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Dinh Bau To MD

August 11, 1950 - June 15, 2020

We created this GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Dr. To Dinh Bau. Please feel free to share your stories and memories here.

Dr. Bau Dinh To, beloved husband, loving father, good son, and inspiring brother lost a hard-fought battle with cancer on June 15, 2020. He will be missed. Born in Thailand, Bau grew up in the nomadic life of a diplomatic family anchored in boarding schools in Dalat, Beirut, and eventually settling down to university in Germany. Exceptionally gifted in science and literature, speaking seven languages fluently, his humanity and...  see more
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  • Charlotte Huang
    Dear Uncle Bau,

    I remember I was always scared of you when I was younger but you were always so kind to me whenever I came over to spend time with Ian. You’ll always be remembered as my cheeky uncle who‘d joke around with me. Now that I am older and...  more
  • i wongvy
    Dear uncle To,
    You are the only person I trust in this world. You are such a kind, intelligent man with such a personal integrity that you treat everyone from all walks of life equally.

    You are not only a nice uncle, you took care of us. Your love and...  more
  • Geogiana Chow
    It was a pleasure to work with you and I will never forget your kindness.
    You will always be in our hearts and memories.
  • Kenzo Pannell
    Dear Bau,

    Thank you very much for everything you ever did for my family. You were there for my mother when she was sick and you were there for my father when he was sick. You were the most loyal friend to us all and I am forever grateful. You and Linda...  more
  • Kenzo Pannell
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  • priscilla Man
    We will never forget your kindness, smile and passionate about work....! It was a great time when we work together in RTSkH. It is hard to say goodbye, hope that you rest in peace in the heaven never have pain. May God give your family the strength to...  more
  • イシ プ
    It's so hard for me to say goodbye to you. You were my dearest senior, just like my lovely daddy in the department. You taught me not only skills and medical knowledge but also the attitude and care to patients. You will always in my heart, may God bless...  more
  • Wonder YM
    Though your smile is gone forever,
    and your hand we cannot touch.
    Still you left us so many beautiful memories...
    i miss you dearly, ToBau. <3
  • Joseph Yao
    I am very saddened to learn you have left us. You have been a great mentor and colleague. The world is a lesser place without you.
  • Hui Ling
    Dear Dr To,

    Looking at the smiling face on your photos reminds me much of the memories. Our happy gatherings, our cooperation of team work as well as your support and moment of pulling me up from the darkness....all appears in my mind.

    You are an...  more
  • Mayuree Laolugsanalerd
    Dear Khun Mor 🙏(In Thailand we call Doctor as Khun Mor)

    I was so lucky to get to know Khun Mor through Tony To. From the first time we have met. I can feel that Khun Mor and his family got very kind hearts. Khun Mor gave me and my family all good...  more
  • Carol DeCandido
    Dear Bau,
    I will always remember you as a kind, generous, giving, sincere and caring friend since the day we met with your lovely wife, Linda on the GSIS Mother's Committee to all the fun times we had at the Christmas bazaar, annual fund raising events...  more
  • Tiffany Ma
    Dr Bau,

    I am heartbroken to hear that you are gone. You have been a role model for me — not only as an outstanding, pioneering doctor and surgeon, but also as a kind, empathetic and inspiring human being. You always went out of your way to go the...  more
  • Kelly LAi
    Dear Dr To,
    I have so many wonderful memories of you.
    You were always kind to me
    We all miss you
  • Pinkie Wong
    Dear Dr To

    I would like to kindly thank you for all the years of teaching. I respect your enthusiasm and dignity which makes me remember upon patient visits, how to carefully pay attention of specific locations in regards of post-fracture care and how...  more
  • Martin Yeung
  • Alyssa Ferrell
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  • Alyssa Ferrell
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  • Ozer Ebrahim
  • Becky Yip
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  • Becky Yip
    Dear Dr To,

    Hey! It's been a while since I last saw you, I hope you're enjoying yourself right now. Ever since you came into my mom's life, she has encountered all her troubles without fear and thats because of your existence. You gave so much advice to...  more
  • Vicky Li
    Dear Bau,
    Having known you and Linda added colour to my life. I have never met someone like you who is so professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and yet never stopped being witty & humorous. Talking to you was always fun, on top of receiving...  more
  • Ondy Leung Gillian Keung
    Love Dr.
    You are an influential person in my life, I respect you very much, because I have never seen a doctor who treats patients so kindly in Hong Kong, his love for everyone is unconditional, and his loyalty to his family has Love, there is...  more
  • Ellie Wong
    Dear Dr. To,

    Still find it hard to accept that such a great trusted doctor and friend had gone. No other doctor can replace you. Miss you very much. Thank you Dr. To for everything!

    Love Ellie
  • Priscilla Frank
    Dr. To,

    There is no words to describe my sadness of your passing. Those fond memories of chatting with you outside GSIS while waiting for our children finishing classes and to our last encounter at your clinic when you came in to the room to talk to...  more
  • Shaun Tan
    I still can’t believe this. On the 15th of June 2020 when I heard the news I dreaded, I wished I was dreaming or I heard it wrong that my mentor, friend and family doctor had left this world forever. I will always remember everything that you had done...  more
  • ChowMing Tan

    You have been a great brotherly friend to our family. You showered us generous priceless good advice, and inspirations in our lives whenever we were faced with difficulties. You were always there for us in good times and bad times. Your unassuming...  more
  • Albert  Cheok
    In your Passing, I will continue to celebrate your beautiful Life.
    You have been a great friend and brother to me. I will treasure the good food and good wine we had. And the wonderful conversations. A wonderful friend to our Family. My wife Donna...  more
  • Ian To
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  • Ian To
    Surrounded by loved ones and family and at peace, my father decided he was ready to move on to his next great adventure. I can only aspire to do as much good, and help as many lives as he did. He was a splendid father, friend, and confidant, and those of...  more
  • Gina To
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  • Alyssa Ferrell
    Not every girl gets to have two dads, but from the first day I met Bau I knew that I had made a best friend, a mentor and a dad all in one. I don’t think there are words that can really express what an incredibly loving, funny & intelligent person he...  more