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Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe

Dr. Rachel Mathai (Rohini)

February 02, 1947 - November 07, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life and works of Dr. Rachel Mathai (Rohini). Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Please do share the link with any of your friends and family who also knew Rachel (Rohini)

Rachel “Rohini” Mathai passed away on November 7, 2020 at the age of 73.  She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, sister, physician and Christian. Rohini was born in Kottayam, Kerala, India to Mary “Molly” and Lieutenant Colonel Nellikal Mani Thomas. She loved her parents dearly as well as her three younger brothers: Mani “Babu”, Matthew “Acha”, and Thomas “Apu”; their wives (Premila, Neena, Cuckoo), their children (Deepa,...  see more
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  • Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe
    This tribute is shared by Shanta Joseph (MBBS Batch of 1963)

    I was quite amused to read Rohini’s description of herself as a ‘ military brat!!

    The Rohini I met in 1964 in CMC, Vellore was anything but a ‘brat!’ ....... military or...  more
  • mary poonen
    I remember thinking how beautiful she was when I saw her as a young girl before I joined Vellore I got to know her much better when we were both psychiatrists In California. She was very good at keeping in touch on a regular basis by phone with her...  more
  • REBECCA Mathew
    Dear Rohini,
    I am so sad at your sudden departure. You are beautiful both in and out, affectionate and kind. I was waiting for your phone call that Sunday 2 weeks ago, as you told me so the previous week. You shared anecdotes from College with me, and we...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This from PS Varghese
    Hi Rachel,
    Keep smiling, be happy and rest in peace. Praying for the peace and comfort of your family, PSV.
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Florence

    Sad to know our beautiful Rohini left earthly abode but PRAISING GOD ,that she is safe in JESUS ARMS,(as a little cub)May her soul rest in Peace. We pray for Cyril and her 2 daughters and grandkids. So that ALMIGHTY GOD COMFORTS...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Kommu Samuel

    O my God, we are all heart broken. She is so vivid in my memory from the last class reunion, .. An angel returned to her maker. Praying for Cyril , daughters & family. Lord , as a class we pray , that they are comforted....  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Keith and Madhu Gammon

    Deeply shocked to hear the first news to contact Cyril,,, we tried a couple times the call was not going through.. Rohini’s faith was beautiful on solid rock. Each time we prayed together was a closer look to that...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Dr Meganathan

    Good bye Rachael ! You left Cyril and us too soon suddenly as though you are urgently wanted by the Creator. There seems a higher calling waiting for you. No goodbyes just the warm , sweet smile that glowed in us , in many...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Goolu Sonuvala

    Deeply grieved and saddened to hear about our dear Rohini It’s so difficult to accept this shocking news. Cyril and her girls must be devastated
    I met her some years back when she came to Bombay and she was as warm and...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Paddu and Alfred

    Just heard the terrible news about our dear Rachel. It is shocking, I couldn't believe it. She was in the same batch as me in our CMC interview. She was beautiful and caring, a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and a...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Ashok and Molly Oommen

    Rachel's sudden passing away is very devastating news. We remember her as a quiet God fearing person, who always had an encouraging word for friends, in spite of all her problems. Our condolences to Cyril and the...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Bonnieface and Nimmi

    Very sad news .Our deepest condolences to Cyril and the family and friends at this time of great grief and loss of dear Rohini. May her dear soul rest in peace. We pray that God grant you comfort and strength to deal...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Rita

    Shocked and saddened . A beautiful person snatched away so suddenly .RIP Rohini

  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Dr C.Biakmawia

    Dear Cyril

    We all pray for you and the family as God alone can comfort and give peace. Cyril can I quote a song I learnt as a primary student "they needed a new star up yonder … but they couldn't find a brighter light...  more
  • Krishna Reddy
    Dear Rachel, a sweet, kind and gentle person. Her modesty and unassuming nature
    were among her many attributes. She was beautiful, but appeared unconscious of it, and was a determined hardworking person. We had a couple of conversations earlier this year...  more
  • Mary George
    Rohini's mother and my mother were first cousins and they were very close. Rohini always said she considered me as her younger sister. I talked to her in September, we talked about our families and our various cousins. A few years ago when Rohini and...  more
  • Meena Vimalananda
    A lovely, beautiful person and friend who could barely keep track of her friends. She was so full of great memories from childhood to more recent. So proud of her family.Will miss you, Rohini.
  • Annie Abraham
    This is from Hansa

    A precious friend and her cherished family

    Known to me always as dear Rachel, for 5 decades ,i enjoyed a friendship with her that only deepened with time like vintage wine.
    Rachel with her beautiful , captivating smile sprinkled...  more
  • Annie Abraham
    Rohini and I became close friends during our stay in "kiddies corner" the building that housed the freshman class of girls to CMC Vellore. We were 16 and 17 year old's, with very little experience and a head full of dreams. Life happened , we...  more
  • Vinod Shah
    I did an MBA in UCLA in 1996.I was in the same class with Rohini Thomas in CMC Vellore. Rohini picked me up and brought me to stay with her and Cyril over two memorable weekends. Her kindness will always stay with me. Vinod Shah
  • Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe
  • Juliana Madan
    Rohini was a sweet and gentle person. She was my favorite cousin. She knew all the family ties and family stories of all the relatives. She will be missed very much.
  • Juliana Madan
  • Susie Samuel
  • Mani Thomas
    Rohini was my only and older sister. W e were together in Kottayam for our ealrier school days when our father was posted in Imphal during the Naga insurgency days in the 50s. Rohini and I moved to Sauger, Namkum, back to Kerala ROhini to Holy Angels,...  more
  • Susie Samuel
    Last Night An Angel Went Back to Heaven

    Rohini and I joined CMC in 1964 . Twenty five of us bonded as a close and protective bunch of freshers in the Kiddies Korner under the watchful eye of Miss Poonnen and forged friendships that survived over half a...  more
  • Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe
    Rohinichechi was my godmother and aunt. She has always been a wonderful loving presence in my life showering me with books, clothes and gifts as a child, taking me sightseeing in the US on my visits and always keeping connected. More recently, this year...  more
  • Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe
    Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Rachel Mathai (Rohini):
  • Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe
    Deepa Thomas-Sutcliffe added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Rachel Mathai (Rohini):
    Rohini with her beloved husband Cyril
    Rohini loved travelling. Pic at Cape of Good Hope