I've been lucky in life, too, in many ways thanks to Duane and his family. I...  more
  • Phyllis Waters
    I truly enjoyed the company of Duane and Mary. Favorite memories involve Stanford's women's basketball games. They were both passionate about them and very supportive. I thought I was cheering loudly but they had me beat. And one last memory was of...  more
  • Louise Waters
    From Brian Anderson: Louise, Alfred, Duane, and John,

    My wife Michelle and I wanted to express our deepest condolences on the death of your father.

    I came to UniLu almost 40 years ago as a graduate student and was quickly drawn into the whole UniLu...  more
  • Louise Waters
    From Fran Liu,
    I heard your dad passed away. It always is sad
    To lose a significant family member but he certainly
    Had a long, productive, full life. He made a positive
    Difference in his professional career and provided
    An environment where all of you...  more
  • Louise Waters
    Louise Waters added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Duane Lewis Bay:
    University Lutheran Valentine's Party for Mom and Dad, 2014
    University Lutheran Valentine's Party for Mom and Dad, 2014