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    Jul 18, 2020, 4:00 PM US/Eastern

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Daniel Wdowiak

June 08, 1965 - July 05, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Daniel Wdowiak. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will post invites. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Click Here to View and Download the Celebration of Life for Daniel Wdowiak We had to say good bye to Daniel Wdowiak as he passed away on July 5, 2020.  Dan was very generous, always thinking of others first.  He adored and loved his children very passionately, Cody (29),  Samantha (28), and Jacob (22).  He also left behind a loving wife, Kristie.  Besides loving his family and being a good father, Dan was very dedicated to his work...  see more
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  • L J
    L J:
    My condolences for the loss of your loved one. The hurt and pain of losing a loved one is difficult. Please know that God is near to those that are broken at heart and who are crushed in spirit.(Psalm 34:18) God will wipe away all tears from their eyes...  more
  • Charles Burton
    Kristie - Our hearts go out to you and your family. Kendal and I are still in shock from the news of Dan's passing. He was such a wonderful person and good friend. He and I traded v-mails recently and I had a note to call him so we could catch-up. I...  more
  • Lara DeNune
    Beautiful service Kristie, Jacob, Sam and Cody❤️. Our family loved Dan very much. He was always so kind, caring and compassionate. Whenever we went to visit in California, he made us feel so welcome. His hospitality was unmatched. I loved the way he...  more
  • jackie and craig guinter
    There are many words which come to mind when Craig and I think of our dear son-in-law. We have known and loved him for 22 years. Dan was loved so much by Craig and I and we will miss him forever. We shared so much life with him it is hard to put into a...  more
  • Noelani Livingston
    Even after a little bit of time has gone by, I am still in shock at the news of Dan's passing. My heart breaks for Kristie, Cody, Samantha, Jacob and the rest of their family. Dan was always such a genuine, caring and all around great guy. Every time I...  more
  • Karisa Miller
    I don’t have many pictures of Dan but I believe this was the last time I saw him. I have so many wonderful memories of him from being absolutely smitten by him as a child dancing with me at Lara’s wedding to Disney with all your kids. He made such an...  more
  • Bob Denninger
    I had the pleasure of working with Dan at Frito-Lay and again at Nestle. Always enjoyed our time together and many phone conversations over the years. Always upbeat and eager to reflect on his many blessings, Dan especially liked to share stories of his...  more
  • Steve Kunkel
    We had the privilege of getting to know Dan, Kristi, and Jacob when we became good friends and neighbors with Jackie and Craig. We enjoyed several fun meals together but my favorite memory is the great big smile when I cooked Chinese food for him. Dan...  more
  • The Traveling Lanes
    While I did not have the pleasure of meeting Dan. I have worked with Kristie since beginning my career with Frito Lay a year ago, when starting our safe always program here in Denver we asked all team members to provide an image of why they work safe. ...  more
  • Jenice Pua
    I have known Kristie, Dan, and Jacob since the beginning of my Frito Lay career 12 years ago. Dan was always present at our Cucamonga Frito Lay events, and I remember him being very approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. My favorite memory of Dan,...  more
  • Kathleen Connelly
    It was a true pleasure to work with Dan in SoCal. He was one of my favorite ZOMs (especially since he answered emails and provided the information that I may have been requesting on time!) :-) He was always genuine, caring with that great big smile...  more
  • Chico Manning
  • Chico Manning
    When I transitioned from Active Duty USMC in 2001, Dan was one of the first people in Frito Lay that I had the privilege to work with in SOPS. We did our ZOM "Tours of Duty" together in SoCal for almost a decade and he was ALWAYS genuine in his...  more
  • Robert Biacsi
    My wife and I met Dan several years ago through Kristie at a Frito Lay social event, and we both developed an immediate connection to him that strengthened each time we got together thereafter. Dan was an incredibly likable guy with a magnetic...  more
  • Steve Golliher
    I worked with Dan for a few years in the old SoCal Region. Dan was one of those guys that I just loved to sit down and talk with. Most of our conversations were not about work. He was so proud of his family and his wife. He told me how Kristi would...  more
  • Chris DiPasquale
    The first time I ever met Dan it was more than 20 years ago. We were essentially set up on a “play date” together by our respective significant others, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled about it. Kristie and Katie were going to be bridesmaids at...  more
  • Suzanne  (Wearsch) Stang
    Dan and I met in early 2000 during a Duck Pin Bowling Event in Killingly,CT. Over the next 19 years our work paths crossed 2 different times for two different companies. Creating many opportunities for LONG conversations over good wine.

