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Jennifer Tate

Don Wolz

October 14, 1941 - December 22, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Don Wolz. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Don was a wonderful husband, dad, grandpa, brother, and friend.  He will be dearly missed by all whose lives he touched. He was not a man of many words, but what words he chose he made count (either to get his point across, or to bring you a laugh or a smile).  Don was known for his funny one-liners and puns and never missed an opportunity to deliver a corny joke with just the right timing.  Please take a moment to share some of your...  see more
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  • Bob Curry
    Don is a dear friend of mine. I can't get myself to say 'was' because I just haven't accepted the fact yet that he passed. I have many, many memories of him, all of them great! He is my friend, but more than that, an older brother type if that makes...  more
  • Kim Harris
    Dad came to visit us when Zoe was 1 1/2 years old. Hank and I asked him to babysit one evening so we could have a rare night out. After dinner and a movie, we returned home around 10:00. Dad was asleep on the floor in Zoe’s room, with his arm...  more
  • Vic Johnson
    Jen and Kim I hope you enjoy this memory. We were on our way to a Citywide Tournament, and your Dad was driving Bob, Mark and myself. For some reason Gary wasn’t with us. I was next to Don, Bob was behind me, and Mark next to him. Your Dad told us...  more
  • Sandra Wolz
    Sandra Wolz added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Don Wolz:
  • Jennifer Tate
    Shooting pool with dad during one of our visits to see him in San Antonio
  • Jennifer Tate
    On our way to citywide pool tournament. I’m pretty sure this was the dream team year. It was so cool to play pool with my dad, my brother, and my soon to be husband!
  • Hank Harris
    One of my favorite memories of Don was his annual Thanksgiving visit when we lived in Houston. He and Sandy would drive over from San Antonio and spend a day and a night with us. Along with Chris and Jen Tate, Lou Binder and Suzy Walker and the girls...  more
  • Gary Wolz
    Gary Wolz added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Don Wolz:
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    • Gary Wolz
      Gary Wolz This is one of my favorite photos of Dad with a grandchild. A funny story to accompany, was that on occasion when we had an important event to attend, Dad would come watch the kids. Not wanting to be a “downer” grandpa, he’d basically never put...  more
  • Gary Wolz
    Dad and I had many great memories playing pool together on various teams. One particular team was our 1993 team which made it to the final 16 teams (out of several hundred) at the national finals in Vegas. This was a memorable team not only because we...  more
  • Jennifer Tate
    I have so many wonderful memories of my dad, I don't even know where to start. We loved watching scary movies together, playing cards (rummy) while drinking our flavored tea, going to the empty school parking lot in his little MG and doing 360's on the...  more
  • Jim Richards Sr.
    I met Don very early on when he bowled on Friday nights with my parents. He was always a nice guy to me back then even though I was a grade school kid back in the 60's . When I would sit there drawing up diagrams of electrical circuits, he'd come by and...  more
  • Sharon Gunty
    Our hearts are with you
  • Sharon Gunty
  • Sharon Gunty
  • Sharon Gunty
    Sandy is my sister and Terry and I were very sorry to see them move to Texas because we always enjoyed spending time with them. Don was always fun to be around whether it was just to drop by for a visit or a family Christmas party or picnic. We managed...  more
  • Jennifer Wolz
    This is Randy Wolz's wife,Jennifer. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Don I heard wonderful things about him. I am so sorry for the heartache and loss of him to the Wolz family. May all that are hurting from his passing receive comfort and love...  more