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Tamara Ellis

Doug Cribbs

February 11, 1960 - September 03, 2020

We created a memorial page to provide an opportunity for people who knew Doug Cribbs to share their experiences and the positive impact his life had on them. Please share photos, videos, or other relevant stories that will help us remember and honor him. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to...  see more

Doug Cribbs, 60, of Sterling VA passed away on Thursday, September 3, 2020, with his family by his side, after losing a tough battle with pancreatic cancer. Doug was the son of the late Reuben L. Cribbs and Anna Marie (Johnson) Cribbs, formerly of Saxonburg, PA. He was born on February 11, 1960 and grew up in Saxonburg where he graduated from Knoch High School. He graduated from Stockton State College in New Jersey where he studied...  see more
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  • Candace Bogart
    Doug was instrumental in the development of our Southwestern Region GIS program. He worked with TVA, Jan Kelly and I to help us put together 15 core data themes which were the foundation of our GIS. With their help we automated over 15,000 quads across 4...  more
  • Pete Aniello
    Doug was the most naturally good person I ever met. I think everyone who met him could feel that. I don't know of a higher compliment I could say about him or anyone.
  • Deirdre McClarin
    Doug was the project manager for the USFS FSTopo product. I had the pleasure of working with him for the last 12 years of his career. I have been missing his kind and gentle voice on our weekly calls... On behalf of the Forest Service team, we share...  more
  • Leslie-Ann De Leon
    This is just a little of what I shared with expresses how I truly feel...

    Doug had a huge influence on my career and I always thanked him for believing in me and giving me all those opportunities that sometimes I thought he was pretty nuts...  more
  • Guy Noll
    Doug is a generous soul and my favorite memory from nine years of working with him is the dialog we shared with Captain Moore of Algalita regarding the urgency of action to reduce plastic caps in our environment. Doug was totally focused on how he could...  more
  • Al Derosier
    I had the very good fortune of knowing Doug during the 25 years he spent at esri. Although I was technically his manager for many of those years, I always felt that Doug and I had a brotherly type of relationship. There were so many times that I would...  more
  • Valerie Cribbs
    Valerie Cribbs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Cribbs:
  • Valerie Cribbs
    Valerie Cribbs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Cribbs:
  • Valerie Cribbs
    Valerie Cribbs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Cribbs:
  • Valerie Cribbs
    Valerie Cribbs added 7 photo(s) to the memorial Doug Cribbs:
  • Boykin Witherspoon
    Doug was my best friend. We raised our girls together from the time that they were born. Many camping trips and holidays spent as one big family. I posted a picture of one where he made a bow and arrow for the girls. It would actually stick in a tree.
  • Reed Witherspoon
    Doug was a huge part of my childhood. He and Valerie treated me as if I was their own, and I had the pleasure of befriending his daughter, Delaney. My father and I were recently going through pictures of past camping trips and holidays spent with the...  more
    • Reed Witherspoon
      Valerie Cribbs Thanks, Reed! I didn't realize my casserole was such a hit, lol! I'll make it for you again any time you want to drop by. Thanks for the comments and memories. They are some of my best ever. Love you guys!!
      • September 16, 2020
  • Mary Rosenbaum
    Doug was such a wonderful person. I transitioned a project to Doug about 25 years ago, and still remember his professionalism and friendliness. Later, he harvested some firewood from my yard; he was very conscious of our natural resources. He added so...  more
  • Brian Cross
    Here is what was sent out at Esri upon news of his passing. While there is so much that can be said about who Doug was and the impact he had on all of us, I thought I'd share this short summary from last week:


    It is with great sadness that I...  more