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Ineke Golding

Dr. Peter Golding

August 27, 1933 - April 25, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Peter Golding. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Peter Golding, born 27th August 1933, was raised in a Christian household, the eldest of three siblings. Evacuated during the war, like so many other children, Peter would later live in London, working at the Harrods Depository by the river Thames. It was about this time that he started attending Westminster Chapel, and sat under the ministry of Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones, or ‘The Doctor’ as he was affectionately known by his congregation....  see more
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  • Ellis Judson
    I first attended Hayes Town Chapel in 1988 after completing university, where the Golding family welcomed me, along with others in the congregation. My first experience was being at the anniversary service with Sinclair Ferguson speaking. I continued to...  more
  • Ineke Golding
    From Paul Golding;
    One of my earliest memories is of Dad’s annual homecoming from the Leicester minister conference, I remember the anticipation and then the joy when the car drew up; Dad’s back and always with carefully chosen gifts – I remember a...  more
  • Ineke Golding
    From Mark Pearman

    I came to Hayes Town Chapel in 1983. I was bought along by a friend and it was the church that my brother, Andrew and his family, were attending. Although I had been going to a church since I was a child I had never before heard the...  more
    • Ineke Golding
      Jonathan Hayles Wow! My dad knew Roger Fellows way back... had no idea you were related!
      • May 14, 2020
  • Ineke Golding
    From Richard Ashton, writing on behalf of Margaret, the sister of Peter.

    Margaret's first recollection of Peter was when as a young child Peter purchased a record of ‘Blessed Assurance’. On the flip side of the record was the cowboy song ‘High...  more
  • A good man and an encourager. A wise reformed head with a warm reformed heart. Someone who really got going in his sermons. Will never forget his statement once "there is enough power in temptation to make a man tremble". He meant it, and we...  more
  • Oli Gross
    As a student at LTS (2003-05) I heard Peter Golding's name mentioned though I never met him. In 2015 I was in Bala Christian Bookshop in North Wales and came across his book, 'Why does being a Christian have to be so hard?', which I bought for a friend....  more
  • Veronica Golding
    Veronica Golding added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Peter Golding:
  • Veronica Golding
    My main memories of my brother-in-law, Peter, are connected to family visits, either in our home in the North East of England or to Peter and Hilary’s home in Hayes, Middx. Their visits to our home are particularly memorable, as we live by the sea and...  more
  • Liz Tomlinson
    So many beautiful, wonderful, funny and touching memories have been shared here by friends and family. It's such a delight to read them, and I'm so thankful to you all!

    I just wanted to share a few very personal memories, as his middle one,...  more
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    • Liz Tomlinson
      Jonathan Hayles I was telling my dad the other day about the story I had to keep reading you when I stayed at yours for a week in 1974....something about a princess who could feel something on the bed even though she had about a hundred cushions to sleep on!! Couldn't...  more
      • May 14, 2020
  • David Golding
    Revd Dr Peter E. Golding, 1933-2020 – A Remembrance and Tribute

    A Life in which Courage, Perseverance and Faith triumphed over great Adversity

    Peter’s life is one in which remarkable, multifaceted achievement in the face of great adversity marked...  more
  • Sheila Parsons
    In my memories of Mr Golding (as we always called him and referred to him), I’ve decided to concentrate on our visits to him and Mrs Golding after their retirement to Nailsea in 1998. Within a year or two of that, we were surprised and delighted to be...  more
  • Family De Jonge
    I remember dr. Peter Golding as a friendly man with a great believe in God. He always give us a warm welcome in his house or the church when we came to Engeland to visit Ineke en Paul en the childeren.
    The Lord is my light and my salvation
    whom shall I...  more
  • Perry Grant
    My first encounter with Dr.Golding was Sunday evening March the 10th 1985. Dragged literally through the chapel doors at Hayes Town as a confused and sadly suicidal teenager by my friend Debbie Mahoney. I sat in the midst of a large group of people...  more
  • Rachel Trimble
    It has been lovely to read friends’ memories of Dad and here are a few of my own: For most of their married lives Mum and Dad lived in Forris Avenue, in the Hayes Town Chapel manse and that is where my sister, brother and I were brought up. Although...  more
    • Rachel Trimble
      Jonathan Hayles "Keep on keeping on" ... I certainly remember that! Hi Rachel, it's been a long time. Andrew and Michael send their love and sympathy to you all too. Michael was asking if you could recommend a cause your dad would have been pleased for people to...  more
      • May 3, 2020
  • Debbie Mahoney
    I had the privilege of sitting under Mr Golding’s ministry from the age of about two and a half for nearly 25 years. It is only in recent years that I have come to appreciate his ministry more fully and realise just how much I learned during those...  more
  • Ruth Ryser
    I am forever indebted to Peter Golding, who brought me to faith through his gospel preaching, baptised me, and revealed to me the truths of God's word through his expository sermons. Although he could sometimes be fiery in the pulpit, in person he was...  more
  • Sarah Raskino
    My first memory of my Uncle Peter ( or maybe it was a memory of the story that was retold often...) was when Liz and I were 3 or 4 years old, sitting in the back of a car and he ' thought' he saw me poking out my tongue at cousin Liz. Slightly surprised ...  more
  • Ineke Golding
    A Tribute to Peter Golding by John Lodge

    My first contact with Peter was around 1964 when he had started working for The Banner of Truth in London. At that time, the Pastor at Hayes Town Chapel, Ray Wilkie was seriously ill, and then convalescing for a...  more
  • Ineke Golding
    Humphrey and Ruth Mildred

    When I first heard the sad news of Peter's death the words sprang into my mind and have stayed there with great conviction and force - 'And all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side. So thankful for those words of John...  more
  • Liz Tomlinson
  • Rachel Trimble
  • Jonathan Hayles
  • Jonathan Hayles
    I was 5 when the new minister arrived at Hayes Town Chapel. We were sitting about half-way back on the right side, mum, me and my three brothers. As we waited for the service to start, mum told us we would have to listen especially carefully as the new...  more
  • Rachel Trimble
  • Michael Plant
    My first memory of Peter is preaching at HTC when I was a student at LTS (as it was then). He went to the trouble to write to me after I preached and gave a very constructive assessment of my sermons. He was careful to be positive and encouraging as well...  more
  • Brian Tomlinson
  • Ineke Golding
    Personal Memories of Dr. Peter Golding by Philip Parsons.

    I first met Peter Golding in November 1967. He had organised a series of special meetings at Hayes Town Chapel to mark the 450th anniversary of the publication of Luther’s 95 Theses. I had...  more
  • Ineke Golding
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