    Most of those...  more
  • Tara Branaugh
    We met Dan and Kristie in 2014 when they moved to Dallas and instantly became friends. We have such great memories of getting together and having a great time. Dan played on the fantasy football league with my husband Grant and the other guys. They are...  more
  • Luis Blass
    As I write this, I am saddened, and my heart is broken to hear of Dan’s passing. Dan was not just my boss at one point in time in his career with Frito-Lay. We also became close friends after he left the company. All these years Dan and I have stayed...  more
  • Michael Paul
    I first met Dan at the Kirkwood Plant in New York. He worked with me in the warehouse and was my "Go To Guy". Such a great attitude and would do anything for anyone. Very caring and supporting of his peers and those around him. Always a...  more
  • Nancy Hawk Garner
    I will always remember Dan as the kid on Honey Hollow Rd. that was always smiling. He was always nice to everyone, I don’t recall him ever being mean to any of us Hawk girls. RIP Dan.
  • Nancy Konschnik
    What a fun day we had showing Dan "Happy Valley". We froze (especially the CA guy) on that very cold November game in Beaver Stadium but it was still a great time spent with great friends.
  • Paul Godden
    I met Dan through our time at Nestle/Dreyers. Dan was a mentor and friend and we shared a good amount of time together in various business dealings. I always felt Dan to be giving and always there to lend a helping hand or give advice. We had a special...  more
  • Dorothy Guinter
    So many wonderful memories! ❤️❤️ Here are just a few of the many great times we had together.
  • Chris Taylor
    Dan was an awesome leader. I have some many memories of him and I working through B24 challenges in Cuc...trying to complete 30 hrs of holiday volume in 16 hours with just 1 shift of team members. He was always so positive and upbeat with the team -...  more
  • James Wdowiak
  • John Greenbank
    Dan was so proud of his family. We would talk about our families and he would share how lucky he was to have the kids and Kristie in his life. He always had a calming demeanor and was always open to new ideas and recommendations. I can't remember a...  more
  • Kristie Wdowiak
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  • Neville Morton
    My memory of Dan is the time he struck up a conversation with me at a social event. His easy going nature made it very easy to talk with him. Definitely melted the awkwardness away from attending the event. Just an all around good dude to hang out with.
  • Chris Clark
    Dan and I went through NCIMT together back in 2009. Dan and I made an immediate connection as he did with most everyone he touched. Dan had a desire to help people become the best possible versions of themselves and he had that affect on me as well. ...  more
  • Samantha Wdowiak
  • Samantha Wdowiak
    Dad with his kids
  • Fred Schmidt
    I worked with Dan for a number of years. He was one of the kindest guys you could meet. He had a big heart, especially for kids. When my son was ill and going through treatment, Dan was always checking on him and was so generous and thoughtful.

    My...  more
  • Therese Moriarity
    I will always remember Dan for his contagious smile. He was such a kind, caring gentle soul. He had a way of knowing if you needed an ear to listen or if you just needed to hear a good joke. I looked forward to my Birthday every year to see what he had...  more
  • Wally Webster
    Dan, Loved this car from my Father's collection. He would always say to me if my Father ever wanted to sell to make sure he was first in line. It is a 1953 MGTD Roadster. It was a racer in it's day! Brought tears to my eyes when my Father pulled up in it
  • Renata Mckay
    These photos are how I will remember Dan, he was a great coach and a great person. He loved the kids and always was up for a good time! He will be missed.
    • Renata Mckay
      Kristie Wdowiak That was a fun day at Quakes stadium. Look at that smile...
      • July 8, 2020
  • Renata Mckay
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  • Kristie Wdowiak
    I hope you will all take the opportunity to share a memory of Dan. He was the love of my life and I want to honor him. I'd like to use the content to put together a very special virtual ceremony given the COVID situation keeping us from gathering and...  more