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Kate Smyres

Danielle Keethler

January 15, 1948 - June 23, 2020

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Danielle Keethler, a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife and friend. She bravely fought the terrible disease of Melanoma which spread to her brain and lung. Over the past year she endured 3 brain surgeries, 1 lung surgery, targeted radiation, whole brain...  see more

It was some time ago that I was encouraged to write my own obituary. I've thought about what I could say many times, but just didn't feel comfortable saying the kind of things I hoped would be said about me. Besides, I struggled to find the motivation to prepare my own obituary when death was the last thing on my mind. Just when I was feeling most complacent, real life events reared their ugly head. My body began to betray me. Eating...  see more
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  • Heidi Wendland
    Heidi Wendland added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Danielle Keethler:
  • Cindy Karis
    My deepest sympathy to Bob & Danielle's family. I met Danielle while Training Stephen Ministers at Grace Methodist. She was petite but powerful, full of God's love and mercy toward others. I will miss her sparkle and caring heart! Rest in peace, Cindy Karis
  • Diane Reif
    We were honored and blessed to have known Danielle as our dear friend and next-door neighbor for many years. She blessed us with her kind and gentle soul.
    We treasure many memories of the times we shared and will miss her always.
  • linda fronk
    Perhaps Danielle and I connected so quickly because of our commonalties : an interest in writing, reading, Stephen Ministry leadership and daughters born in the same month of the same year named Katharine Elizabeth. Both were raised as only children and...  more
  • Vickie Wagner
    I will miss beautiful Danielle when we come back together for Saturday evening worship at Grace. She was a vibrant light in our congregation and I looked forward to seeing her and Bob each week. Danielle was a wonderful friend and shone with her love...  more
  • Diana McIlvane
    I will always remember Danielle as a warm and smiling church friend. We were in Sisters together and were both retired teachers who had a heart for kindergarteners. Danielle was a devoted sister in Christ.
  • Eileen Kicmal
    Mrs. Keethler was an amazing teacher and one of the kindest, most authentic souls that I have ever come across. . . Forever in our hearts!
    Love, The Kicmals
  • Jean Domyancic
    I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle when I was teaching kindergarten in District 204. We worked on the district's writing committee together as well as shared many ideas for the kindergarten classroom. Her wonderful daughter Katie submitted an essay...  more
  • Donna Waitkus
    I knew Danielle from Gombert. I was the lucky one to teach in her classroom after she retired. She was overly generous as she left me many things that I needed to teach kindergarten. I am forever extremely grateful. I retired this year and I left my...  more
  • Lori Korda
    Danielle was family. She was my mother's best friend and had nothing but love to give our entire family. She will be sorely missed. <3
  • Beth Korda
    My BEST friend now lives in Heaven

    When your heart stopped beating
    My heart just broke in two
    Knowing that here on Earth
    There will never be another like you...

    LOVE you to Heaven & Back!
  • Beth Korda
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  • Roberta Kalish
    I met Danielle when I was studying to become a Stephen Minister-as she was one of the leaders. Danielle was such a fine person, happy, and always willing to help out where needed. What a wonderful way she had of letting people know their worth. I'm very...  more
  • Elaine Pauls
    Danielle always had bright eyes and a ready smile. Every picture you have shared shows how proud and happy she is to be with her family and to really be present in their lives as much as possible. She was a great friend, an enthusiastic Bible scholar...  more
  • Missy Hoekstra
    I have the pleasure of meeting Danielle as we spent time in training to be Stephen Ministers. We quickly realized how much we had in common. What a joy it was to watch her serve others in our church family. Danielle spent hours helping others. She will...  more
  • Molly Stewart
    Sending my deepest condolences and lots of love! I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Keethler when she came to San Diego to see her daughter Kate and her family. She was loving, kind, and the kids lit up every time that she was around. I am so thankful...  more
  • Kate Smyres
    Kate Smyres added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Danielle Keethler:
  • Kate Smyres
    Kate Smyres added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Danielle Keethler:
  • Kate Smyres
    Kate Smyres added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Danielle Keethler: