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Doug Hallam

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Doug Hallam. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. I hope this memorial brings you joy as we remember a wonderful, beautiful soul. Please feel free to upload as many pictures and videos as you have of Doug, as well as...  see more

Doug August 22, 2019 I continue to be amazed at how large homes have gotten to be. We live in a 2500 sq foot home which is very small in my new neighborhood. How much space does one need?  When a freshmen at SUNY Oneonta, I was tripled in a room about the size of my office. Reminds me of a line from a song I have forgotten.  Chorus is “a great big mansion and a princess telephone won't save you when the oxygen is gone”   I think sang...  see more
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  • Connie Hallam
    I’ll always remember Doug’s impressive intelligence, keen wit, and compassion. He was very kind to me, his stepmother.
  • Steve Hallam
    Steve Hallam added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Hallam:
  • Barbara  Hallam
    One cold Christmas day Doug said let's go canoeing. So we put the canoe in the Rondout Creek. There was so much ice that I needed to crack it with my paddle to
    proceed. It was fun.
  • Douglas Hallam
    It was Christmas Break, home from College - As usual my first call was to Doug.
    We headed to the Eggs' Nest in Stone Ridge, my brother Sal came along. After many beers, it was off to High Falls the site of an old hdroelectric plant.

    Doug and I...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    It was 1975, I had bought Doug’s dad car, a 1967 Chey Biscayne, 3-speed manual transmission. At 16, I only had a learners’ permit. Doug at 15 had nothing just his laugh-which I always enjoyed and truly miss.

    We drove to Poughkeepsie to see this...  more
  • Steve Hallam
    Years ago I remember the two Hallam brothers (Doug & Steve) and the two Forlini brothers (Mike & Sal) sledding down the unplowed, back half of Duck Pond Road after an ice storm. Must have been near quarter mile ride, all hill.

    Like with biking Doug...  more
  • Steve Hallam
    Since as early as I can remember Doug loved music. I remember he loved Creedance Clearwater Revival. I think of the song "Fortunate Son". He also liked Jack White. Here is Jack White and his searing guitar on SNL ("Over and Over").......  more
    “Over and Over and Over” from Jack White's new album BOARDING HOUSE REACH available now. JACK WHITE 2018 TOUR 4/19: Little Caesars Arena - Detroit, MI (SOLD OUT) 4/20: Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI (S...
  • Steve Hallam
    Doug loved to bike. He had stamina to the moon and back.
  • Douglas Hallam
    Douglas Hallam added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Hallam:
    Music and friends
  • Douglas Hallam
    Douglas Hallam added 6 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Hallam:
    Tour de France
    • Douglas Hallam
      Steve Hallam Doug loved the outdoors, family canoe trips were a favorite.
      • June 16, 2020
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug March 24, 2019
    Ain’t capitalism great? If we make jets that crash we can double our production. The software equivalent is write more defects. We are making a killing selling the fix for your bad code Doug. Just keep writing that crap we will...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug March 24, 2019

    Well the only thing I know is that I don’t know but I have a cure. I some green leafy stuff and went to local vinyl shop and I blew ten dollars. I am a big spender. Watch this //\\ four vinyl albums scratches and all:

    1) Paul...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug May 9, 2019

    As the son of tRump, does don Jr have divine rights? Now that the senate intel committee subpoenaed him are we gonna find out?

    Going slow but we will get there. The times has discovered that in tRump world B stand for bankrupt not...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug May 15, 2019

    I suppose it all started with Jimmy Carter and the 55 mph speed limit. If you don’t obey the speed limit it is a natural progression to money laundering and treason.

    Speaking of obey leads me to abide which leads me to the Big...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug 5/20/2019

    How about a power to the people day? I propose all anti Trump people pick a day and pull all their money out of the market for a few days as a statement to our president that the people are in control and not him.

    Just a thought as...  more
  • Douglas Hallam
    Doug May 22, 2019

    It is a very exciting day as our street is getting slurry seal. I hear Graz saying “ I thought slurry seal is what they spray the frat house with after the sisters visit”. But no it is “an asphalt seal that is very economical...  more