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Rory Magill

Diana Jeannette Magill

May 16, 1925 - November 05, 2020

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Diana Jeannette Magill May 16, 1925, Montreal - November 5, 2020, Ottawa   Diana seemed to fit several lifetimes into one, as one does. She was an Armstrong, a Steacie and a Magill; for a long time she was Jan but finally she was just completely Diana.  She was proud of her scholarship in literature at McGill, and at Lisgar and Westmount before that, and in journalism and film studies at Carleton later on. And she was very proud of...  see more
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  • David Magill
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  • David Magill
    One adventure I shared with her was a short trip to South America. I was a teenager in the late '70s when I was called out of class at my school. My mother was there to let me know we'd be heading to Colombia soon, on a group trip. We visited...  more
  • Kathy Armstrong
    Loved the many dinners we shared at our house....this was thanksgiving maybe five years ago on our deck.