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Dennis Ray Neely

May 11, 1951 - February 09, 2019

Please use this space to share memories, quotes, photos, and stories about Denny, along with words of care and comfort to his family. NOTE: The contribution portion of this website has been closed (Thank you to those who have donated in Denny's honor! $2,000 was raised already!) However, additional...  see more

From his son, Tyler..."I want to take time to say thank you for all of the visits, messages, phone calls, and condolences for dad. They are helpful, appreciated, and provide us with an enormous amount of beauty to reflect on in a positive way despite this indescribably painful loss. To know dad was an opportunity to witness a perfect example of love, humility, selflessness, and altruism. He was true to his word, honest, and always took...  see more
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  • Hillary Bageant
    Hillary Bageant added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Dennis Ray Neely:
  • Hillary Bageant
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  • Hillary Bageant
    Oh Denny, why does life have to be so unfair at times? You will be missed more than you know. It is so unfair that you were taken from your family and friends way before your time. You have touched so many lives!! Thank you for being such a positive...  more
  • Kevin Love
    Madonna, we have been thinking so much about you and your family and so sorry for your loss. You were so fortunate to have Denny in your lives and I know he will live with you for ever. Our prayers will be with you, Kevin & Lynn Love
  • Vicki Edwards
    Denny part of all us growing up in Okanogan back in the day. Later in life there was Madonna and the kids meshing with those of us that were still here. This community is in a better place, we are better people by and large for knowing him, and he will be missed.
  • jean rodgers
    Denny was the best. His love for Madonna, his family, friends and life was obvious. What a gift when our children became part of Denny's world as 6th graders and after, with football. To have a teacher and coach as caring as Denny is one of the best...  more
  • Debbie Tugaw
    Knowing Denny goes back to Dale’s neighborhood growing up with Wyoma patching up all of the boys and their wounds after BB gun fights and whatever else boys do! I remember him from church and the friendship of my parents and his. My Mom and Wyoma were...  more
  • Kelly Neely
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  • Debbie Tugaw
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  • Jessica Hatch
    Thinking about uncle Denny, and looking back I can’t even begin to put into words all the ways he had a great impact on my life. Not only can I reflect on all the family gathers and memories made as my uncle but I also get to remember him as a teacher...  more
  • Jessica (Tugaw) Jackson
    Oh Denny, the gifts you have given so many people...

    If it wasn’t for you Denny “the matchmaker,” I don’t know if my parents, Dale and Debbie Tugaw, would have ever met. (I’ll have my mom tell the story in a different post.) So I’d like to...  more
  • Drew Webster
    Drew Webster added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Dennis Ray Neely:
  • Drew Webster
    Thinking about Uncle Denny... It’s hard to express the grief I’m feeling. Inexpressible actually. Many of you know that my family is a close one. Uncle Denny sat in the center of that along with my other aunts and uncles. Growing up I was terrified...  more
  • Lindsay Webster
    Uncle Denny always made family gatherings more fun. It never failed that when I arrived, he made it a point to greet me every time and ask how I was doing. He was that jolly, welcoming presence, and family gatherings simply won't be the same without him.
  • Jasper Hickman
    I only met coach Neely 3 times; even from the opposite sidelines I received life lessons from Coach Neely that continue to make me the man I am today. For that I am great full.

    From all the folks from Kalama, R.I.P. coach and Godspeed.
  • Christina Neely
    Denny was my father-in-law, but I called him dad. I remember Denny and Madonna visiting for Christmas and feeling so lucky to observe the sweet moments that they shared and I will always admire the love and respect they had for one another. The...  more
  • Jason  Neely
    The State Championship was on the line, again, with the same foe or more aptly nemesis. Kalama was spirited, confident, and were bloodthirsty; howling, screaming, taunting,even threatening. Their names were called and onto the field they ran one at a...  more
  • Jessica Mills
    Mr. Neely was my 6th grade teacher and he taught me more in that one year than I realized at the time. He pushed me to work harder than I ever had and I can never thank him enough for that support! Mr. Neely will be greatly missed!
  • Christina Neely
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  • Casey Parrish
    I knew this man for a short time through Tyler and ACH football. He use to come hangout with our coaching staff and came to multiple games. He always showed support pride for us as a team and a coaching staff. The look on his face, I knew he was a true...  more
  • Lindsay Webster
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